Exciting Realities About Football Player Eden Hazard (Belgium)

Football Player Eden Hazard

1. Eden Hazard a football player basically belongs to Football family. In fact, he received the football game in inheritance. He father and mother both use to play cricket. Thierry and Carine, both were professional football players at their time.

2. Eden Hazard mother was a forward football player in the international women’s team and left the game at the time when she was pregnant of 3 months with Eden.

3. Eden Hazard was married to her childhood friend. Natasha Honacker and Eden Hazard in 2012, they got into one relation. They were fellows since they were just 14 years old. Now they have two babies, Yannis and Leo.

4. At the age of 23, he got his first Hat-trick against the United New castle. In the first premier league of his career, he took the award of Hat-trick. Though, it was a co-incidence that Ronaldo also attained his first hat-trick reward against United New Castle same at the age of 23.

5. Eden Hazard is the elder one among the four brothers. All of them have inborn family football gene. His brother Thorgan played for multiple clubs Hungry and Belgium as well.

6. Eden Hazard is the huge follower of NBA game. He used to follow the team of New York i.e. New York Knicks. However, he is the huge fan of the game but never got a chance to watch the game live in the USA. His favorite NBA player is the well-known Carmelo Anthony.

7. Eden Hazard is a true fan lover. He once sent his T-shirt to 79 years old lady fan with his signature. The old lady rip open into a cry when she got the surprise to receive this precious gift.

8. Moreover, Eden Hazard was the first younger player in the entire history of the French football association. Besides, he also has to get an award of youngest player of the French association.

9. Eden Hazard spent his youth career playing for the France football club. Later become the French citizen. French association became really disappointed when he proffered to join his birth country (National football team Belgium)

10. Zidane said rare words about the Eden Hazard is a special one. He is a born star and a very fast player. Soon he will be the superstar of the football and I will never ever bother to take him into my team