Timeline of Pakistan PPSC Test Preparation

Timeline of Pakistan

Timeline of Pakistan for PPSC Test Preparation


Q 1.           Pakistan was created under which plan?

Ans           3rd June plan

Q 2.         Pakistan become member of United Nation on

Ans           18th August, 1947

Q 3.            India invaded Kashmir by Air Troops on?

Ans           27th October, 1947

Q 4.            Dir and Chitral acceded to Pakistan on

Ans           11th November, 1947

Q 5.            Urdu was declared national language of Pakistan on

Ans           25th February 1948

Q 6.            State of Kalat decided to accede to Pakistan on

Ans           27th March, 1947

Q 7.            Pakistan issued its first postage stamp on?

Ans           9th July 1948

Q 8.            Khawaja Nazimuddin become governor General of Pakistan on?

Ans           13th November, 1948

Q 9.            Muzaffarabad was declared capital of Azad Kashmir on?

Ans           8th February, 1949

Q 10.            Objective Resolution was passed on?

Ans           12th March,1949

Q 11.            Pakistan recognized China on?

Ans           4th January, 1949

Q 12.            Liaqat-Nehro pact was signed in New Delhi on?

Ans           8th April, 1950

Q 13.            Peshawar University was established on?

Ans           18th May, 1950

Q 14.            Pakistan became member of IMF and World Bank on?

Ans           11th July, 1950

Q 15.            First Commander in Chief (C-in-C) of Pakistani was?

Ans           General Muhammad Ayub Khan – 6th September, 1950

Q 16.            First census of Pakistan started on?

Ans           9th February 1951

Q 17.            University of Karachi was established on?

Ans           11th May, 1951

Q 18.         First Prime Minister of Pakistan Liaqat Ali Khan was assassinated on?

Ans           16th October, 1951

Q 19.            Malik Ghulam Muhammad become Governor General of Pakistan on?

Ans           17th October, 1951

Q 20.            Khawaja Nazimuddin become Prime Minister of Pakistan on?

Ans           17th October, 1951

Q 21.            Martial law was imposed in Lahore on?

Ans           6th March, 1953

Q 22.            Muhammad Ali Bogra Become Prime Minister on?

Ans           17th April, 1953

Q 23.            What is Wazir mansion in Karachi

Ans           Birth Place of Quaid-e-Azam

Q 24.            Wazir Mansion was declared protected national monument on?

Ans           14th July,1953

Q 25.            National Anthem of Pakistan was approved on?

Ans           7th August,1954

Q 26.            PIA was established on?

Ans           1st January, 1954

Q 27.            Kotri Barrage was inaugurated on?

Ans           15th March, 1955

Q 28.            Chaudhary Muhammad Ali was elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan in?

Ans           1955

Q 29.            Governor General Ghulam Muhammad resigned on 6th October, 1955 and succeeded by?

Ans           Iskander Mirza

Q 30.            Pakistan was declared Islamic Republic by Constituent Assembly on?

Ans           21st February, 1956

Q 31.            First Five year plan was presented by P.M Ch. Muhammad Ali on?

Ans           14th May, 1956

Q 32.            Constitution of Pakistan was promulgated on?

Ans           23rd March, 1956

Q 33.            Major General Iskander Mirza become first president of Pakistan on?

Ans           23rd March, 1956

Q 34.            Hussain Shaheed Suharwardy become president on?

Ans           12th September, 1956

Q 35.            Foundation stone of Guddu Barrage was laid down by Iskander Mirza on?

Ans           2nd February, 1957

Q 36.            oundation stone of State Bank building Karachi was laid down by Iskander Mirza on?

Ans           8th March, 1957

Q 37.            Agha Khan was died on?

Ans           11th July, 1957

Q 38.            National Awami Party was formed by Maulana Bhashani on?

Ans           24th July, 1957

Q 39.            7th PM of Pakistan Malik Feroze Khan Noon sworn in on?

Ans           22nd December, 1957

Q 40.            Martial Law was declared in Pakistan on?

