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PPSC Test preparation MCQs Exercise 3


Q.1          Who was the first president of Muslim League

Ans         Sir Agha Khan

Q.2          Important feature of government of India Act of 1919 was

Ans         Introduction of Dyarchy

Q.3          Montague Chelmsford report formed the basis of

Ans         The Government of India Act, 1919

Q.4          The luckhnow pact of 1916 was made between

Ans         Congress and Muslim League

Q.5          Who headed the cabinet mission

Ans         Lord Pathetic Lawrence

Q.6          Indian council act of 1909 was also known as

Ans         Minto Morley Reforms

Q.7          Which pass connects Chitral with China

Ans         Khunjerab pass 4555 meter high

Q.8          Name the Viceroy with whom Simla Deputation met

Ans         Lord Minto

Q.9          Which pass connects Bannu (pak) and Ghazni(Afghanistan)

Ans         Tochi Pass

Q.10        Lawari Pass connects Dir with

Ans         Chitral

Q.11        Who led the Simla Deputation

Ans         Sir Agha Khan

Q.12        Desert of Thal is in the province of

Ans         Punjab

Q.13        Desert of Thar is in

Ans         Sindh (largest in Pakistan)

Q.14        How many Muslim leaders were included in Simla Deputation

Ans         35

Q.15        Quaid-e-Azam resigned from the Imperial Legislative Council   in

Ans         1919

Q.16        A Narrow strip of water separating two landmarks and connecting two big seas is called

Ans         Strait

Q.17        Strait of Bosporous connects

Ans         Black sea and Sea of Marmara

Q.18        Strait of Malaca separates

Ans         Malaysia and Indonesia

Q.19        The strait separates India from Sri Lanka is

Ans         Palk

Q.20        The strait separate Spain from Africa

Ans         Gibralter

Q.21        Strait connects Mediterranean sea with Atlantic Ocean

Ans         Gibralter

Q.22        Strait separates Malaysia from Singapore

Ans         Johor

Q.23        Budapest is capital of Hungary situated on

Ans         Bank of River Danube

Q.24        Strait Dardenelles connects

Ans         Sea of Marmara and Agean sea

Q.25        Bass strait separates Australia from

Ans         Tasmania

Q.26        Paris is situated on the bank of

Ans         River Seine

Q.27        English Channel separates England from

Ans         France

Q.28        Agra in India is situated on bank of River

Ans         Jumna

Q.29        Great Victoria desert is in

Ans         Australia

Q.30        Which is the largest sea in the world

Ans         South China Sea

Q.31        Smallest Sea in the world is

Ans         Baltic Sea

Q.32        Largest ocean is

Ans         Pacific Ocean

Q.33        Deepest point in the worlds in Pacific Ocean

Ans         Mariana Trench (Philipine)

