PPSC Test Preparation Islamic MCQs3

PPSC test preparation Islamic MCQs

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PPSC Test Preparation Islamic MCQs Exercise 3



Q.No.1     At the eve of conquest of Makkah Prophet PBUH was reciting Surah____

Ans.         Fatah

Q.No.2     Syed ul Shuhada is title of________

Ans.         Hazrat Hamza R.A

Q.No.3     When title of Sher-e-Khuda was given to Hazrat Ali R.A

Ans.         At the time of conquest of Fort of Qamoos

Q.No.4     Hazrat Muhammad PBUH was born at _______ in Makkah

Ans.         Souq-ul-Lail

Q.No.5     Land of prophets is the name given to?

Ans.         Palestine

Q.No.6     What was the title of Hazrat Khadija tul Kubra?

Ans.         Tahira

Q.No.7     Who wrote documents of Sulah Hudaibia (Treaty of Hudaibia)?

Ans.         Hazrat Ali R.A

Q.No.8     Who was the father of Hazrat Shais A.S

Ans.         Hazrat Adam A.S

Q.No.9     First of all which Prophet used pen?

Ans.         Hazrat Idrees A.S

Q.No.10    What was the length, width and height of Noah’s Ark (boat)

Ans.         Length 660 yards, width 330 Yards, height 33 yards

Q.No.11    Noah’s Ark was consisted of how many floors?

Ans.         3

Q.No.12    First of all who performed Circumcision (Khatna)

Ans.         Hazrat Ibrahim A.S (age 80)

Q.No.13    Who was the wife of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S

Ans.         Hazrat Sara and Hazrat Hajra

Q.No.14    Who was mother of Hazrat Ismail A.S

Ans.         Hazrat Hajra

Q.No.15    Who wrote spiritual book Ghynya tul Talibeen?

Ans.         Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani – Hazrat Ghous-e-Azam

Q.No.16    Who was mother of Hazrat Ishaaq A.S

Ans.         Hazrat Sara