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General Knowledge MCQs are presented here in the form of exercises and each exercise contains 100 General Knowledge MCQs for PPSC test preparation MCQs and PPSC jobs test preparation.

PPSC Test Preparation MCQs Exercise 7


Q.1       Height of Nanga Parbat is

Ans      8126 meters

Q.2       1st commercial bank of Pakistan started on 17 Aug 1947 was

Ans      Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd

Q.3       First census was done in Pakistan in

Ans      1951

Q.4       First chief justice of Pakistan was

Ans      Sardar A Rashid

Q.5       First foreign minister of Pakistan was

Ans      Sir Zafarullah Khan

Q.6       Largest oil company of the world is

Ans      Exxon

Q.7       Longest mountain range in the world is

Ans      Andes

Q.8       Largest volcano crater in the world is

Ans      Toba(Indonesia)

Q.9       Second largest continent is

Ans      Africa

Q.10     Smallest continent is

Ans      Australia

Q.11     Largest fort of Pakistan is in Haiderabad

Ans      Rani Kort Fort

Q.12     Which country if not an acknowledged nuclear country

Ans      Israel

Q.13     Euro currency was launched in

Ans      January 1999

Q.14     40 percent world oil is transported through

Ans      Hormuz strait

Q.15     K2 is present in which mountain range

Ans      Karakoram

Q.16     Nanga parbat is part of

Ans      Himalaya range

Q.17     Name the range which links Pakistan with China

Ans      Karakoram

Q.18     First woman president of UN General Assembly belongs to

Ans      Behrain – Haya Rashid al Khalifa

Q.19     Highest military decoration of Britian is

Ans      Victoria Cross

Q.20     Highest military decoration of USA is

Ans      Victory Medal

Q.21     Who make the first space flight on 12 April 1961

Ans      Yuri Gagrin

Q.22     Which country has no railway

Ans      Afghanistan

Q.23     Statue of liberty was gifted by france to

Ans      USA

Q.24     Who built Rohtas Fort near Jhelum

Ans      Sher Shah Suri

Q.25     Ancient city Taxila is called

Ans      Pearl of Gandhara civilization

Q.26     Britain’s oldest university is

Ans      Oxford

Q.27     Old name of Quetta was

Ans      Shal Kot

Q.28     Seattle is a seaport of

Ans      USA

Q.29     World’s oldest town is

Ans      Jericho

Q.30     International organization Human Rights watch is based in

Ans      Geneva

Q.31     ASEAN Free Trade Area Agreement (AFTA) signed in

Ans      1992 in Singapore

Q.32     Chenab Formula to resolve Kashmir dispute presented by

Ans      Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan

Q.33     Abu Gharib is a prison in

Ans      Iraq

Q.34     Which continent has no desert

Ans      Europe

Q.35     SAPTA Stands for`

Ans      South Asian Preferential Trading Arrangements

Q.36     People of Saudi Arabia first time given right to vote in

Ans      February 2005

Q.37     First airline of Pakistan is

Ans      Orient Airline

Q.38     Sharam el Sheikh is the Egyptian seaport on

Ans      Red Sea

Q.39     Rehman Baba was a poet of

Ans      Pushto

Q.40     Who wrote Yousuf Zulekha Punjabi story

Ans      Moulvi Ghulam Rasool

Q.41     Picture on the back of Rs. 5000 is of

Ans      Faisal Mosque

Q.42     Picture on the back of Rs. 20 note is of

Ans      Mohenjo daro

Q.43     Golden gate bridge is located in

Ans      San Fransisco

Q.44     Total Number of landlocked countries in world is

Ans      44

Q.45     Height of Burj Al Khalifa is

Ans      1717 feet 829 meters

Q.46     Israel constructed a concrete wall to divide the Palestinians In

Ans      Gaza

Q.47     World’s oldest capital is

Ans      Damascus

