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PPSC Test Preparation MCQs Exercise 8


Q.1         Which Planet stripped off the status of planet in 2006

Ans        Pluto

Q.2         Which American company manufactures F-16 Fighters

Ans        General Dynamics

Q.3         Konica was formerly known as

Ans        Sakura

Q.4         What was first computer called

Ans        Altair – 1970

Q.5         NATO was formed in 24th August 1949 its headquarter is in

Ans        Brussels and 28 members

Q.6         Great wall of china was built in

Ans        214 BC

Q.7         Largest stock market of Asia is

Ans        Nikkei

Q.8         The leading world banking center is in

Ans        Zurich

Q.9         World’s largest computer manufacturing company is

Ans        IBM

Q.10       USSR officially broke up on

Ans        December 24, 1991

Q.11       Green revolution means

Ans        Agricultural revolution

Q.12       Which vitamin cannot be stored in human body

Ans        Vitamin C

Q.13       Capital of Somalia is

Ans        Moghadisho

Q.14       Sales tax is form of

Ans        Indirect tax

Q.15       How many countries belongs to Euro currency

Ans        17

Q.16       Rising of stock market is called

Ans        Bullish

Q.17       Falling of Stock Market is called

Ans        Bearish

Q.18       Headquarter of World Economic Forum is in

Ans        Davos

Q.19       Nyere is the currency of

Ans        Nigeria

Q.20       Freezing point of heavy water is

Ans        2.83ºC

Q.21       Who was the first viceroy of india

Ans        Lord Canning

Q.22       Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan got his Ph.D from

Ans        Leaven University of Belgium

Q.23       Leo Tolestoy was ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­–––––––– Novelist

Ans        Russian

Q.24       Omar Khayyam was a Persian

Ans        Poet

Q.25       What was the most distinctive feature of the Act of 1935

Ans        Introduction of Provincial Autonomy

Q.26       Father of modern psychology is

Ans        Sigmund Freud

Q.27       ILO – International Labor Organization established in

Ans        1919- Hqrs Geneva

Q.28       UNO came into existence on

Ans        24th October 1945 Hqrs in New York

Q.29       How many countries are member of UNO

Ans        193

Q.30       Nepoleon was known as

Ans        man of destiny

Q.31       Pencilin was discovered by

Ans        Alexandar Fleming

Q.32       Intertia of Matter was identified by

Ans        Ibn ul Haitham

Q.33       Mohenjo daro is located in district

Ans        Larkana

Q.34       Taxila University was established by the king

Ans        Ashoka

Q.35       Jehangir’s tomb is in

Ans        Lahore

Q.36       Saint Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai’s tomb is in

Ans        Sindh

Q.37       Lal Shahbaz Qalandar’s tomb is in

Ans        Sehwan

Q.38       Who supported Pakistan Resolution from Sindh Province

Ans        Sir Abdullah Haroon

Q.39       Who supported Pakistan Resolution from Punjab

Ans        Maulana Zafar Ali Khan

Q.40       In 1945-46 election Muslim League won Muslim seat in centre

Ans        65%

Q.41       Viceroy asked Congress to form an interim government in

Ans        September 1946

Q.42       Law of reflection and refraction is given by

Ans        Ibn ul Haitham

Q.43       Al Bairuni discovered the radius of earth which was

Ans        6338 km

Q.44       Who wrote Ain-I-Akbari and Akbarnama

Ans        Abul Fazal

Q.45       Albert Einstein gave the theory of relativity in 1905 and got

Ans        Nobel prize in physics

Q.46       Who invented Pendulum Clock & discovered Rings of Staurn

Ans        Christian Huygens

Q.47       Who invented telescope and discovered satellites of Jupiter

Ans        Galelio- he was Italian Astronomer

Q.48       Who is father of English Poetry

Ans        Geofery Chaucer

Q.49       John Logie Barid, a Scotish invented television in

Ans        1926

Q.50       Isac Newton first stated the laws of gravitation & light was

Ans        English mathematician

Q.51       President of USA during World War  was

Ans        Woodrow Wilson

Q.52       Lord Linlitgow, Viceroy of India made August Offer in

Ans        1940

Q.53       Which act provided for the safeguard of minorities

Ans        Act 1935

Q.54       Quaid-e-Azam took the control of Muslim League in

Ans        1934-

Q.55       Which Muslim philosopher & scientist discovered that lights travels faster than sound

