PPSC Test Preparation Computer MCQs

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Computer MCQs  exercise designed for test preparation MCQs and PPSC jobs test preparation.

Q.No.1 Junk Email is also called?

Ans. Spam

Q.No.2 Vertical line spacing in a document is called?

Ans. Line spacing

Q. No.3 ROM memory is a static and?

Ans.    Non-Volatile (data remained store on it even when light is off)

Q. No.4   DMA stands for?

Ans.     Direct Memory Access

Q. No.5  John Napier developed Logarithm in?

Ans.    1614

Q. No.6  First Generation computer was?


Q.No.6  DOS stands for?

Ans.  Disk Operating System

Q. No.7 Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner and card reader are?

Ans.  Input devices

Q. NO.7 Screen, Speaker and printer are?

Ans. Output devices

Q No.8 CPU (Central processing unit) is called?

Ans.   Brain of computer

Q. No. 9 RAM stands for?

Ans. Random Access Memory

Q. No. 10  01 Byte is equal to?

Ans.  8 Bits

Q. No.11 BIOS stands for?

Ans. Basic Input Output System

Q. No12. Which key is used to close or cancel a dialogue box and drop down list?

Ans. Esc

Q. No.13   Which key is used to run the selected program or command?

Ans. Enter

Q.No.14  F12 is used to?

Ans.  Open Save As Box

Q. No.15. RAM is a?

Ans. Volatile (Data is removed when powered off)

Q. No. 16. ROM is also called?

Ans. Programmed Chip

Q.No. 17 Arithmetic and logical operations are called?

Ans. Processing

Q. No. 18. RAM is a type of?

Ans.  Primary Memory

Q. No.19 Magnetic Disks type of?

Ans. Secondary Memory

Q. No.20 Right Click of mouse is used to?

Ans. Access properties of a file or object

Q. No.21. Transferring of files from the internet to a computer is called?
Ans. Downloading

Q. No. POST stand for?

Ans. Power on Self Test (boot process when a computer powered on)

Q. No.22 MB stands for Megabyte and KB Stands for?

Ans. Kilobyte

Q. NO. 23. Maximum numbers of rows can be created in MS Excel 2016

Ans. 1048576

Q. No. 24 PPTX and PPT are

Ans. File extension of MS Powerpoint

Q.No.25 To apply subscript short key ________ is used?

Ans. Ctrl+Shift+=

Q. No26. Where is slide sorter can be found in MS Power Point?

Ans. View Tab

Q. No.27 In Powerpoint slide show can be played by pressing?

Ans. F5 key

Q. No. 28 In MS Word Ctrl+H is used to?

Ans. Open Find and Replace menu

Q. NO. 29. IN MS Word thesaurus is used to check?

Ans Synonyms

Q. No. 30. In power point single page is?

Ans. Slide

Q. No.31. In MS Word new paragraph can be started by pressing?

Ans. Enter Key

Q. No.32 In MS Word header and footer are printed on?

Ans All pages

Q. No.33 Maximum font size can be applied manually in MS Word is?

Ans. 1638

Q. No. 34 Maximum number of columns can be inserted in MS Word are?

Ans. 63

Q.No. 35 In MS Word header and footer are clearly visible in?

Ans Print layout view

Q No. 36 In MS Word spelling and grammar can be checked by pressing?

Ans F7 key

Q. No. 37 Latest file extension for MS Access is?


Q No. 38 In MS Word tool used to replace the selected word with its synonym of is called?

Ans. Thesaurus

Q No. 39 Ktrl M is used in Powerpoint to insert?

Ans. New slide

Q. No. 40 In MS Office F4 is used to?

Ans. Close active document

Q. No. 41 Maximum number of columns can be added in MS Excel Sheet?

Ans. 16384

Q.No. 42. Which key is used to save a document in MS Office?

Ans. Ctrl+S