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General Knowledge MCQs are presented here in the form of exercises and each exercise contains 100 General Knowledge MCQs for PPSC test preparation MCQs and PPSC jobs test preparation.

PPSC Test Preparation MCQs Exercise 10


Q.1       Which is the  Biggest library in the world

Ans      Library of Congress

Q.2       Ocean which has the biggest commercial activity in world is

Ans      Atlantic Ocean

Q.3       Which is the most recent state to join the USA

Ans      Hawai

Q.4       Which is the rainiest spot in the world

Ans      Cherrapunji (India)

Q.5       Which province of Afghanistan is the highest opium producer

Ans      Helmand

Q.6       In which city biggest square Tiananmen is situated

Ans      Beijing – China

Q.7       Highest town Wenchuan is situated at the altitude of 5100 mtr

Ans      China

Q.8       MGM Grand hotel is largest hotel with 5005 rooms is in

Ans      State of Nevada USA

Q.9       Name the country with busiest airlines system

Ans      USA

Q.10     The oldest written language is

Ans      Chinese

Q.11     Which is the lowest town

Ans      The Israeli settlement of Ein Bokek

Q.12     Most immigration country is

Ans      USA

Q.13     Which country has most telephone subscribers

Ans      USA

Q.14     Country with largest natural gas reserves

Ans      Russia

Q.15     Most spoken language in the world is

Ans      Chinese

Q.16     Country with largest foreign exchange reserves

Ans      japan

Q.17     Largest automobile manufacturing center in the world is in

Ans      Detroit

Q.18     Largest postal network in the world is in

Ans      India

Q.19     The first railway line was laid in

Ans      England

Q.20     Largest man made canal in the world is

Ans      Panama canal

Q.21     Longest optical fiber cable of the world is landed between

Ans      London and new York

Q.22     Who produced the first automobile

Ans      Henry Furd

Q.23     World’s freest economy with lowest taxes

Ans      Hong kong

Q.24     World’s largest nuclear power station is situated in

Ans      Canada

Q.25     World’s largest uranium producer is

Ans      Canada

Q.26     World’s largest paper producer is

Ans      USA

Q.27     Lowest per capita income in South Asia is of

Ans      Nepal

Q.28     First country to impose ban on sale of all forms of tobacco

Ans      Singapore

Q.29     Largest artificial lake of world is in Arizona, USA

Ans      Lake Mead

Q.30     First Muslim Woman Judge in America

Ans      Charlene Mekled

Q.31     World’s first stock exchange market is

Ans      Hamburg

Q.32     World’s largest under sea railway tunnel is between

Ans      France and England

Q.33     Which country first gave women a right to vote in 1893

Ans      Newzealand

Q.34     Highest wicket taker in the Test cricket and ODI

Ans      Murali Dharan – Sri Lanka

Q.35     Largest animal in the world is

Ans      Blue whale

Q.36     Which country leads in the production of Zinc

Ans      Canada

Q.37     World’s largest producer of wool

Ans      Australia

Q.38     World’s largest irrigation canal is

Ans      Indira Gandhi Canal

Q.39     Largest producer of diamond in world is

Ans      Bostwana

Q.40     Largest railway station of the world is

Ans      Grand Central Terminal, New York

Q.41     Gibralter is known as

Ans      Smallest colony

Q.42     Which country has oldest anthem of world

Ans      Japan

Q.43     Which is the largest of animals

Ans      Blue whale

Q.44     Highest score made by Sri Lanka in one day cricket is

Ans      443 runs

Q.45     First Muslim woman who went to space by Russian Aircraft

Ans      Anousheh Ansari – 18th September 2006

Q.46     Country with the largest area in world

Ans      Russia

Q.47     Which river in the world carries maximum volume of water

Ans      Amazon

Q.48     Longest canal in the world is

Ans      Beloye More Baltic

Q.49     Which is the smallest country in the world

Ans      Vatican city

Q.50     Which is the world’s largest mountain range

Ans      Himalayas

Q.51     Largest producer of silk is

Ans      Japan

Q.52     Largest oil refinery is located at

Ans      Abadan- Iran

Q.53     Angel Falls the world’s highest water fall is in

Ans      Venezuela

Q.54     Deepest lake in the world is

Ans      Lake Baikal- Russia (Siberia)

Q.55     Area with the least sunshine is

Ans      South pole

Q.56     Area of Asian continent is

Ans      4,38,20,000 sq km

Q.57     Which is the deepest sea in the world

Ans      Caribbean

Q.58     Largest lake of the world is

Ans      Caspian sea

Q.59     Largest penininsula of the world is

Ans      Arabian peninsula 32,37,500 sq km

Q.60     River Nile falls in which sea

Ans      Baltic Sea

Q.61     Which is the most populous city in the world

Ans      Shanghai

Q.62     Which is the most densely populated city of the world

Ans      Manila

Q.63     Which is the least populous city of the world

Ans      Vatican

Q.64     Smallest republic is Nauru and its population is

Ans      10,000 persons (area 2129 hectares)

Q.65     Largest concrete dam of world is in USA its name is

Ans      Grand Coulee Dam

Q.66     Rohunsky Dam is the highest dam in the world located in

Ans      Tajikistan

Q.67     World’s oldest parliament is of

Ans      Iceland

Q.68     Largest airport of the world is

Ans      King Abdul Aziz International Airport

Q.69     Which is world’s busiest airport

Ans      Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Q.70     Airport located at the highest altitude is

Ans      Lhasa Airport 4363 meter height

Q.71     Which is the largest railway station in world

Ans      Grand Central Terminal – New York

Q.72     World’s highest railway station is

Ans      Condor Station Bolivia

Q.73     Which is the university with largest building in world

Ans      University of Riyadh

Q.74     The longest canal of the world is

Ans      Beloye More (in Baltic sea)

Q.75     Area wise the largest city of the world is

Ans      Kiruna – in Sweden – 8732 sq km

Q.76     Largest delta of the world is

Ans      Sundarbans

Q.77     Largest museum of the world is

Ans      British Museum

Q.78     Saltiest sea of the world is

Ans      Mediterranean sea

Q.79     Coldest place of the world is

Ans      Vostok – Antarctica

Q.80     Driest place of the world is

Ans      Death Valley (California)

Q.81     Smallest part of the matter discovered by scientists

Ans      Quark

Q.82     Longest platform of the world is

Ans      The Loop USA

Q.83     Longest rail tunnel of the world is

Ans      Saikan – Japan

Q.84     Longest road tunnel of the world is

Ans      St Gohtard(Sweden)

Q.85     Country with the oldest underground railway system is

Ans      England

Q.86     Fastest animal of the world is

Ans      Cheetah

Q.87     Animal which has longest life span

Ans      Tortoise

Q.88     Two rivers form the largest delta of world are

Ans      Ganges-Barhamputra

Q.89     Shortest river of the world is

Ans      Reo (Montana) 98 km

Q.90     Height of K-2 is

Ans      8611 meters

Q.91     Asia covers land area of world is

Ans      29.5%

Q.92     Which is the fastest bird

Ans      Indian Swift- speed 200 km

Q.93     Which metal has the highest electrical conductivity

Ans      Tungsten

Q.94     Lowest populous Muslim country is

Ans      Maldives (area wise also)

Q.95     Largest Muslim country area wise

Ans      Kazakhstan

Q.96     Largest Muslim country population wise

Ans      Indonesia

Q.97     Muslim country with highest per capita income

Ans      Kuwait

Q.98     Which is the smallest and fastest planet

Ans      Mercury

Q.99     The smallest bird is

Ans      Humming bird

Q.100   The largest insect is

Ans      Allas moth


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