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General Knowledge MCQs are presented here in the form of exercises and each exercise contains 100 General Knowledge MCQs for PPSC test preparation MCQs and PPSC jobs test preparation.

PPSC Test Preparation MCQs Exercise 9


Q.No.1    Which country is free of snakes

Ans.        New Zealand

Q.No.2    Where is world deepest cave Paran?

Ans.        Iran

Q.No.3    Which country is called heart of Europe?

Ans.        Germany

Q.No.4    Who many stars are on the Flag of USA

Ans.        52- largest number in world

Q.No.5    India printed image of _____ on its Postal ticket

Ans.        Gandhi

Q.No.6    First of all which country started co-education?

Ans.        Switzerland

Q.No.7    Which famous Greek poet was blind?

Ans.        Homer

Q.No.8    Where is largest power house in the world?

Ans.        Canada

Q.No.9    Where is the largest university in the world?

Ans.        California, America

Q.No.10   Which tree was created first of all?

Ans.        Date

Q.No.11   Which country has the largest number of radio stations?

Ans.        America

Q.No.12   Which neighboring country to Pakistan has no railway track?

Ans.        Afghanistan

Q.No.13   Which acid is found in the grapes?

Ans.        Tetric Acid

Q.No.14   Which lake is highest in the world?

Ans.        Lake Titicaca

Q.No.15   Where is Island of Falkland is available?

Ans.        Pacific Ocean

Q.No.16   What was the name of Munshi Prem Chand

Ans.        Lala Dhanpat Rai

Q.No.17   Number of volcanoes in the world are?

Ans.        850

Q.No.18   Exit is world of which language?

Ans.        Latin

Q.No.19   Which country started game of Hockey?

Ans.        Iran

Q.No.20   What is height of Lapaz from sea level?

Ans.        3600 meters

Q.No.21   Which country’s land is comprised of 55% forest?

Ans.        Sweden

Q.No.22   Which city of the world is largest in respect of population?

Ans.        Tokyo- Japan

Q.No.23   Which part of world is largest producer of diamond?

Ans.        African country Republic Zyre – province Kesai

Q.No.24   What was population of Karachi in 1947?

Ans.        3 lac

Q.No.25   Which is the highest city in the world?

Ans.        Lapaz

Q.No.26   Lapaz is city of which country?

Ans.        South American country Bolivia.

Q.No.27   Which country produces 80% jute of world?

Ans.        Bangladesh

Q.No.28   What is the capital of Argentina

Ans.        Beunos Aires

Q.No.29   Who prepared map of Taj Mahal, Agra

Ans.        Essa

Q.No.30   Which country invented Rada?

Ans.        England

Q.No.31   What was the real name of Hazrat Imam Ghazali R.A?

Ans.        Abu Hamid Muhammad Bin Muhammad Al Toosi

Q.No.32   Which country invented artificial planet?

Ans.        Russia

Q.No.33   Who was the last Guru of Sikhism?

Ans.        Guru Goband Singh

Q.No.34   What was the real name of Nawab Saraj ud Daula

Ans.        Muhammad Mirza

Q.No.35   First of all which country issued Postal tickets?

Ans.        England

Q.No.36   What was the real name of Changez Khan

Ans.        Tamuchan

Q.No.37   Which is the largest island in the world?

Ans.        Greenland

Q.No.38   Which is the largest day of the year?

Ans.        22 June

Q.No.39   Which is the biggest Museum in the world?

Ans.        British Museum

Q.No.40   Indian Prime Minister Indra Gandhi was assassinated in?

Ans.        1984

Q.No.41   Real gold is of?

Ans.        24 Caret

Q.No.42   Sultan Mahmood Ghazanvi ruled India for how many years?

Ans.        33 years

Q.No.43   What was real name of Muhammad Bin Qasim?

Ans.        Amad-ud-Din

Q.No.44   Who was the first Imam of Badshahi Mosque, Lahore

Ans.        Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir

Q.No.45   Shakespare was born on?

Ans.        23rd April 1564

Q.No.46   Shakespear died in?

Ans.        1616

Q.No.47   What was real name of Bu Ali Sina?

Ans.        Hussain bin Abdullah

Q.No.48   Kashmir issues was firstly presented in UNO on?

