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General Knowledge MCQs are presented here in the form of exercises and each exercise contains 100 General Knowledge MCQs for PPSC test preparation MCQs and PPSC jobs test preparation

PPSC Test preparation MCQs exercise 2


Q.1         Largest amount in the earth’s crust is

Ans         silicon

Q.2          World’s famous and finest harbour

Ans         Sydney

Q.3          Largest river of Asia is

Ans         Yangtze (China)

Q.4          Length of Suez Canal

Ans         192 km

Q.5           Temperature of dead body is

Ans         Temperature of that place

Q.6           A cataract is disease of

Ans         Eye

Q.7           Siachin glacier is present in (72.5 km)

Ans         Baltistan – 2nd highest in world

Q.8           Which lake is near Thatha (sindh)

Ans         Keenjhar

Q.9           Total surface area of earth is

Ans         510 million sq km

Q.10         Gateway to the Pacific is

Ans         Panama Canal

Q.11         Kangerh was the old name of

Ans         Jacobabad

Q.12         Sea without a coastline

Ans         Sargasso sea

Q.13         Who is the author of Shah Jo Risalu

Ans         Shah Abdul Latif

Q.14         Hala is popular for

Ans         Wood work

Q.15         Dance of Sindh is called

Ans         Malakhra

Q.16       Total area of Baluchistan is

Ans         347056 sq km

Q.17        Quetta was devastated by earthquake  in

Ans         31st May, 1935 – 35000 people killed

Q.18        Hanna Lake is in

Ans         Baluchistan

Q.19        What kind of trees are found in ziarat

Ans         Juniper

Q.20        New York is situated on the bank of River

Ans         Hudson

Q.21        Biggest producer of mercury in world is

Ans         Italy

Q.22        Black forest is name of mountain in

Ans         Germany

Q.23        Coconut production leading country

Ans         Indonesia

Q.24        Hamun Mashkale lake is in province of

Ans         Balochistan

Q.25        Manchar lake is found in (fresh water lake)

Ans         Dadu District

Q.26        Largest lake of Pakistan is

Ans         Manchar lake

Q.27        Continent Asia produces rice about world’s

Ans         90%

Q.28        Hamun Maskhale is lake in Baluchistan plateau

Ans         Salt water lake

Q.29        Largest manmade lake of Pakistan is

Ans         Keenjhar lake

Q.30        Largest supplier of meat country is

Ans         Argentina

Q.31        Red river is in

Ans         USA

Q.32        Natural bridge is in

Ans         Virginia USA

Q.33        Fujiyama in Japan is

Ans         Volcano mountain

Q.34        World’s highest lake is

Ans         Lake Titicaca, south America

Q.35        Gulf of line is present in

Ans         France

Q.36        A light year is equal to

Ans         9.46 trillion Kilometers

Q.37        Suez canal was constructed in

Ans         1869

Q.38        The Pass which connects Singh Plain with Quetta is

Ans         Bolan Pass

Q.39        The pass which connects Bolan with Malakand is

Ans         Gomal pass

Q.40        Longest river in Sub continent is

Ans         Barhamputra

Q.41        Indus River rises from

Ans         Tibet

Q.42        Where all rivers of Punjab enter into Indus

Ans         Kot Mithan

Q.43        Harrappa city is situated o the bank of

Ans         River Ravi

Q.44        Churchil water fall is in

Ans         Canada

Q.45        There are ____ districts in Balochistan

Ans         30

Q.46        There are ____ districts in KPK

Ans         25

Q.47        There are ____ districts in Punjab

Ans         36

Q.48        There are ____ districts in Pakistan and AJK including Capital

Ans         132

Q.49        There are ____ districts in Sindh

Ans         23

Q.50        There are ____ districts in AJK

Ans         10

Q.51        There are ____ districts in Gilgit Baltistan

Ans         7

Q.52        Alexnder the Great arrived in Taxila in

Ans         326 BC

Q.53        Shrine of Khawaja Ghulam Fareed is in

Ans         Mithankot (1815-1901)

Q.54        Sassi was born in

Ans         Bhatta wahan

Q.55        Devil Tower in USA is

Ans         Volcano

Q.56        Largest volcano crator in world is

Ans         Toba (Indonesia)

Q.57        Highest Plateau in the world is

Ans         Pamir Plateau Tibet

Q.58        Hanna lake is near

Ans         Quetta

Q.59        Quaid-e-Azam residency was built in

Ans         1882 by Rober Sandeman

Q.60        Muslim Bagh is famous for

Ans         Chromite

Q.61        Who invented the hydrogen bomb

Ans         Samuel Cohen

Q.62        Who was the inventor of Jet Engine

Ans         Frank whittle

Q.63        Mercury thermometer was invented by

Ans         Galileo

Q.64        Which pass connects Qila Abdullah with Chaman

Ans         Khojak Pass

Q.65        Pak-Iran border was demarcated in

Ans         24th September 1872

Q.66        Lake Saif ul Malook is located in

Ans         Kaghan

Q.67        First oil well was drilled in 1859 in

Ans         USA

Q.68        Bodpola is highest mountain pass in

Ans         Tibet (China)  19412 ft

Q.69        Shortest river of the world

Ans         Roe

Q.70        Alexandria and Port Saad are in

Ans         Egypt

Q.71        Dickenson is seaport of

Ans         Malaysia

Q.72        Diameter of earth is

Ans         12756 km

Q.73        No. of rivers in Blaochistan is

Ans         7

Q.74        Noor Mahal is located in

Ans         Bahawalpur

Q.75        Akbar built Lahore Fort in

Ans         1560

Q.76        Aurangzeb built Badshahi Mosque in

Ans         1674

Q.77        No. of rivers in Sindh province

Ans         4

Q.78        No. of rivers in Punjab province

Ans         5

Q.79        No. of Rivers in Khyber Pakhtunkwa

Ans         8

Q.80        How many rivers flow in Pakistan

Ans         24

Q.81        Indus river ends in

Ans         Arabian Sea

Q.82        Burma separated from India in

Ans         1937

Q.83        Khyber pass connects Peshwar with Kabul is

Ans         56 km long

Q.84        Which river crosses equator twice

Ans         Congo

Q.85        Longest glacier in world is Lambert Glacier in

Ans         Antarctica 320 miles

Q.86        Most polluted lake in the world is

Ans         Lake Erie

Q.87        Gomal pass is near

Ans         Zhob Valley

Q.88        Gota canal is a ship canal in

Ans         Sweden

Q.89        Erie Canal is 363 miles long in

Ans         USA

Q.90        Persian gulf is located in

Ans         Arabian sea

Q.91        Bay of Biscay is situated between

Ans         Northern Spain and Western France

Q.92        Hudson Bay is situated in

Ans         Northern Canada

Q.93        Largest Gulf of the World is

Ans         Gulf of Mexico

Q.94        Largest Bay of the World is

Ans         Hudson Bay (Canada)

Q.95        Lord Curzon is best known for

Ans         Partition of Bengal in 1905

Q.96        Sindh Sagar doab is located between Jhelum and

Ans         Indus

Q.97        Wular lake controls the flow of river

Ans         Jhelum

Q.98        River ravi originates from

Ans         Hamachel Pradesh

Q.99        Length of Jhelum River is

Ans         725 km

Q.100      Moplah rebellion of 1921 took place in

Ans         Malabar


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