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General Knowledge  PPSC Test Preparation MCQs

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General Knowledge MCQs are presented here in the form of exercises and each exercise contains 100 General Knowledge MCQs for PPSC test preparation MCQs and PPSC jobs test preparation

PPSC Test preparation MCQs Exercise 1

Q- 1     Muhammadan Education Conference was held in
Ans      1886
Q- 2     Urdu was declared national language of Pakistan on        
Ans     25th February 1948
Q- 3     Ibne Insha was born in                                          
Ans     1927
Q- 4     First census of Pakistan started on                       
Ans     9th February, 1951
Q- 5     Objective resolution adopted in Pakistan on                     
Ans     12th March,1949
Q- 6     The Arab conquered Sindh in                   
Ans     712 AD- Muhammad Bin Qasim
Q- 7     Al Beruni came to India alongwith
Ans     Mahmood of Ghazni
Q- 8     Who built the biggest network of canals in India was        
Ans     Firoz Shah Tughlaq
Q- 9     The official language of the Delhi sultanate was    
Ans     Persian
Q- 10   First president of Pakistan                        
Ans      Iskandar Mirza
Q- 11   The coin Rupia was first issued by                        
Ans     Sher Shah Suri
Q- 12  The Grand Trunk Road was built by                      
Ans     Sher Shah Suri
Q- 13  First of all Jehangir allowed British to open factory at       
Ans     Surat
Q- 14  Mujahideen Movement was started under the leadership of           
Ans     Syed Ahmad Shaheed
Q- 15  Syed Ahmad & Shah Ismail martyred in a war with Sikhs at          
Ans     Balakot-1831
Q- 16  Holy Quran was first translated in Persian by                    
Ans     Shah Wali Ullah
Q- 17  Founder of Faraizi Movement was             
Ans     Haji Shariat Ullah
Q- 18  Barometer used to measure                      
Ans     Atmospheric pressure
Q- 19  Isohyet used to measure                           
Ans     Rainfall
Q- 20  Largest river of Baluchistan is                   
Ans     Hingol
Q- 21  Deepest lake in world is                
Ans     Lake Baikal
Q- 22  Largest fresh water lake in world               
Ans     Superior lake USA
Q- 23  Ore of Iron is                                             
Ans     Haematite
Q- 24  Ore of Aluminum                                      
Ans     Bauxite
Q- 25  Leading producer of silver                        
Ans     Mexico
Q- 26  a Terabite represents about                      
Ans     1 trillion bytes
Q- 27  Old name of Karachi was                          
Ans     Kalachi
Q- 28  Area of Sindh is                                        
Ans     140914 sq km
Q- 29  Video display adapters that takes 1024×768 pixels are       
Ans     XGA
Q- 30  Size of standard floppy disk is                  
Ans     3 ½“
Q- 31  A bit can be                                               
Ans     1 or 0
Q- 32  Sohni Mahiwal was written by                   
Ans     Fazal Shah
Q- 33  Who wrote Sassi Punnu                            
Ans     hashim Shah
Q- 34  Who wrote Yousuf Zulekha                       
Ans     Hafiz Ghulam Rasul
Q- 35  National Museum is located in                  
Ans     karachi
Q- 36  Operating system involved by AT&T is                  
Ans     Unix
Q- 37  Analogue signal is measured in    
Ans     volts
Q- 38  Mahmood of Ghazni first invaded in subcontinent in        
Ans     1000
Q- 39  17th attack of Mahmood Ghaznvi on India was in   
Ans     1026
Q- 40  Somnat temple was destroyed by Mahmood Gaznvi in     
Ans     1026
Q- 41  Sultan Mahmood Ghazni died in   
Ans     1030
Q- 42  60% of world population is in        
Ans     Asia
Q- 43  Nautical mile is equal to                            
Ans     1852 meters
Q- 44  01 inch is equal to                                    
Ans     2.54 cm
Q- 45  Sir Syed was appointed the member of Imperial Council in          
