Javed Miandad Stats Cricket Career, Age, Rankings & Family Profile

Javed Miandad Stats

Today’s topic is about Javed Miandad stats info on the life career of Ex-Pakistan cricket team Captain Javed Miandad. He was born on 12 June 1957 in Karachi. He played international cricket from 1957 to 1996 and provide his services as One Day and Test Cricket Captain.

His family belongs to India. Where his father was serving as a Police Official. His father’s name was Miandad Noor Muhammad and his mother’s name was Khatoon Bibi. He has three brothers namely Bashir Miandad, Sohail Miandad, and Anwar Miandad. His wife’s name is Tahira Saigol. Tahira Saigol was the daughter of Khalid Saigol.

He has two sons and one daughter. One of his Son Junaid married to Mahrukh Ibrahim who is the daughter of Dawood Ibrahim the most wanted in India. Dawood Ibrahim is the person who runs the Indian Mafia D-Company. Dawood Ibrahim’s name listed at the world’s top ten most wanted criminals. He told in one of his interviews that his son met the daughter of Dawood Ibrahim while they were studying in the UK.

10 Career Facts of the Legend Cricketer Javed Miandad

  1. Javed Mian Dad was the only cricketer who had the highest scoreboard record among the other Pakistani Cricketers. Furthermore, Younis Khan Pakistani cricketer broke the highest test score record.
  2. He is the only player who participated in six world cup tournaments.
  3. Javed Miandad played his first career test match on 9th October 1976 and score the first century of his career in his first test match.
  4. After Abaad Ullah, He was the second Pakistani test cricketer who marked the centenary in his first test series match. Furthermore, he encountered as the youngest player with the age of 19 years who scored the first test century.
  5. He was the only player who did double century score in one test series. Before his, this record was with George Hedley. Javed Miandad broke this record after 46 years and this record still exists with Javed Miandad.
  6. Javed Miandad awarded the Pride of Performance Award in 1986 by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  7. Miandad played 124 total test matches. 39 test matches won and 23 lost and 62 were drawn
  8. Javed Miandad played 233 ODI Cricket matches in which 119 won and 115 lost.
  9. Miandad’s name is registered in Lords as the Wisden cricketer of the year.
  10. 1982 He played his last test cricket in 1990 and he retired international cricket after playing his last world cup in 1996
  11. He will always remain memorable with his shot smashed a six at the last ball in Sharjah Cup against India. Pakistan Cricket Team was short of only 4 runs on the last ball when Miandad smashed a six and made glorious and memorable victory of Pakistan