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PPSC Test Preparation MCQs Exercise 6


Q.1      Nobel prize was established after Alfred Bernhard Nobel

Ans     A Chemical Engineer

Q.2      Nobel Prize started in

Ans     1901

Q.3      Alfred Nobel made his fortune by inventing

Ans     Dynamite

Q.4      The sky appears blue because the earth’s atmosphere

Ans     Reflects blue light

Q.5      An Ediascope is used to

Ans     To view Three Dimensional Pictures

Q.6      Hemoglobin in the blood is a complex protein rich in

Ans     Iron

Q.7      Who compiled first English dictionary

Ans     Samuel Johnson

Q.8      In which year nobel prize was not awarded

Ans     1940-42

Q.9      Who was the first Asian to have received the nobel prize

Ans     Rabinder Nath Tagore

Q.10    First woman to win Nobel Prize was

Ans     madame marie Curie Sklodowska

Q.11    The country which received maximum Nobel Prizes

Ans     USA

Q.12    Which Nobel Prize is technically not a noble prize

Ans     Economics (started in 1969)

Q.13    Name the only Pakistani who got Nobel Prize in Physics

Ans     Dr Abdus Salam 1979

Q.14    British Prime Minister Winston Churchil awarded Nobel Prize

Ans     1953- Literature

Q.15    All nobel prizes are awarded in Stockholm except Chemistry?

Ans     Awarded in Copenhagen, Denmark

Q.16    Largest producer of copper

Ans     Chile

Q.17    Largest producer & exporter of rubber

Ans     Thailand

Q.18    Largest cotton, rice and Wheat producer

Ans     China

Q.19    Largest wheat exporter

Ans     USA

Q.20    Largest Uranium producer

Ans     Canada

Q.21    Largest Uranium reserves are in

Ans     Australia

Q.22    Largest natural gas producer and reserves are in

Ans     Russia

Q.23    Largest exporter of rice

Ans     Thailand

Q.24    Largest sugarcane producer

Ans     Brazil

Q.25    Largest sugar exporter

Ans     Cuba

Q.26    Largest exporter of cotton

Ans     USA

Q.27    Largest Tea producer

Ans     india

Q.28    Largest Tea exporter

Ans     Sri Lanka

Q.29    Largest palm oil producer

Ans     Malaysia

Q.30    Largest olive Oil produce

Ans     Spain

Q.31    Largest Iron ore producer

Ans     Brazil

Q.32    Largest Gold producer

Ans     China

Q.33    Largest Gold Exporter

Ans     South Africa

Q.34    Largest producer and consumer of coal

Ans     China

Q.35    Largest reserves of coal

Ans     USA

Q.36    Largest oil reserve country

Ans     Saudi Arabia

Q.37    Largest oil producing country

Ans     Saudi Arabia

Q.38    Largest hydroelectricity producer

Ans     Canada

Q.39    Largest Thermal Electricity Producer

Ans     USA

Q.40    Largest nuclear energy producer

Ans     USA

Q.41    Largest producer of chromite

Ans     South Africa

Q.42    Largest electric power producer

Ans     USA

Q.43    Largest Iron and Steel Industry is in

Ans     China

Q.44    Largest Fish catching country

Ans     China

Q.45    Largest producer of jute

Ans     India

Q.46    Largest solar energy producer

Ans     USA

Q.47    Largest car producing cou7ntry

Ans     japan

Q.48    Largest diamond producer

Ans     Australia

Q.49    Largest Mica producer

Ans     India

Q.50    Largest Tobacco producer

Ans     China

Q.51    Largest Sulphur producer

Ans     USA

Q.52    Largest Nickel producer

Ans     Canada

Q.53    Largest oil consuming country

Ans     USA

Q.54    Largest coffee producer

Ans     Brazil

Q.55    Largest number of nuclear reactors

Ans     USA

Q.56    Largest producer of dry milk

Ans     Netherlands

Q.57    Largest producer of tin

Ans     China

Q.58    Largest fresh water reserves are in

Ans     North America

Q.59    Largest fuel wood producer in the world

Ans     India

Q.60    Largest Aluminium producer in the world

Ans     USA

Q.61    Largest fertilizer producer in world

Ans     USA

Q.62    Largest food producer in world

Ans     Canada

Q.63    Largest Food exporter

Ans     Canada

Q.64    Largest producer of cocoa

Ans     Ivory Coast

Q.65    Largest island of the world

Ans     Greenland

Q.66    Country with shortest coast line of 3.49 miles or 5.58 km

Ans     Monaco

Q.67    Name the country with highest number of internet users

Ans     China

Q.68    China has land borders with how many countries

Ans     16

Q.69    Largest foreign aid donor country is

Ans     Japan

Q.70    Country with largest GNP

Ans     USA

Q.71    Country with the largest foreign debts

Ans     USA

Q.72    Richest country of the world is

Ans     Switzerland

Q.73    Leading electricity producer of the world is

Ans     USA

Q.74    Which country keeps largest regular armed forces

Ans     China

Q.75    Which is the biggest restaurant chain

Ans     Mcdonalds

Q.76    Who built the first fully practical airplane

Ans     Wilbur & Orville wright (Wright brothers)

Q.77    Who built the first steam railway locomotive

Ans     Richard Trevithick

Q.78    Who was the first woman to travel in the space

Ans     Valentina Tereshkova

Q.79    When was world’s 1st satellite Sputnik 1 launched

Ans     1957

Q.80    Most densely populated contry is

Ans     Monaco

Q.81    Who reached first to south pole in 1911

Ans     Ronald Amundson

Q.82    First American to reach Norht pole in 1909

Ans     Robert e peary

Q.83    When Yuri Gagrin, a Russian first person went to space

Ans     1961

Q.84    Neil Alden Armstrong, An American set foot on the moon in

Ans     1969 (first man on moon)

Q.85    First man who climbed Mount Everest in 1953

Ans     Edmud Hillary

Q.86    First woman to climb Everest

Ans     Junko Taibei

Q.87    Who was first man to sail round the world

Ans     Ferdinand Magellan

Q.88    Who was first president of China

Ans     Dr. Sun Yat San

Q.89    Who was the first president of USA

Ans     George Washinton

Q.90    Who was the first prime minister of England

Ans     Sir Robert Walpole

Q.91    Who was the first lady prime minister of a country

Ans     Srimavo Bhandarnaike

Q.92    First telegraph signal was transmitted in

Ans     1901

Q.93    First rocket launched by Pakistan was

Ans     Rahbar

Q.94    First Nuclear powr plant in Pakistan was established at

Ans     Karachi

Q.95    Soccer world cup was first contested in 1930 in

Ans     Uruguay

Q.96    First man to receive an artificial heart is

Ans     Dr Barney Clark

Q.97    Arhia 9renamed as jercho) is considered as the

Ans     oldest town in the world

Q.98    Largest Bank of the world

Ans     Bank of Amertex

Q.99    Which is the highest region in the world

Ans     Tibet(Pamir)

Q.100  Which is the deepest lake in the world is

Ans     Lake Baykal

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