Q.48     Itar Tass is news agency of

Ans      Russia

Q.49     Which range separate Pakistan from Afghanistan

Ans      Hindu Kush

Q.50     Salt range is situated between river Soan and

Ans      Jhelum

Q.51     Height of Nanga parbat mountain is

Ans      8126 meters

Q.52     World’s highest passes Khunjarb, Lawari and Shandoor are          in

Ans      Karakoram Range

Q.53     Highest peak of Koh e Sufaind range is

Ans      Skaram

Q.54     Takht e Suleman peak’s height is

Ans      3500 meter

Q.55     Highest peak of Himalayan range in Pakistan is

Ans      Nanga Parbat

Q.56     Highest peak of Hindu Kush range is

Ans      Tirchmir

Q.57     Khyber pass picture is printed on the

Ans      10 rupees note

Q.58     What is black forest ?

Ans      A mountain in Germany

Q.59     Secret Police of Germany is called

Ans      Gestapo

Q.60     NASA is space agency of

Ans      USA

Q.61     M15 and M16 are secret agencies of

Ans      UK

Q.62     RAW (Research Analysis Wing) is agency of

Ans      India

Q.63     Energia space shuttle is related to

Ans      Russia

Q.64     Korou space center is situated in

Ans      France

Q.65     Challenger and Discovery space shuttles related to

Ans      USA

Q.66     Salyut is first space station of

Ans      Russia

Q.67     Earthquake hit the northern areas and Azad Kashmir on

Ans      8th October 2005 (magnitude 7.6)

Q.68     No. of Radio stations at the time of creation of Pakistan were

Ans      3

Q.69     First TV Station of Pakistan is

Ans      Lahore

Q.70     Darawar Fort is located in

Ans      Bahawalpur

Q.71     Umar Kot Fort is located in

Ans      Sindh

Q.72     Kot Digi fort is located in

Ans      Khairpur – Sindh

Q.73     Guantanamo Bay is used as a prison for

Ans      Iraq war prisoners

Q.74     Who was founder of department of jail

Ans      Hazrat Umar Farooq R.A

Q.75     Founder of Jail in sub continent was

Ans      Sher Shah Suri

Q.76     The only country which is without a constitution is

Ans      Israel

Q.77     Number of nuclear state including Israel (non declared)

Ans      09

Q.78     Light year is the unit of measuring of

Ans      Distance

Q.79     Which country is known as sick man of Europe

Ans      Turkey

Q.80     Approximate length of Great wall of China is

Ans      3460 km

Q.81     Highest peak of Salt range is

Ans      Sakesar

Q.82     Range lies along the border of Sindh & Balochistan is

Ans      Kirthar Range

Q.83     Leaning tower is located in

Ans      Pesa – Italy

Q.84     Who was the first Pakistani to climb the K-2

Ans      Ashraf Anna

Q.85     How many peaks in Pakistan are higher than 8000 meters

Ans      5

Q.86     Which street is famous for stock exchange market

Ans      Wall street, new York

Q.87     The country with minimum birth rate is

Ans      Sweden

Q.88     The oldest monarchy in the world is of

Ans      Japan

Q.89     Which company produced scooter

Ans      Piagio spa

Q.90     Mach jheel is situated in

Ans      Baluchistan

Q.91     Sunlight is composed by

Ans      seven colours

Q.92     Pakistan National Movement was founded by

Ans      Ch. Rehmat Ali

Q.93     Yuan is currency of

Ans      China

Q.94     Cricket bats are made of wood of

Ans      Willow tree

Q.95     British Prime minister at the time of World war II

Ans      Cmaberlain

Q.96     First nuclear device was detonated on

Ans      1945

Q.97     Father of russian revolution is

Ans      Lenin

Q.98     Santos is called

Ans      Coffee port of the world

Q.99      Which city is called city of saints

Ans      Multan

Q.100    When Pakistan became the member of NAM

Ans       1979

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