Cricket Fascinating Facts?

Cricket is a sports game which is being played in between two teams. The real origin was South-East-England in the 16th century. The central organization of the game is International Cricket Council having almost 100 affiliates from all over the world. In this subject, we will talk about some of the most fascinating facts about the cricket that you may be familiar with.

13 Most Interesting Facts about Cricket Game?

  1. South Africa cricket team nicknamed as Proteas (National Flower of South Africa). An Interesting fact about them that they played world cup final four times but badly failed to succeed.


  1. Cricket was started in the 16th century from South East England. England cricket players are the cricket originator but not able to achieve a single world Cup Trophy So far.


  1. Sir Don Bradman was the youngest cricketer to score a triple century in the Test series. Sir Don Bradman (27, August 1908) was Australian cricket team Player mentioned as “The Don” of the Cricket game. Another interesting fact about Don Bradman he smashed only six sixes in his whole career. The cricket history will always recognize him as all-time favorite sportsmen.


  1. Indian Cricket team is the only team who had played and won World Cup match of 60, 50 and 40 over in that order. It is significant to let you know that from 1971 to 1983 all the ODI matches were in the sequence of 60 overs


  1. Kapil Dev is the only Indian Cricket player, who never had a single no ball in his entire career of Cricket. Kapil Dev a very famous former Indian cricket player. He won the Cricket World Cup of 1983. He also remained the coach of Indian Cricket Team for one year. He is the Indian cricket player, who took highest wickets


  1. In the Cricket game, 111 Score reflects Nelson in the Cricket; It means the tragic position (a batsman without the bails that is no more in the game). Nelson signifies the Admiral Nelson the flagman of the British Army, who had only one eye, one leg, and one arm at the end time of his existence. So 111 supposed to be unlucky


  1. Cyrus Gayle is the only player, who smashed the first sixes on the first ball of a test match. Christopher Henry Gayle (born 21 September 1979). He is the only player who was honored to make two triples centuries in test series. (317 Against South Africa in 2005 and score 333 Against Sri Lanka 2010)


  1. Vinod Kambli’s test match result is better than his  fellow Sachin Tendulkar. Vindo Kambli is the former Indian first-class cricket player. He was the middle order batsman in Cricket team. Another interesting fact is that he is the only player, who made a century on his birth date


  1. Saourve Ganguli and Rohit Sharma are the two best players of Indian Cricket. They had smashed century in knock Out World Cup.


  1. The only Cricket rule of the Cricket that has never changed since the game is started i.e. pitch length (22 yards / 20.12 m long and 3.05m wide)


  1. Peter Siddle is the only player, who recorded a hat-trick on his birth date. Peter Siddle is the cricket player from Australian cricket team. 25th November 2010 on his 26th birthday he did his hat-trick


  1. By considering balls bowled. World’s shortest cricket test match was being played among West Indies and England. That was of only 10 balls at North Sound Ground on 13th Feb 2009. The match had drawn


  1. The very world’s first Cricket World Cup was being organized for women’s in 1973 and thus, the men’s World Cup was being organized in 1975


  1. A very interesting fact that most of the people think that cricket rules were made by the ICC. But in actual, cricket rules were made by the Mel burn Cricket Club MCC