Ans.        1st January, 1948

Q.No.49   Qutb ud Din Aibak ruled India for who many years?

Ans.        4 years

Q.No.50   Charchil is the city of which country?

Ans.        Candada

Q.No.51   Bill against Qadianis passed  on?

Ans.        7th September, 1974

Q.No.52   What is petrol called in America?

Ans.        Gasoline

Q.No.53   What is the currency of Russia?

Ans.        Rubble

Q.No.54   Russia shares its borders with how many countries?

Ans.        13

Q.No.55   Who was the first Engineer of the World?

Ans.        Arshamedus

Q.No.56   Where is Somnat Temple?

Ans.        State of Jonagarh, India

Q.No.57   What was the old name of Zyre?

Ans.        Congo

Q.No.58   How many countries participated in world war-II?

Ans.        56

Q.No.59   First bank in the world was established in which country?

Ans.        Italy

Q.No.60   What is the term for the office of President in France?

Ans.        7 years

Q.No.61   Sarandeep was old name of which country?

Ans.        Sri Lanka

Q.No.62   Who was the last Hindu Ruler of Sub-Continent?

Ans.        Prithvi Raj

Q.No.63   Arab League was established on?

Ans.        22nd March, 1945

Q.No.64   Who was the first woman president of UNO?

Ans.        Vijay Lakshami Pandit

Q.No.65   In which country Sun rises first?

Ans.        Japan

Q.No.66   What is the currency of France?

Ans.        Frank

Q.No.67   Which country has no Cinemas?

Ans.        Saudi Arabia

Q.No.68   What is currency of Bhutan?

Ans.        Rupiah

Q.No.69   North Pole is in which country?

Ans.        Canada

Q.No.70   Who was the last king of China

Ans.        Huswan Tang

Q.No.71   Which is the largest car manufacturing company in world?

Ans.        General Motors Corporation

Q.No.72   First Postal ticket was printed in world in?

Ans.        1840

Q.No.73   What is the old name of State Bank of India?

Ans.        Imperial Bank of India

Q.No.74   Which country has oldest Airline in the world?

Ans.        Holland

Q.No.75   World Nurses days is observed on

Ans.        12th May

Q.No.76   Which country is largest producer of tea?

Ans.        India

Q.No.77   Tomb of Bahadar Shah Zafar is in?

Ans.        Rangoon-Burma

Q.No.78   What is height of Effle Tower of France?

Ans.        984 feet

Q.No.79   What was the old name of Ghana?

Ans.        Gold Coast

Q.No.80   What was the old name of Ethopia?

Ans.        Habsha

Q.No.81   Atom Bomb was dropped on Heroshima, Japan on?

Ans.        6th August, 1945

Q.No.82   Where is Khusro Bagh?

Ans.        Elah Abad- India

Q.No.83   What was the name of Atom Bomb Dropped on Heroshima?

Ans.        Little Boy

Q.No.84   What was the name of Atom bomb dropped on Nagasaki?

Ans.        Feat Man

Q.No.85   Where first Atom Bomb was tested on 16th July, 1945?

Ans.        Desert of New Maxico

Q.No.86   When labours were massacred in Chicago?

Ans.        1st May, 1885

Q.No.87   What is the area of Palace Museum of China?

Ans.        180 Acres

Q.No.88   Where is Palace Museum of China?

Ans.        Beijing

Q.No.89   How many buildings are in Palace Museum of China?

Ans.        9999

Q.No.90   Where is the largest Railway Station of world?

Ans.        New York

Q.No.91   In which country Angel Fall is situated?

Ans.        vanezuvella

Q.No.92   International News Service is news agency of?

Ans.        America

Q.No.93   What is the area of Pacific Ocean?

Ans.        34,800,000 Miles

Q.No.94   Island New Ginni is in which country?

Ans.        Indonesia

Q.No.95   Caspian Lake is situated between?

Ans.        Russia and Iran

Q.No.96   Which is the official News Agency of Indonesia

Ans.        Antara news

Q.No.97   Daily Telegraph is the newspaper of which country?

Ans.        Australia

Q.No.98   What is the length of River Nile?

Ans.        4145 miles

Q.No.99   Island Greenland is situated in?

Ans.        Denmark

Q.No.100  Which is the official news agency of China

Ans.        New China News

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