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General Knowledge MCQs are presented here in the form of exercises and each exercise contains 100 General Knowledge MCQs for PPSC test preparation MCQs and PPSC jobs test preparation.

PPSC Test Preparation MCQs Exercise 5


Q.1         Bangladesh Parliament is called
A             Jatiya Sangshad
Q.2         Name of Parliament of Sweden is
A             Riksdag
Q.3         Parliament of Indonesia is
A             People’s Consultative Assembly
Q.4         Parliament of Iran and Indonesia is
A             Majlis
Q.5         Parliament of Malaysia is
A             Dewan Rakayat
Q.6         Parliament of Nepal is
A             National Panchayat
Q.7         Parliament of Norway is
A             Storting
Q.8         Parliament of Britain is called
A             Mother of parliaments
Q.9         Parliament of Turkey is called
A             Grand National Assembly
Q.10       Aeroflat is the Airline of
A             Russia
Q.11       Airline of Germany is
A             Lufthansa
Q.12       Airline of Hong Kongis
A             Kathy pacific
Q.13       Warsak Dam is built on the River
A             Kabul
Q.14       Akbar Fort is situated in
A             Hund
Q.15       Kaghan Valley is called
A             Pearl of the Himalya
Q.16       Airline of Japan is
A             JAL
Q.17       Airline of Bangladesh is called
A             Bheman
Q.18       British Government sold Kashmir to Gulab Singh in
A             1846
Q.19       War of Independence was fought in
A             1857- 9th May
Q.20       Urdu Hindi controversy started in 1867 at
A             Banaras
Q.21       Gandhi was assassinated on
A             30th January 1948
Q.22       Pakistan became 53rd member of UNO on
A             30th September 1947
Q.23       Cease fire in Kashmir was held in
A             1st January 1949
Q.24       Marshal law was enforced in Lahore on
A             6th march 1953
Q.25       Nawab Liaqat Ali Khan visited USA in
A             1950
Q.26       Molana Hasrat Mohani died in
A             1951
Q.27       Lake Saif ul Malook is located in
A             Kaghan Valley
Q.28       First Constituent Assembly of Pakistan was dissolved on
A             24th October 1954
Q.29       KLM is airline of
A             Holland
Q.30       Queensland and Norther Territory Aerial Service is airline of
A             Australia
Q.31       Sabeena is airline of
A             Belgium
Q.32       Airline of South Korea is
A             Asiana
Q.33       Airline of New Zealand is
A             Freedom Air
Q.34       Airline of Greece is
A             Olympic Airways
Q.35       Airline of Lebanon is
A             Middle east airline
Q.36       Reuter is the news agency of
A             UK
Q.37       AFP is the news agency of
A             France
Q.38       Anatolia is news agency of
A             Turkey
Q.39       Interfax is news agency of
A             Russia
Q.40       IRNA is the news agency of
A             Iran
Q.41       Itar Tass is news agency of
A             Russia
Q.42       Jiji is news agency of
A             japan
Q.43       Mena is news agency of
A             Egypt
Q.44       NCNA is news agency of
A             China
Q.45       Petra is news agency of
A             Jordan
Q.46       Yonhap is news agency of
A             South Korea
Q.47       WAM is news agency of
A            UAE
Q.48      SUNA is news agency of
A            Sudan
Q.49      5th February is observed as
A            Kashmir Solidarity Day
Q.50      22nd February is observed as
A            International Scout Day
Q.51      23rd March is observed as
A            World Meteorological Day
Q.52      7th April is observed as
A            World health day
Q.53      22nd April is observed as
A            Earth Day
Q.54      3 May is observed as
A            International Day of press
Q.55      5 June is observed as
A            World Environment Day
Q.56      Karakoram highway starts from Hasan Abdal and ends at
A             Sost – China
Q.57       Baltistan is also known as
A             Little Tibet
Q.58       8 June is observed as
A             Father’s Day
Q.59       4 July is
A             America’s Independence Day
Q.60       11 July is observed as
A             World Population Day
Q.61       8 September is observed as
A             International Literacy Day
Q.62       9 October is observed as
A             World Postal Day
Q.63       5 October is observed as
A             International Teachers Day
Q.64       16 October is observed as
A             World Food Day
Q.65       1 December is observed as
A             World Aids Day
Q.66       10 December is observed as
A             Human Rights Day
Q.67       8March is observed as
A             International Women Day
Q.68       uthor of Foreign Policy of Pakistan is
A             Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
Q.69       Author of Friends not Masters
A             Ayub Khan
Q.70       Satpara Lake is located in
A             Skardu
Q.71       The place wher heaven and earth meet is
A             Punial
Q.72       When Hunza became part of Pakistan
A             1974
Q.73       Author of Jinnah of Pakistan
A             Stanley Walport
Q.74       The Track of Pakistan Railway line is
A             7791 KM long
Q.75       Author of Five Thousand years of Pakistan
A             REM Wheeler
Q.76       Author of Jinnah Creator of Pakistan
A             Hector Blitho
Q.77       Author of Quaid e Azam as I knew Him
A             AH Isphani
Q.78       Author of Odyssey is
A             Homer
Q.79       Author of Old Man and the Sea
A             Earnest Hamingway
Q.80       Author of Paradise Lost is
A             John Milton
Q.81       Author of Pride and Prejudice is
A             Jane Austen
Q.82       Author of Sprit of Islam
A             Syed Amir Ali
Q.83       Author of Causes of Indian revoiltis
A             Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
Q.84       Author of Garden of the Prophet
A             Khalil Jibran
Q.85       Author of Development of Metaphysics in Persia
A             Allama Iqbal
Q.86       Author of Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence
A             Jawant Singh
Q.87       Author of Fall of the Roman Empire
A             Edward Gibbon
Q.88       Author of Wealth of Nations
A             Adam Smith
Q.89       Author of Das Capital
A             Carl Marx
Q.90       Author or Origin of Species
A             Charles Darwin
Q.91       Higher than hope is biography of
A             Nelson Mandela
Q.92       When a person enters a dark room from bright light he
A             Iris is unable to dilate the pupil immediately cannot see clearly for little because
Q.93       What is the average pulse rate of an adult
A             72-80
Q.94        Cow’s milk contains _____ percent water in it
A             80%
Q.95       In dark bats can fly with the help of
A             Ultrasonic waves
Q.96        What is stealth technology
A              A coating which reduces the visibility of an Aircraft on radar
Q.97        Rear view mirror of a vehicle is
A              Convex
Q.98        Water is highly effective coolant for a car engine because
A              Water is good conductor of heat
Q.99        The major component of honey is
A             Glucose
Q.100      Primary function of the feathers of birds is to
A        Provide striking surface to wings for flying

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