PPSC Past Paper Inspector ACE

PPSC Past Paper Inspector ACE

PPSC Past Paper Inspector ACE and model papers.  Prepare yourself for PPSC or PMS objective exam and other exams

PPSC Past Paper Inspector exams

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PPSC Past Paper Inspector ACE
Inspector ACE 2020

1. Which of the following is not a MS Power Point View?
a. Slide View

b. Slide Show View

C. Orientation View

d. Presentation View

2. Chose the correct antonym: Ruthless?
a. Brutal

b. Compassionate

C. Ferocious

d. Cold Blooded

3. DIET is the parliament of which country?
a. Malaysia

b. Japan

C. Indonesia

d. Thailand

4. Which document was firstly drafted to give pace to constitution making process?
a. Pakistan Act

b. Independence Act

C. Representative Act

d. Objective Resolution

5. Imam Malik R.A Died in?
a. 179 AH

b. 180 AH

C. 189 AH

d. None of these

6. Which of the following protects our body against disease?
a. White Blood cells

b. Red Blood Cells

C. Platelets

d. None of these

7. During Jehangir’s Regin Sir Thomas Roe and Captain Hawkin visited Mughal Court to secure?
a. Religious privileges

b local prodigious

c. Social Privileges

d Commercial privileges

8. Choose the correct meaning of Torque?
a. Turban

b. Jest

c. Turkish Sash

d. A force that tends to cause rotation

9. Name of the Prophet who was contemporary of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S?
a. Harat Luut AS

b. Hazrat Hood

c. Hazrat Idrees

d. Hazrat Ishaaq

10. Who was the first Civilian Chief Martial Law Administrator in Pakistan?
a. Zulfriqar Ali Bhutto

b. Skindar Mirza

c. Ghulam Muhammad

d. Ayub Khan

11. During migration from Makkah to Madina, the Holy Prophet PBUH and Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique
took shelter in the?
a. Cave of Hira

b. Dar-e-Arqam

c. Cave of Thawr

d. Holy Kaaba

12. What is the speed of a car that travels 700 KM in 3 hours and 30 minutes?
a. 150 km/h

b. 175 km/h

c. 185 km/h

d. 200 km/h

13. What is the Pakistan’s biggest export?
a. Textiles

b. handmade carpets

c. Leather and Leather products

d. Sports Goods

14. Who was the penultimate viceroy of India?
a. Lord Irwin

b. Lord Curzon

c. Lord Wavell

d. None of these

15. In MS Word 2016, to extend a selection to one line up, press _________ keys from Keyboard
a. Alt+Up Arrow

b. Ctrl+UP Arrow

c. Shift+UP Arrow

d. Alt+Shift+UP Arrow

16. Banaras Institute was the first practical step taken against.
a Urdu

b. Bengali

c. Persian

d. English
17. Which of the following is the starting point of the website?
a. Bookmark

b. Javascript

c. Home Page

d. Index

18.     888 + 0.8 x 8 =?
a. 8880

b. .8007

c. 8800

d. 88.80

19. The massive floods of July/ August 2010 covered ——— land of Pakistan.
a. Half

b. one third

c. one fifth

d. two third

20. Nagomo Karabakh region is recognized as part of?
a Georgia

b. Turkey

c. Azerbaijan

d. Iran

21. ________ of North America is currently named as Denali Peak
a. Mount Meckinly

b. Mount Sanford

c. Mount Vancouver

d. Mount Fair-weather

22. Scotograph is an instrument for?
a. Aiding the blind to write

b. Testing the heartbeat

c. Magnifying small objects

d. None of these

23. How many different documents can be opened at one time?
a. Not more than three
b. only one

c. As many as your computer memory will hold

d. As many asyour taskbar can display

24. Hayat-e- Javed was written by?
A Allama Iqbal

b Altaf Hussain Hali

c. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

d. Muhammad Ali Johar

25. Which of the following countries is not member of OPEC?
A Angola

b. Gabon

C. Malaysia

d. Algeria

26. The Number 329 is divided by?
A 11

b. 9

c. 8

d. 7

27. To solve the problem of Sir Creek, which proposal has Pakistan gave to India, and India has rejected?

A Both the countries should go for another arbitration
b. Both the countries should go for international arbitration
c. Both the countries should share creek equally
d. Non of these

