PPSC Test Preparation Islamic MCQs1

PPSC test preparation Islamic MCQs

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PPSC Test Preparation Islamic MCQs Exercise 1

No.1        First Martyr of Islam in women was?

Ans.             Hazrat Samya

No.2        First women who embraced Islam was?

Ans.             Hazrat Khadija tul Kubra

No.3        Kissing of Hajr-e-Aswad is called?

Ans.             isteslam

No.4        Ramzan is _______ month in Islamic Calendar

Ans.             9th

No.5        Hazrat Muaaz Bin Jabal was appointed as Governor of ____ by Prophet PBUH

Ans.            Yamen

No.6        Who wrote Kitab ul Umm?

Ans.             Imam Shafi

No.7        Who martyred Hazrat Umar R.A?

Ans.             Abu Feroze lulo

No.8        Which Caliph died as natural death?

Ans.             Hazrat Abu Bakkar Siddique R.A

No.9        Who is called Zulnoreen?

Ans.             Hazrat Usman R.A

No.10     No of Makki Surahs?

Ans.           86

No.11     No of Madni Surahs?

Ans.           28

No.12     7th month of Islamic Calendar is?

Ans.           Rajab

No.13     Who was the first Mujadid

Ans.           Hazrat Umar bin Abdul Aziz

No.14     Who was second Mujadid?

Ans.           Sheikh Ahmad Sarhindi

No.15     Who wrote Fatuh ul Ghaib?

Ans.           Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (Ghaus Azam)

No.16     Title of Ghaseel ul Malaika belongs to?

Ans.           Hazrat Hanzala (R.A)

No.17     Who was first martyr in men in islam?

Ans.           Hazrat  Ammar Ibn e Yasir R.A

No.18     Bab ur Rayan is dedicated for?

Ans.           Fasting Muslim (Roza daar)

No.19     Age of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH when He got married with Hazrat Khadija was

Ans.           25 years

No.20     Age of Hazrat Khadija when She got married with  Hazrat Muhammad PBUH was

Ans.           40 years

No.21     Jihad was declared mandatory in

Ans.           2 AH

No.22     Who compiled Kitab ul Assar

Ans.           Imam Abu Hanifa

No.23     Which Imam took the office of Religious Judgement at the age of 15 years

Ans.           Hazrat Imam Shafi

No.24     Who wrote a famous book “Ahya-ul-Aloom”

Ans.           Hazrat Imam Ghazali

No.25     Faster sister of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W

Ans.           Hazrat Sheema

No.26     Which Nimaz is for rain?

Ans.           Nimaz-e-Istisqa

No.27     Law of inheritence (Qanoon-e-Virasat) was declared in?

Ans.           4 Hijri

No.28     How many time name Muhammad is mentioned in the Holy Quran?

Ans.           4

No.29     Title of Hazrat Shoaib A.S was?

Ans.           Khateeb ul Anbia

No.30    Which companion of Prophet’s name mentioned in Quran

Ans.           Hazrat Zaid R.A

No.31     Authentic Fatwa of Fiqah Hanfi is

Ans.           Fatwa Qazi Khan

No.32     Miracle of Splitting of moon by Prophet SAW was occurred at

Ans.           Mina

No.33     After revelation how many years Hazrat Muhammad SAW spent in Makkah

Ans.           13

No.34     Surah Al Isra is also called

Ans.           Surah Bani Israil

No.35     Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique passed away in

Ans.           634 A.D

No.36     Who wrote famous sufism book Kasha-ul-Mahjoob

Ans.           Hazrat Ali Bin Usman Al-Hajvery Data Ganj Bukhash

No.37     Real name of Imam Bukhari R.A was

Ans.           Muhammad Bin Ismail

No.38     Lion of Allah was the title of which Companion of Prophet Muhammad SAW

Ans.           Hazrat Ali R.A

No.39     Hazrat Muhammad SAW had ______ Sons

Ans.           3

No.40     Hazrat Muhammad SAW had _______ daughters

Ans.           4

No.41     Zabur was revealed to which prophet

Ans.           Hazrat Dawood A.S

No.42     Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi flourished in the reign of

Ans.           Akbar and Jahangir

No.43     Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi was known as

Ans.           Mujaddid Alif Sani

No.44     What is meaning of Mujaddid Alif Sani?

Ans.           Mujaddid of 1000 years

No.45     Mother of Hazrat Muhamamd PBUH died when He was 6 years old in

Ans.           577

No.46     Abdul Muttalib Grandfather of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH died in

Ans.           580

No.47     Battle of Fijar was fought in

Ans.           586

No.48     Hazrat Abu Talib and Hazrat Khadija passed away in

Ans.           619 (year of sorrow)

No.49     Gibraltar is titled after the name of

Ans.           Tariq bin Zayad

No.50     What is called day of scarifying during Hajj?