Ans           7th October, 1958

Q 41.            Who was Chief Martial Law Administrator on 7th October, 1958?

Ans           General Ayub Khan

Q 42.            Iskander Mirza was exiled on?

Ans           2nd November,1958

Q 43.            PRODA was enforced in Pakistan by Martial Law Authorities on?

Ans           21st March, 1959

Q 44.            Who was first woman pilot of Pakistan?

Ans           Shykriya Niaz Ali

Q 45.            Shukriya Niaz Ali become first woman pilot of Pakistan on?

Ans           12th July, 1959

Q 46.            Islamic Research Institute was established on?

Ans           16th September, 1959

Q 47.            Islamabad was declared new capital of Pakistan by Presidential Cabinet on?

Ans           24th February, 1960

Q 48.            Foundation of Minar-e-Pakistan was laid on?

Ans           23rd March, 1960

Q 49.            Pakistan won first Gold Medal in Olympic games in Hockey on?

Ans           9th September, 1960 – defeated India at Rome

Q 50.            Which is the national flower of Pakistan?

Ans           Jasmine

Q 51.            Jasmine was chosen as national flower of Pakistan on?

Ans           15th July, 1961

Q 52.            Constitution of 9162 was promulgated on?

Ans           23rd March, 1962

Q 53.            Faiz Ahmed Faiz was awarded Soviet Union award Lenin Prize on?

Ans           1st June, 1962

Q 54.            Pakistan’s 1st weather rocket REHBA-I was launched by SUPARCO on?

Ans           7th June, 1962

Q 55.            Ayub Khan took oath as 1st President under constitution of 1962 on?

Ans           8th June, 1962

Q 56.            Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto become Foreign Minister on?

Ans           24th January, 1963

Q 57.            Border agreement between Pakistan and China was signed in Peking on?

Ans           2nd March, 1963

Q 58.            Pakistan Television Lahore Station was inaugurated by President Ayub Khan on?

Ans           26th November, 1964

Q 59.            Ayub Khan was re elected as president for the 2nd term in presidential election on?

Ans           2nd January, 1965

Q 60.            Accord on Rann of Kutch was signed by Pakistan and India on?

Ans           30th June, 1965

Q 61.            Indo-Pak second war over Kashmir was started on————-

Ans           6th September, 1965

Q 62.            Cease-fire between Indo-Pak come into force on———–

Ans           23rd September, 1965

Q 63.            Taskent Declaration between Indo-Pak was signed on———-

Ans           10th January, 1966

Q 64.         Sheikh Mujeeb (Awami League) presented six points in Karachi on———-

Ans           12th February, 1966

Q 65.         Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto resigned as foreign Minister on——–

Ans           17th June, 1966

Q 66.         Montgomery was renamed as Sahiwal on——–

Ans           13th November, 1966

Q 67.         Fatima Jinnah was died in Karachi on———-

Ans           9th July, 1967

Q 68.         First Steel Mill of Pakistan was inaugurated at Chittagong on?

Ans           24th August, 1967

Q 69.         Pakistan Peoples Party was formed on?

Ans           1st December, 1967

Q 70.       Pakistan Television Station Dhaka was inaugurated on?

Ans           26th October, 1968

Q 71.       Pakistan become Hockey Champion by defeated Australia

Ans           26th October, 1968

Q 72.       Ayub Khan resigned on______ and powers were handed over to General Yahya Khan, Martial law imposed?

Ans           25th March, 1969

Q 73.       Tehrik-e-Istiqlal was formed by Air Marshal Asghar Khan on?

Ans           1st March, 1970

Q 74.       Pakistan’s first Ordinance factory was inaugurated at Ghazipur on?

Ans           6th April, 1970

Q 75.       One Unit was abolished in West Pakistan by restoring provinces on?

Ans           1st July, 1970

Q 76.       First General Elections of Pakistan were held on?

Ans           7th December, 1970

Q 77.       Korakoram Highway between China and Pakistan was opened on?

Ans           16th February, 1971

Q 78.       Operation Searchlight was launched by Pakistan Army on?

