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General Knowledge MCQs are presented here in the form of exercises and each exercise contains 100 General Knowledge MCQs for PPSC test preparation MCQs and PPSC jobs test preparation.

PPSC Test Preparation MCQs Exercise 4


Q.1          Average density of population in the world is

Ans         13 persons per sq km

Q.2          Which forest account for most of the total forest area in world

Ans         Broad-leaved

Q.3          World has been divided in time zones

Ans         24

Q.4          Greenwhich meantime established in

Ans         1884

Q.5          ORBIS is a

Ans         Mobile Eye Hospital

Q.6          Drawar Fort is located in

Ans         Bahawalpr

Q.7          Largest reserves of fresh water on earth is in

Ans         North America

Q.8          Diego Gracia is an island in

Ans         Indian ocean

Q.9          Kimberley associated with

Ans         Diamond

Q.10        Urea fertilizer contains high percentage of

Ans         Nitrogen

Q.11        Kharif Crops

Ans         Rice, Millet, Maize and Cotton

Q.12        Amongst Largest cotton growing countries Pakistan is at

Ans         4th position

Q.13        Dasht-e-Lut is in

Ans         Iran

Q.14        Great bear lake is in

Ans         Canada

Q.15        Most severe storm is

Ans         Tornado

Q.16        Number of Central Asian Republics (CARs)

Ans         05

Q.17        Mohabat Khan Masjid is built in

Ans         1670- Peshawar

Q.18        Aswan Dam is in

Ans         Egypt

Q.19        How many pounds are in one kilogram

Ans         2.2046 pounds

Q.20        The first Civil Disobedience Movement was started after the

Ans         Rowlat Act of 1919

Q.21        When Quaid went into self exile in London

Ans         1931

Q.22        One gallon is equal to

Ans         4.551 liters

Q.23        100 kilograms are equal to

Ans         1 quintal

Q.24        1 fathom consist of cable length of

Ans         1.828 m

Q.25        Unit for measurement of power is

Ans         Watt (W)

Q.26        Which country has more computer in the world

Ans         USA

Q.27        Which company first manufactured computer for commercial use

Ans         Remington Rand

Q.28        Intel is largest manufacturer of microprocessor, Intel is abbr.

Ans         Integrated Electronics

Q.29        India is the world’s largest producer of

Ans         Mica

Q.30        Changa manga Forest was established in

Ans         1886

Q.31        Height of Lahore form Sea level is

Ans         702 feet

Q.32        Height of Islamabad from Sea level  is

Ans         2000 feet

Q.33        Siesson mountains are

Ans         tallest mountains

Q.34        Gibson Desert is present in

Ans         Australia

Q.35        Largest volcano crater in the world is

Ans         Toba (Indonesia)

Q.36        How many times each day human heart valves open and close

Ans         100000 times

Q.37        Planet with maximum number of satellites

Ans         Jupiter  63 satellites

Q.38        Hottest planet in solar system

Ans         Venus (Brightest & Hottest)

Q.39        Coldest planet is

Ans         Neptune

Q.40        Largest planet is

Ans         Jupiter

Q.41        Nearest to the sun, smallest and fastest planet is

Ans         Mercury

Q.42        Rank of earth in term of size in solar system

Ans         5th

Q.43        Operation path finder was a mission to Planet Mars launched

Ans         December 4, 1996

Q.44        Capital of Nigeria is Abuja and currency is

Ans         Naira

Q.45        Capital of Egypt is Cairo and currency is

Ans         Egyptian pond

Q.46        Capital of Indonesia is Jakarta and currency is

Ans         Rupiah

Q.47        Currency of Iran is

Ans         Rial

Q.48        Capital of Karghyzstan is Bishek and currency is

Ans         Som

Q.49        Currency of Malaysia is

Ans         Ringgit

Q.50        Capital of Syria is Damascus and currency is

Ans         Syrian Pond

Q.51        Capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires and Currency is

Ans         Peso

Q.52        Capital of Bolivia is La Paz and currency

Ans         Boliviano

Q.53        Capital of Venezuela is Carcas and currency is

Ans         Bolivar

Q.54        Isle of Pearls is

Ans         Bahrain

Q.55        Counningham clock tower is situated in

Ans         Peshawar

Q.56        Pakistan Academy for Rural Development is in

Ans         Peshawar

Q.57        Land of rising sun is called

Ans         Japan

Q.58        Playground is Europe is

Ans         Switzerland

Q.59        Venice is known as

Ans         Queen of the Adriatic

Q.60        Forbidden land is

Ans         Tibet / Lhasa (China)

Q.61        Rome is known as

Ans         Eternal City

Q.62        California is known as

Ans         Silicon valley

Q.63        Gibralter is called

Ans         Key to the Mediterranean

Q.64        Banaras is known as

Ans         City of ghosts and temples

Q.65        Land of midnight sun is called

Ans         Norway

Q.66        Ceylon is now called

Ans         Sri Lanka

Q.67        Abyssinia is now called

Ans         Ethiopia

Q.68        Old name of Iraq is

Ans         Mesopotamia

Q.69        Siam is old name of

Ans         Thailand

Q.70        Burma is old name of

Ans         Myanmar

Q.71        Netherland is new name of

Ans         Holland

Q.72        Indonesia is the new name of

Ans         Batavia

Q.73        Who discovered sea route from Europe to India

Ans         Vasco de gama

Q.74        Christopher Columbus reached in South America in

Ans         1498

Q.75        World’s oldest religion is

Ans         Hinduism

Q.76        Largest / leading religion is

Ans         Christianity

Q.77        Budhism was founded in

Ans         523 BC

Q.78        Confucianism is the main religion of

Ans         China and Taiwan

Q.79        Pakistan Forest Institution is located in

Ans         Peshawar

Q.80        Dara Adam Khel is famous for

Ans         Gun Factory

Q.81        Where was Jesus Christ Born

Ans         Jeruslam

Q.82        Christianity is about

Ans         2000 years old

Q.83        Who founded Juadism

Ans         Moses  A.S

Q.84        Budhism is followed in countries

Ans         Korea, Sri Lanka and Japan

Q.85        Gautam Sidartha Budha founder of Buddhism was  born in

Ans         563BC

Q.86        Hinduism was founded in

Ans         1500 BC

Q.87        Juadism was founded in

Ans         1300BC By Moses A.S

Q.88        Sikhism was found in 1500 AD by

Ans         Guru Nanak

Q.89        Nepolean’s last battle in which he was captures and exiled

Ans         Waterloo

Q.90        1st Atom Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on

Ans         6 august 1945

Q.91        Toughest Town of the World is

Ans         Dara Adam Khel

Q.92        2nd Atom Bomb was dropped on Nagasaki on

Ans         9 august 1945

Q.93        Hundred year war was fought in 1338-1453 between

Ans         France and England

Q.94        The shortest war ever fought  between Israel and Arab

Ans         lasted for 6 days

Q.95        Hazrat Umar choose to lead Muslim army in battle of Qadsia

Ans         Hazrat Saad Bin Abi Waqas

Q.96        First Civil was among the muslims was

Ans         Battle of Jamal

Q.97        Ghouri defeated Prithvi Raj in 1192 AD in the battle of

Ans         Tarain

Q.98        Lord Clive defeated Nawab Siraj ud Daula in

Ans         Battle of Plassy in 1757

Q.99        First war between Arabs and Israel was fought in

Ans         1948

Q.100     Name the Parliament of Japan

Ans         Diet

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