Q.34        Takht-e-Suliman is situated near

Ans         Kapip

Q.35        Area of Khyber Pakhtunkha – KPK is

Ans         75521 sq km

Q.36        Instrument used to measure humidity

Ans         Hygrometer

Q.37        A broad channel where waters of river and sea mingle is called

Ans         An estuary

Q.38        Synonym of Abasement is

Ans         Humiliation

Q.39        One meter is equal to how many feet

Ans         3.281 feet

Q.40        One  pound is equal to how many kilogram

Ans         0.454

Q.41        One ounce is equal to how many grams

Ans         28.35

Q.42        1000 kgs make

Ans         one metric ton

Q.43        Synonym of Abate

Ans         lessen

Q.44        Synonym of Abdicate

Ans         to resign

Q.45        Synonym of Abeyance

Ans         suspended action

Q.46        Synonym of alleviate

Ans         Mollify

Q.47        Synonym of Affluence

Ans         Wealth

Q.48        The study of tissues is called

Ans         Histology

Q.49        The study of races of man is called

Ans         Ethonology

Q.50        Philately is a

Ans         stamp collection

Q.51        Orrithology is the study of

Ans         Birds

Q.52        S.I Unit of temperature is called

Ans         Kelvin

Q.53        Density of milk is measured by

Ans         Lactometer

Q.54        Decibal is a unit of

Ans         Sound

Q.55        Electric current is measured with the instrument called

Ans         Ammeter

Q.56        Safety match was invented by

Ans         John Walker

Q.57        Who propounded theory that earth revolves round Sun

Ans         Copernicus

Q.58        Permanent magnets can be made from

Ans         Cobalt

Q.59       End of Slave Dynasty in India was in

Ans        1290

Q.60       Sultan Mehmood Ghori defeated Prithvi Raj in

Ans        1192 – 2nd battle of tarrain

Q.61       Slave dynasty founded 1st Islamic state in india in

Ans        1206 –Qutub-ud-Din Aibak

Q.62       Qutub-ud-Din Aibak died in 1210 during playing

Ans        polo

Q.63       Babar defeated Ibrahim lodhi in first battle of panipat in

Ans        1526- Mughal dynasty founded

Q.64       Din-e-Elahi founded by Akbar in

Ans        1582

Q.65       East India company was established in

Ans        1600

Q.66       Akbar died and accession of Jahangir took place in

Ans        1605

Q.67       Shalimar Garden was constructed by Shah Jahan in

Ans        1642- Lahore

Q.68       Taj mahal in Agra was constructed in

Ans        1647

Q.69       Shah Jahan died in

Ans        1666

Q.70       Death of Aurangzeb was in

Ans        1707

Q.71       Nadir Shah invaded india in

Ans        1739

Q.72       Sufaid Koh is passed by

Ans         Khyber pass

Q.73       Atmospheric pressure exerted on earth is due to

Ans        Gravitational pull

Q.74       Quality of fresh air required for a man is

Ans        1000 cubic feet of air for every 20 minute

Q.75       Heart of Adult human beings weighs about

Ans        300 grams

Q.76       Part of the body directly affected by Pneumonia is

Ans        Respiratory system

Q.77       Death of Babur and accession of Humayun was in

Ans        1530

Q.78       Sher Shah Suri defeated Humayun & became India’s Emperor in

Ans        1539

Q.79       Government of India Act was based on

Ans        Montague  Chelmsford Report

Q.80       Sher Shah Suri Died in

Ans        1545

Q.81       Humayun recaptured the throne of Delhi in

Ans        1555

Q.82       Quaid-e-Azam left congress in

Ans        1920

Q.83       In which act Muslim were given right of separate electorate

Ans        Indian Act of 1919

Q.84       Study of earthquakes is known as

Ans        Seismology

Q.85       Oncology is the study of

Ans        Cancer

Q.86       Shah Wali Ullah died in

Ans        1763

Q.87       Tipu Sultan died in 4th war of Mysore in

Ans        1799

Q.88       Fort William college was established at Kalkatta in

Ans        1800

Q.89       Sirat-e-Mustaqeem was written by

Ans        Syed Ahmed Shaheed – 1818

Q.90       Faraizi Movement started in Bengal in

Ans        1828

Q.91       Urdu declared as official language in

Ans        1832

Q.92       Entomology is study that deals with

Ans        insects

Q.93       Circulation of blood in the body was discovered by

Ans        William Harvey

Q.94       Who was the founder of antiseptic medicine

Ans        Joseph Lister

Q.95       Who built the first steam railway locomotive

Ans        Richard Trevithick

Q.96       Jet engine was invented by

Ans        Frank Whittle

Q.97       Detergents dissolved in water help in clearing clothes by

Ans        Reducing the surface tension of water

Q.98       The absorption of in by blotting paper involves

Ans        capillary action phenomenon

Q.99       A satellite moving round the earth with a  uniform speed has

Ans        uniform acceleration

Q.100    11th July is observed as

Ans        Population day

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