Ans           26th March, 1971

Q 79.       Rashid Minhas was awarded Nishan-e-Haider on?

Ans           29th Auguest, 1971

Q 80.       Pakistan Hockey team won first World Cup by defeating Spain at Barcelona on?

Ans           24th October, 1971

Q 81.       India attacked on east Pakistan on?

Ans           22nd November, 1971

Q 82.       Bangladesh comes into being on?

Ans           16th December, 1971

Q 83.       General Yahya Khan handed over power to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who become President of Pakistan and CMLA on

Ans           20th December, 1971

Q 84       Major Shabbir Sharif was martyred on?

Ans           6th December, 1971

Q 85.       Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rehman was released on?

Ans           8th January 1972

Q 86.       Nuclear Weapon Development Program was launched by ZA Bhutt on?

Ans           20th January, 1972

Q 87.       Simla Deputation was lead by?

Ans           Sir Agha Khan

Q 88.       Bhutto was elected President in first session of National Assembly on?

Ans           14th April, 1972

Q 89.       Martial law was lifted on?

Ans           21st April, 1972

Q 90.       Labour day was observed in Pakistan first time on?

Ans           1st May, 1972

Q 91.       Simla agreement was signed by PM Indira Gandhi and President Bhutto on?

Ans           2nd July, 1972

Q 92.       KANUPP- Karachi Nuclear Power Plant was launched by Bhutto on?

Ans           28th October, 1972

Q 93       Begum Rana Liaqat Ali was first Woman Governor of Sindh who took office on?

Ans           13th February, 1973

Q 94.      Constitution of Pakistan was enacted by National Assembly on?

Ans           10th April, 1973

Q 95.       Ch.Fazal Elahi was elected as President of Pakistan on?

Ans           11th August, 1973

Q 96.       Pakistan Steel Mill was founded by Z.A Bhutto on?

Ans           30th December, 1973

Q 97.       Pakistan recognized Bangladesh on?

Ans           21st February, 1974

Q 98.       Second Islamic Summit Conference was started at Lahore on?

Ans           22nd February, 1974 (Heads of 22 states participated)

Q 99.       State of Hunza was dissolved by PM Z A Bhutto on?

Ans           25th September 1974

Q 100.       Peshawar Television Station was opened on?

Ans           5th December, 1974

Q 101.       Council of introduced Zakat by abolishing Riba on?

Ans           27th July, 1975

Q 102.       Sardari System was abolished in Baluchistan on?

Ans           8th April, 1976

Q 103.       Samjhota Express started on?

Ans           24th July 1976 (Lhr – Amritsar)

Q 104.       A.Q Khan Research Laboratories was established on?

Ans           31st July, 1976

Q 105.       Foundation Stone of Port Qasim was laid by ZA Bhutto on?

Ans           6th August, 1976

Q 106.       General Elections were held on?

Ans           7th March, 1977

Q 107.       Friday was declared weekly holiday instead of Sunday on?

Ans           1st July, 1977

Q 108.       Martial law was enforced by General Zia ul Haq on?

Ans           5th July, 1977

Q 109.       Bhutto was arrested on?

Ans           17th September, 1977

Q 110.       Residence in Lahore of Allama Iqbal was declared as national monument on?

Ans           1st February, 1978

Q 111.       Death sentence was awarded to Bhutto by Lahore High Court on?

Ans           18th March, 1978

Q 112.       General Zia ul Haq assumed the office of President on?

Ans           16th December, 1978

Q 113.       Hudood Ordinance was enacted in?

Ans           1979

Q 114.       Bhutto was hanged  in Rawalpindi on?

Ans           4th April 1979

Q 115.       Pakistan joined NAM- Non-Aligned Movement on?

Ans           1st September, 1979

Q 116.       Dr. Abdus Salam was awarded Noble Prize in Physics on?

Ans           15th October, 1979

Q 117.       Announcement for establishment of Federal Shariat Court was made on?

Ans           26th May, 1980

Q 118.       Collection of Zakat was started on?