Ans     1877
Q- 46   Sir Syed Established Scientific Society in Ghazipur in     
Ans      1864
Q- 47   Sir Syed set a MAO High School in Aligarh in       
Ans      1875
Q- 48   2000 years old forest in Pakistan is in       
Ans      Ziarat
Q- 49   Viceroy of India at the time of Jalianwala Massacre was    
Ans      Lord Chelmsfort
Q- 50   First movement launched in India was      
Ans      Swadeshi Movement
Q- 51   Blue Nile originates from  
Ans      Lake Tana Ethiopia
Q- 52   White Nile Originates from            
Ans      Lake Victoria
Q- 53   Blue and White Nile meet at          
Ans      Khartoum
Q- 54   Velocity of sound is measured by
Ans      Anemometer
Q- 55   ______ is used for the measurement of pressure   
Ans      Manometer
Q- 56   Pressure of gases is measured by the use of        
Ans      Barometer
Q- 57   Cotton Exchange Building is situated in   
Ans      Islamabad
Q- 58   Shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi is in         
Ans      Karachi
Q- 59   Balaji and French Beach is in        
Ans      Karachi
Q- 60   The unit of current is called          
Ans      Ampere
Q- 61   Electric current is measured by     
Ans      Ammeter
Q- 62   The specific gravity of liquid is measured by        
Ans      Hydrometer
Q- 63   Instrument used  to measure intensity of sound is
Ans      Audiometer
Q- 64   Air pressure is measured by         
Ans      Anemometer
Q- 65   One meter is equal to who many yards     
Ans      1.094 y
Q- 66   One mile is equal to how many kilometers
Ans      1.609 km
Q- 67   One kilometer is equal to how many meters          
Ans      1000 meters
Q- 68   Bhambore is  the new name of      
Ans      Daibal
Q- 69   Earth completes its rotation on its axis     
Ans      23 Hrs 56 min 4.9 seconds
Q- 70   Which place is called little Mecca  
Ans      Makli Hill (a graveyard in sindh)
Q- 71   Asia covers land of world  
Ans      29.5%
Q- 72   Hard disk is inaccessible when a computer virus corrupts
Ans      Partition table
Q- 73   The desert lies in Pakistan and India is     
Ans      Thar
Q- 74   DOS Cannot retrieve data from disk if virus corrupts its    
Ans      FAT – File allocation table
Q- 75   The interface between user and computer is         
Ans      programming
Q- 76   Beginner’s All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code is       
Ans      BASIC (Abbreviation)
Q- 77   1 byte consists of  
Ans      8 bits
Q- 78   Laser beam technology is used in
Ans      Optical disks
Q- 79   Common protocol used for Email is         
Ans      SMTP
Q- 80   1 nibble contains  
Ans      4 bits
Q- 81   Hyper text language is       
Ans      HTML
Q- 82   Shrine of Pir Mangho is located in            
Ans      Karachi
Q- 83   Old name of Hyderabad is
Ans      Neroon
Q- 84   Largest Fort in Pakistan is            
Ans      Rani Kot
Q- 85   The fastest type of computer memory is    
Ans      Cache
Q- 86   University of Sindh is located in   
Ans      Larkana
Q- 87   Kotri Barrage was built in  
Ans      1955
Q- 88   Sindh Agriculture University is in
Ans      Tando Jam
Q- 89   What is meant by Mohnjodaro       
Ans      Mount of Dead
Q- 90   Hottest place ins Sub continent is
Ans      Jacobabad
Q- 91   Roof of the world  
Ans      Pamir Plateau (Tibet)
Q- 92   Kalhari Deserts covers 9 lac sq km is in    
Ans      South Africa
Q- 93   Panama Canal Links         
Ans      North America with South America
Q- 94   Highest density of population per sq km is in       
Ans      Bangladesh
Q- 95   Smallest continent of world area wise       
Ans      Australia
Q- 96   Who invented the motorcycle        
Ans      G Dajmler of Cannstatt
Q- 97   Cell phone was invented by          
Ans      J Bradenberger
Q- 98   Aluminium leading country is       
Ans      USA
Q- 99   Which continent is without glaciers          
Ans      Africa
Q- 100 Most predominant gas in the Sun is          
Ans      Hydrogen

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