28. Gen. Joseph Dunford belongs to?
A UK Army

b. France Army

c. Italy army

d. US Army

29. Antonym of Gullible is?
A Astute

b credulous

c Trustful

d Naïve

30. Sky News TV channel is of?
A Canada

b. USA

c. UAE

d. UK

31. LED stands for?
A Low Emission Diode

b Light Emitting Diode

c. Low energy Device

d. Laser Energy Display

32. PRODA (Public Representative Office Disqualification Act)was passed on?
A Jan 1949

b. Jan 1959

c. Jan 1959

d. Jan 1960

33. The cost of paint is Rs. 36.50 per kg, if one kg paint covers 16 square feet, how much will it cost to
paint outside of a cube having each side of 8 feet?
A Rs. 850

b 860

c. 876

d. 886

34. Provincial Autonomy was enhanced under which amendment?
A 12th   

b 13th 

 c 18th 

 d 14th

35. Poonch River is tributary of?
A Indus

b Jhelum

c Ravi

d Chenab

36. The murder of Archduke Ferdinand, the heir to Australian throne, became the immediate cause of
which war?
A World War-I

b Battle of Borodino

c Battle of Jutland

d World War-II

37. Shukhov Tower is located in?
A Russia

b. France

c Iraq

d Iran

38. In the field of computer what is BASIC?
A A programming language

b A software

c Software coding

d A basic course in computers

39. Indicate the indirect form. Saleem said, “I do not eat mangoes”.
A Saleem said, he did not eat mangoes
B Saleem said that he did not eat mangoes.
C Saleem said that he does not eat mangoes
D Saleem exclaimed that he does not eat mangoes.

40. It is high time to do something means?
A Already late

b Appropriate time

c desired occasion

d Auspicious moment.

41. In the human body, gall bladder is the part of the _____ system.
A Nervous

b Reproductive

c Digestive

d Respiratory

42. On the call of Hijarat in 1920, to which country Muslims started migration?
A Iran

b Afghanistan

c Burma

d none of these

43. Which enables us to send the same letter to different persons?
A Macros

b Template

c Mail merge

d none of these

44. If b=1 then b3/b2 =?
A 3

b 2

c 1

d 0

45. Ghazwa Tabook was fought against?
A Jews

b Romans

c Persians

d none of these

46. Deficiency of iron in human body causes?
A Goitre

b Scurvy

c Anemia

d Rickets

47. The circumference of circle whose diameter is 7 inches is approximately?
A 22 inches

b 28 inches

c 38 inches

d 154 inches

48. Fill in the blank “ He knocked ____ two bottles of milk in ten minutes.
A Down 

b About

c against

d up

49. In which park Minar-e-Pakistan is located?
A Greater Jinnah Park

b Greater Iqbal park

c Greater Gulshan Park

d Greater Shalimar garden

50. Synonym of Luminary is
A Celebrity

b Glowing

c Shining

d Pleb

51. One kilometer is equal to how many miles?
A 0.85

b 0.5

c 0.62

d 1.6

52. The first Chief Minister of Punjab after independence was?
A Mian Iftikhar ud Din
B Sardar Abdul Rab Nishtar
C Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot
D Mumtaz Muhamma Khan Daultana

53. A book “Thoughts on Pakistan” written by
A Stephen Kohen

b Khalid Bin Saeed

c Dr Ishtiaq Hussain

d B.R Ambedkar

54. 17th MENA (Middle east and North Africa) world economic forum held in which country?
A Sri Lanka