Ans           21st June, 1980

Q 119.       Interest Free Banking in Pakistan was started on?

Ans           1st  January, 1981

Q 120.       International Islamic University was made functional on?

Ans           3rd January, 1981

Q 121.       Census was started in Pakistan on?

Ans           1st March, 1981

Q 122.       Pakistan Steel Mill was made functional on?

Ans           31st August, 1981

Q 123.       Pakistan won Hockey World Cup at Bombay by defeating Argentina on?

Ans           3rd January, 1983

Q 124.       Hafeez Jalandhari passed away on?

Ans           21st December, 1982

Q 125.       MQM was formed by Altaf Hussai on?

Ans           18th March, 1984

Q 126.       Faiz Ahmad Faiz died on?

Ans           20th November, 1984

Q 127.       Presidential referendum was held by Zia on?

Ans           19th December, 1984

Q 128.       Party less national elections in Pakistan were held on?

Ans           25th February, 1985

Q 129.      Muhammad Khan Junejo assumed the office of Prime Minister and Zia sworn in as President on?

Ans           23rd March, 1985

Q 130.      Martial law was lifted on?

Ans           31st December, 1985

Q 131.      Peshawar Dry port was inaugurated by Zia on?

Ans           8th July, 1986

Q 132.      Benazir was married with Asif Ali Zardari on?

Ans           18th December, 1987

Q 133.      Ojheri Camp incident took up in Rawalpindi – 100 died on?

Ans           10th April, 1988

Q 134.      Junejo Cabinet and National Assembly was dissolved by Zia on?

Ans           29th May, 1988

Q 135.      Sharia Ordinance was promulgated by Zia on?

Ans           15th June, 1988

Q 136.      Zia was killed in plane crash near Bahwalpur on?

Ans           17th August, 1988

Q 137.      Benzair assumed the office of Prime Minister on?

Ans           2nd December, 1988

Q 138.      Pakistan again joined Commonwealth on?

Ans           1st October, 1989

Q 139.      Kashmir solidarity day was observed in Pakistan for the first time on?

Ans           5th February, 1990

Q 140.      President Ghulam Ishaq Khan dissolved Benazir Government and Jatoi become caretaker PM on

Ans           6th August, 1990

Q 141.      Nawaz Sharif was elected Prime Minister on?

Ans           6th November,1990

Q 142.      Jehangir Khan won British Open Squash title for consecutive 10 times on?

Ans           22nd April, 1991

Q 143.      Sharia Bill was adopted by National Assembly on?

Ans           16th May, 1991

Q 144.      Motorway Project from Lahore – Islamabad was launched on?

Ans           12th January, 1992

Q 145.      Pakistan won Cricket World Cup by defeating England in Melbourne on?

Ans           25th March, 1992

Q 146.      President Ghulam Ishaq Khan dissolved Nawaz Sharif Government on?

Ans           18th April, 1993

Q 147.      Supreme Court of Pakistan restored Nawaz Sharif Government on?

Ans           26th May, 1993

Q 148.      President Ghulam Ishaq Khan and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif quit offices on?

Ans           18th July, 1993

Q 149.      Benazir again elected as Prime Minister on?

Ans           19th October, 1993

Q 150.      Farooq Leghari was eight president of Pakistan elected on?

Ans           13th November,1993

Q 151.      Pakistan won world Hockey Cup by defeating Holland on?

Ans           4th December, 1994

Q 152.      Cricket World Cup jointly hosted by Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India on?

Ans           11th February, 1996

Q 153.      Imran Khan formed new political party Tehrik-e-Insaf on?

Ans           25th April, 1996

Q 154.      President Farooq Leghari dissolved Benazir Government and Meraj Khalid Became caretaker P M on?

Ans           5th November, 1996

Q 155.      General Elections held on PML-N secures 135 seats on?

Ans           3rd February, 1997

Q 156.      Nawaz Sharif assumed the office of PM second time on?

Ans           17th February, 1997

Q 157.      Sunday was declared as weekly holiday instead of Friday on?