Ans.           Youm-e-Nahr

No.51     No. of Duties (Faraiz) of Hajj are?

Ans.           4

No.52     Maghrib and Isha prayers are performed together at Muzdalfa on

Ans.           9th Zilhajj

No.53    Hazrat Awais Qarni martyred in which battle

Ans.           Battle Suffain

No.54     Hazrat Hassan Basri R.A passed away in

Ans.           110 Hijri (738 AD)

No.55     Which Islamic country is largest in area

Ans.           Kazkastan

No.56     Which Islamic Country is largest in population

Ans.           Indonesia

No.57     How many Muslims were martyred in Ghazwa Badar?

Ans.           14 (6- Muhajir and 8-Ansar)

No.58     How many Muslims were martyred in Ghazwa Uhad?

Ans.           70

No.59     In which Ghazwa Muslim Women participated first time?

Ans.           Ghazwa Uhad

No.60     Name of last Ghazwa?

Ans.           Ghazwa Tabuk

No.61     Who was the first commander of Muslim Army?

Ans.           Hazrat Hamza R.A

No.62     In Islam first Eid-ul-Azha was observed in

Ans.           Zilhajj 2 Hijri

No.63     Name of first Mosque of Islam

Ans.           Quba

No.64     Fasting declared obligatory for Muslims in?

Ans.           2 Hijri

No.65     Wine declared haram for Muslim in

Ans.           4 Hijri

No.66     First Hajj was performed in

Ans.           9 Hijri

No.67     First Friday prayer performed by Hazrat Muhammad PBUH on

Ans.           1st Shawal

No.68     Height of Khana Ka’aba is

Ans.           54Ft 9 inch

No.69     Who many non-muslims were killed by Hazrat Muhammad PBUH

Ans.           01 in Ghazwa Uhad

No.70     Quranic manuscript written by Hazrat Usman R.A is in

Ans.           Karachi Museum, Pakistan

No.71     First Qibla was?

Ans.           Masjid Aqsa

No.72     Upon hearing of Visal of Hazrat Muhammad SAW which companion died?

Ans.           Hazrat Abdullah Bin Ans R.A

No.73     Who laid foundation stone of Masjid-e-Nabvi

Ans.           Hazrat Muhammad SAW 1st Hijri

No.74     Ghazwa Uhad was fought in?

Ans.           3 Hijri

No.75     Who prepared the map of Khana Kaaba

Ans.           Hazrat Jibrael A.S

No.76     Who built Masjid-e-Zarrar?

Ans.           Munafiqeen

No.77     Hazrat Ayub A.S is famous for?

Ans.           Patience (Sabr)

No.78     Amongst Ansar, who embraced Islam first of all?

Ans.           Hazrat Rafa bin Malik

No.79     Number of persons in boat at the time of Toofan-e- Noah

Ans.           80

No.80     Age of Hazrat Ibrahim was _______when Hazrat Ismail A.S born.

Ans.           86 years

No.81     Name of Hazrat Abu Bakar before embracing Islam was?

Ans.           Abdul Kaaba

No.82     Prayer of Kasoof is prayed at the time of?

Ans.           Solar Eclipse (Soraj Girhan)

No.83     Prayer of Khasoof is prayed at the time of?

Ans.           Lunar Eclipse (Chand Girhan)

No.84    Number of Prophets live uptill now?

Ans.           02 (Hazrat Isa A.S and Hazrat Khizar A.S)

No.85     Name of grandfather of Hazrat Muhammad SAW?

Ans.           Hazrat Hashim

No.86     Only woman is ________ whose name is mentioned in Holy Quran?

Ans.           Hazrat Maryam A.S

No.87     Who is known as Adam-e-Sani?

Ans.           Hazrat Noah A.S

No.88     Who was 2nd prophet of Allah?

Ans.           Hazrat Shais A.S

No.89     Name of Madina was _______ before migration (Hijrat)?

Ans.           Yasrab

No.90     Which Prophet is called Imam ul Ambya

Ans.           Hazrat Muhammad SAW.

No.91     Word “Quran” mentioned in Holy Quran ______ times.

Ans.           70

No.92     Surah Taqveer is consisted of how many ayat?

Ans.           114

No.93     Surah Yasin is called?

Ans.           Heart of Quran

No.94     How many times name of Allah is mentioned in Surah Hajj

Ans.           5

No.95     Name of Surah which starts without Bismillah?

Ans.           Surah Tauba

No.96     Which Surah is the name of metal?

Ans.           Surah Hadeed.

No.97     Which Surah is Aroos-ul-Qran?

Ans.           Surah Rehman

No.98     In which Surah name of Allah mentioned in every verse?

Ans.           Surah Mujadala

No.99     In which Surah Bismillah mentioned twice?

Ans.           Surah Naml

No.100   Number of Surahs starts with Harooq Muqatiat?

Ans.           29