b Jordan

c Saudi Arabia

d Iran

55. Astore District is located in which area?
A Baluchistan


c Gilgit

d Sindh

56. Who is father of local self government in India?
A Bal Gangadhar Tilak

b Sardar Patel

c Lord Ripon

d Nagaruna

57. Which is the only districts bordering all four provinces of Pakistan?
A Loralai

b DG Khan

c DI Khan

d Naseerabad

58. Source of air pollution include
A Vehicular emission

b oil refineries and factories

c volcanic eruptions

d all of the above

59. The year of Imam Abu Hanifa’s birth is
A 696 AD

b 692 AD

c 698 AD

d 699 AD

60. In MS Word, “Delete” key deletes letters from the _____ side of cursor.
A Right

b Up

c Down

d Left

61. Pakistan has the shortest boundary with?
A India

b Afghanistan

c Iran

d China

62. If one of the angle of triangle is 90 degrees, what would be the value of other two angles?
A 60 & 30 degree

b 50 &40 degree

c 70&20 degree

d 45 & 45 degree

63. Which prophet is known as Zun-Nun?
A Hazrat Younas AS

b Hazrat Shoaib AS

c Hazrat Zulkhifl

d none of these

64. What was the old name of Lahore high court?
A Supreme court of Punjab

b Chief court of Punjab

c State court of Punjab

d none of these

65. Change the narration: The dying soldier said, “let me have a look at the battlefield”.

A The dying soldier suggested that he may have a look at the battlefield.
B The dying soldier requested to look at the battlefield
C The dying solider wished to have a look at the battlefield.
D The dying soldier wished that he had a look at the battlefield

66. Which command can be set to prohibit or allow a cell entry?
A background error checking

b Data validation

c Go to Special

d Evaluate formula

67. Sajji is a dish originating from which province of Pakistan?
A Sindh


c Baluchistan

d Punjab

68. Which party started “Quit India Movement”?
A Muslim League

b Majlis e Ahrar

c Congress

d Khaksar Tehreek

69. Which king tore the letter of Holy Prophet PBUH?
A Khusrow Pervaiz

b Moqooqas

c Heraqal

d Najashi

70. When was the title “Viceroy” was introduced in Birtish India?
A 1848

b 1856

c 1857

d 1858

71. Which amendment in the 1973 constitution redefined the territories comprising Pakistan?
A First

b Second

c Third

d fourth

72. Which is the most famous sport of Gilgit Baltistan?
A Cricket

b Wrestling

c Polo

d Football

73. If the amount of 15% of sales tax paid on an article comes to Rs. 1500 what is the actual price of the
A 1000

b 1500

c 10,000

d 15,500

74. War of Independence of India was started in?
A 1847

b 1853

c 1858

d 1857

75. If Amir is in the north of Bilal and Saeed is in west of Bilal, in which direction is amir with respect to
A West south

b west north

c North east

d North

76. Name the first written constitution of the world?
A Treaty of Hudaybia

b Mesaaq e Madina

c Khutba e Hijjatul wida

d None of these

77. Viana is a city located on the bank of river
A Danube

b Seine

c Rhine

d Elbe

78. Find the marked price of a uniform shirt if it is sold for Rs. 1311 after discount of 5%?
A 1380

b 1520

c 1320

d 1460

79. Complete the proverb “ keep your friends close and your enemies”
A Close

b Closer

c Away

d Apart

80. Among the following who won the noble prize twice?
A Sir C V Raman

b Dr M Younas Khan

c Dr. Linus Carl Pauling

d Nelson Mandela

81. The thinning of ozone layer is resulting due to chlorofluorocarbons which are used in
A Electric heaters and washing machines
B Spray cans and refrigerators
C cigarette lighters and air conditioners
D none of these

82. The process of transferring files from the internet to your computer is called
A Downloading

b Uploading

c Forwarding


83. Under the Indus water treaty the use of which rivers was allocated to Pakistan
A Indus, Jhelum, Sutlej
B Jhelum, Chenab, Beas
C Indus Jhelum Ravi
D Indus Jhelum and Chenab

84. Through a much shorter route through CPEC, China will be able to trade with south Asia, Middle
East, West Asia and
A North Africa

b Japan

c Taiwan

d North Korea

85. Which one is a famous city of Iran?
A Istanbul

b Izmir

c Mashhad

d Milan

86. Drought is one word substation of
A. lack of rain 

b A Shooting game

c Run away from war

d Outdated syrup

87. Software in computer
A Enhances the capabilities of the hardware machine
B Increases the speed of Central Processing Unit
C Both A and B
D None of these

88. Where Alfalah Building is situated?
A Rawalpindi

b Islamabad

c Lahore

d Faisalabad

89. Manchar lake is situated in

b Punjab

c Sindh

d Baluchistan

90. Earth is slightly flattened at the poles and so its shape is described as
A Pentagon

b Asteroid

c Diamond

d Geoid

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ppsc past papers inspector ace
PPSC Past Paper Inspector ACE

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