Ans           23rd February, 1997

Q 158.      Saeed Anwar scored 194 runs against India on?

Ans           21st May, 1997

Q 159.      Pakistan Singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan died at the age of 48 on?

Ans           16th August, 1997

Q 160.      Rafiq Tarar assumed the office of President on?

Ans           1st January, 1998

Q 161.      Population census started in Pakistan on?

Ans           8th March, 1998

Q 162.      Pakistan tested nuclear weapons in Chaghi on

Ans           28th May,1998

Q 163.      Lahore Declaration was signed by Nawaz Sharif and Vajpai on?

Ans           21st February, 1999

Q 164.      Pakistan tested Shaheen Missile on?

Ans           15th April, 1999

Q 165.      Kargil war between Pakistan and India ended on?

Ans           26th July, 1999

Q 166.      General Musharraf ousted Nawaz Sharif and takeover the Power of Country on?

Ans           12th October, 1999

Q 167.      Nawaz Sharif was sentenced for life imprisonment in hijacking and terrorism case on?

Ans           6th April, 2000

Q 168.      Local Government Ordinance was introduced by Musharraf on?

Ans           14th August, 2000

Q 169.      General Pervaiz Musharraf hold the office of President alongwith Chief of Army Staff on?

Ans           21st June, 2001

Q 170.      General Pervaiz Musharraf hold and won presidential referendum on?

Ans           30th April, 2002

Q 171.      General Pervaiz Musharraf issued LFO-Legal Framework Order 2002 on?

Ans           24th August, 2002

Q 172.      Mir Zafarullah Jamali assumes the office of Prime Minister on?

Ans           23rd November, 2002

Q 173.      Mir Zafarullah Jamali quit and nominated Ch, Shujaat Hussain as successor  on?

Ans           26th June, 2004

Q 174.      Shoukat Aziz assumed the office of Prime Minister on?

Ans           28th August, 2004

Q 175.      Hasba bill was passed by NWFP Assembly on?

Ans           14th July, 2005

Q 176.      Earthquake hit Kashmir and NWFP and killed 80000 people on?

Ans           8th October, 2005

Q 177.      Dr. Shahmshad Akhtar was appointed first woman Governor of State Bank of Pakistan on?

Ans           2nd January, 2006

Q 178.      Foundation stone of Dia Meer Bhasha Dam was laid down by Musharraf on?

Ans           26th April, 2006

Q 179.      Akbar Bugti was killed by Army on?

Ans           26th August, 2006

Q 180.      President Musharraf dismissed Chief Justice of Pakistan on?

Ans           9th March, 2007

Q 181.      Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Ch. restored on?

Ans           20th July, 2007

Q 182.      Benazir returned to Pakistan after exile of 8 years on?

Ans           18th October, 2007

Q 183.      President Musharraf imposed emergency and ousted most judges on?

Ans           3rd November, 2007

Q 184.      Nawaz Sharif returned Pakistan after exile of 7 years on?

Ans           25th November, 2007

Q 185.      Emergency was lifted on?

Ans           16th December, 2007

Q 186.      Benazir was assassinated in Rawalpindi on?

Ans           27th December, 2007

Q 187.      General Elections were held on ?

Ans           18th February, 2008

Q 188.      Yousaf Raza Gillani was elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan on?

Ans           24th March, 2008

Q 189.      President Musharraf resigned as president Muhammad Mian Soomro assumed the office of President on?

Ans           18th August, 2008

Q 190.      Asif Ali Zardari was elected President by securing 481 votes on?

Ans           6th September, 2008

Q 191.      Asif Ali Zardari took oath as President on?

Ans           9th September, 2008

Q 192.      Sri Lankan Cricket team was attacked in Lahore on?

Ans           9th March, 2009

Q 193.      Operation Rah-e-Rast was launched against millitant in Swat on?

Ans           23rd May to 15th July, 2009

Q 194.      Air Blue crashed and 152 people (all on board) were killed on?

Ans           28th July, 2010