Ans        Al Biruni

Q.56       ASEAN was established in 9th August 1967 & Its Hqrs is in

Ans        Jakarta

Q.57       Which Muslim used zero for the first time

Ans        Al Khawarizmi

Q.58       Which Muslim Scientist discovered sun spot

Ans        Ibne Rush

Q.59       Who was USA President during world war II

Ans        Franklin Roosevelt

Q.60       USA exploded its first atomic bomb in New Mexco desert on

Ans        16th July 1945

Q.61       China exploded its first nuclear bomb in

Ans        1964

Q.62       3rd june Plan is also known as

Ans        Partition plan

Q.63       Who was the chairman of boundary commission

Ans        Cyril Radcliffe

Q.64       Future status of sindh was to be decided under 3rd June plan

Ans        By Majority of vote of Assembly

Q.65       Future of KPK & Sylhet was to be decided under 3rd June plan

Ans        By Plebiscite

Q.66       KPK was given the status of province in

Ans        Act 1935

Q.67       Pakistan Constituent Assembly was constituted on

Ans        20th July, 1947

Q.68       Quaid addressed constituent assembly on

Ans        11th August, 1947

Q.69       NPT (Non-Proliferation treaty) came into effect in

Ans        March 1970

Q.70       When did India detonated its first atomic device

Ans        1974

Q.71       Security Council has 15 members out of which

Ans        10 are non permanent and 5 permanent

Q.72       IMF- International Monetary Fund established in

Ans        1945 Hqrs Washington , 188 members

Q.73       Who was the painter of mona lisa

Ans        Leonardo da Vinci

Q.74       First president of Chinese Republic was

Ans        Sun yat Sen

Q.75       Founder of Chemistry is

Ans        Jabir Bin Hayan

Q.76       Sulphuric acid was prepared by

Ans        Jabir Bin Hayyan

Q.77       Muhammad Bin Zikrya Al Razi was a

Ans        Surgeon

Q.78       Head office of International court of justice is in

Ans        Hague – Netherlands

Q.79       Headquarter of World Banks is in

Ans        Washington

Q.80       Ban ki Moon belongs to

Ans        South Korea

Q.81       Commonwealth of nations established in

Ans        1931, Hqrs London, members 54

Q.82       NAM- Non Aligned Movement established in

Ans        1961, Hqrs New York, Members 120

Q.83       General Assembly of UN is considered

Ans        World Parliament

Q.84       SAARC was established in

Ans        1985, Hqrs Khatmandu, Members 8

Q.85       OPEC- Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries estd.

Ans        1961, Hqrs Vienna, Members 12

Q.86       ECO- Economic Cooperation Organization established in 1985, its Headquarter is in

Ans        Tehran members 10

Q.87       OIC- Organization of Islamic Cooperation established in

Ans        1969, Hqrs Jeddah, Members 57

Q.88       Arab league established in

Ans        1945, Hqrs Cairo, memebrs 21

Q.89       WTO- World Trade Organization established in

Ans        1995, hqrs Geneva, members 157

Q.90       Red Cross established in

Ans        1863, Hqrs Geneva, members 97 million

Q.91       NATO-North Atlantic Treaty Organization established in

Ans        1949, hqrs Brussles, members 28

Q.92       INTERPOL- International Criminal Police Organization estd in

Ans        1923, hqrs Lyon France, members 190

Q.93       Pakistan left Commonwealth in 1972 and rejoined in

Ans        1991

Q.94       Capital of Ethiopia is

Ans        Adis Ababa

Q.95       Phnom Penh is capital of

Ans        Combodia

Q.96       Strength of Commonwealth is 54 which country joined last

Ans        Rwanda

Q.97       Headquarters of European Union is in

Ans        Brussels

Q.98       First NAM Conference was held in Belgrade (Yugoslavia) in

Ans        September 1961

Q.99       SAARC was formed in Dhaka on

Ans        8 December 1985

Q.100     SAFTA is a trade agreement between

Ans        SAARC nations

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