Past Paper ASI ACE

PPSC Past Paper ASI ACE 2020

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PPSC Past Papers ASI ACE

MCQs 1 to 100-PPSC Past Paper ASI ACE

1.      Synonym of Odour is

a.      Taste

b.      Smell

c.       Colour

d.      Texture

2.      During high temperature in summer it is recommended to drink plenty of water to avoid.

a.      Dysentary

b.      Food poison

c.       Dehydration

d.      Hepatitis

3.      The mean proportional of 4 and 16 is

a.      +8

b.      +16

c.       +9

d.      None of these

4.      The inner core of an optical fiber is ______ in composition

a.      Glass of plastic

b.      Copper

c.       Bimetallic

d.      Liquid

5.      Which Saudi King came to Pakistan in 1974?

a.      King Abdul Aziz

b.      King Faisal

c.       King Abdullah

d.      King Fahad

6.      Hoover, one of the most beautiful dam is located in

a.      Canada

b.      England

c.       USA

d.      France

7.      The process by which a substance absorbs moisture upon exposure to atmosphere is called

a.      Deliquescence

b.      Efflorescence

c.       Dehydrogenation

d.      Desalination

8.      In March 1920, Gandhi started

a.      Non cooperation movement

b.      General processions

c.       Strikes

d.      Revolt

9.      Six tenths is the same as

a.      60

b.      0.6

c.       6.0

d.      0.06

10.  Buenos Aires is city of

a.      Argentina

b.      Brazil

c.       Chile

d.      USA

11.  The commandment of “Qadhaf punishment” was given in

a.      2AH

b.      4AH

c.       3AH

d.      5AH

12.  The British government announced the annulment of partition of Bengal after ___ years

a.      5

b.      6

c.       9

d.      11

13.  If all the members of team are juniors or seniors, and if the ration of junior to senior is 3:5, what percent of team members are senior?

a.      37.5%

b.      40%

c.       60%

d.      62.5%

14.  What is defined out by the hand out master?

a.      Layout of handout

b.      Layout of slide

c.       Layout of design

d.      Layout of template

15.  Which is the odd number in the following numbers?

a.      27

b.      100

c.       125

d.      343

16.  Which surah is known as Aroos ul Quran?

a.      Al-Rehman

b.      Al-Alaq

c.       Al-Baqra

d.      Al-Asr

17.  Name the women after Hazrat Khadija who embraced Islam?

a.      Umme Aiman

b.      Lubaba Bint Haris

c.       Buraida Alsami

d.      Hazrat Samiya

18.  The Cabinet Mission 1946 consists of _____ Members?

a.      2

b.      3

c.       4

d.      5

19.  Who was the last Governor General of Pakistan?

a.      M.A Jinnah

b.      Khawaja Nazimuddin

c.       Ghulam Muhammad

d.      Iskandar Mirza

20.  Who was the founder of the Microsoft corporation?

a.      Steve Jobs

b.      Paul G Allen

c.       Bill Gates

d.      Both B&C

21.  Change the narration the officer said to the peon, “If you do not do your duty well, I will dismiss you”.

a.      The officer told the peon that if he did not do his duty well, he would dismiss him.

b.      The officer threatened to dismiss the peon if he did not do his duty well

c.       The officer suggested to the peon that if he did not do his duty well, he would be dismissed.

d.      The officer told the peon that he would be dismissed if he failed to do his duty well.

22.  In MS Excel, the file your create or edit is called?

a.      A Form

b.      A ledger

c.       A table

d.      A workbook

23.  What is the name of the Hadith, which is according to Holy Quran and reason?

a.      Hadith Sahih

b.      Hadith Qauli

c.       Hadith Mashoor

d.      Hadith Mauzoo

24.  National anthem of Pakistan was broadcasted on Radio first time on?

a.      12th May 1949

b.      13th April 1950

c.       13th August 1954

d.      10 October 1955

25.  In MS Windows 7, which of the following is not a gadget?

a.      Recycle Bin

b.      Weather

c.       Date and Time

d.      News

26.  NASA is an organization dealing with space activities of USA What does NASA Stand for?

a.      National Aeronautics and Space Administration

b.      North Atlantic space agency

c.       North American Space Agency

d.      North America Space Authority

27.  In MS Word 2016, short cut key to open Font Display Box is

a.      Ctrl+F

b.      Alt+F

c.       Alt+D

d.      Ctrl+D

28.  Chose the correct sentence that best represents the reported speech, “They said, we take exercise every day”.

a.      They said that we take exercise every day

b.      They said that the take exercise every day

c.       They had said that the take exercise every day

d.      They said that they took exercise every day.

29.  The Khunjerab Pass links Pakistan with?

a.      China

b.      Afghanistan

c.       India

d.      Iran

30.  Jamshed Marker distinguished himself in the field of

a.      Civil service

b.      Teaching

c.       Diplomacy

d.      Fiction writing

31.  What is the old name of Makkah?

a.      Waadi

b.      Yasrab

c.       Bakkah

d.      None of these

32.  Carbon scheme was introduced under the?

a.      UN Convention on climate change

b.      UN Convention on Bio diversity

c.       Kyoto protocol

d.      Ramses convention

33.  The Urdu-Hindi controversy started in?

a.      1857

b.      1867

c.       1877

d.      1885

34.  Chichan Itza is situated in?

a.      USA

b.      Canada

c.       Mexico

d.      UK

35.  The total distance from house to school is 39 km. Abid covered a distance of 13 km. what percentage of the whole distance has he covered?

a.      31%

b.      29%

c.       33.33%

d.      None of these

36.  Which ex-president of Egypt passed away in 2020?

a.      Husn Mubarak

b.      Hafiz Al Asad

c.       Anwar Sadaat

d.      Habib Bourakiba

37.  Who established federal security force?

a.      Ayoub Khan

b.      Yahya Khan

c.       Nawaz Sharif

d.      Z.A Bhutto

38.  To stop a slide show in MS Power Point which of the following option is correct?

a.      Press F2

b.      Press Ctrl

c.       Press Esc

d.      Pres F5

39.  Who gave a proposal to form a new political party for the Muslims of India?

a.      Nawab Mohsinul Mulk

b.      Nawab Waqar ul Mulk

c.       Nawab Saleem Ullah Khan

d.      Nawab Bahadar yar Jang

40.  Fill in the blank. He gave his wife a _____ of flowers on her birthday.

a.      Bundle

b.      Pack

c.       Bouquet

d.      Group

41.  Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Israel share

a.      Arabian Sea

b.      Caspian sea

c.       Red Sea

d.      Mediterranean sea

42.  A Sindhiology department has been established in the University of?

a.      Jamshoro

b.      Karachi

c.       Hyderabad

d.      Quaid-e-Azam

43.  In MS Powerpoint, on mouse click option can be used by_____

a.      Insert> on mouse click

b.      Format > on mouse click

c.       Transition > on mouse click

d.      Review> on mouse click

44.  Fill in the blank. _________ to London on train yesterday?

a.      Did Mary went

b.      Did Mary go

c.       Mary go

d.      Mary goes

45.  When the stock market is rising it is called?

a.      Bearish

b.      Bullish

c.       Hot

d.      Rising up

46.  The Command and staff college of Pakistan army is located in?

a.      Rawalpindi

b.      Islamabad

c.       Nowshera

d.      Quetta

47.  World food day is observed on?

a.      15th October

b.      16 October

c.       17 October

d.      14 October

48.  Atta shad and Isha Shamim are notable poets of

a.      Balochi

b.      Sindhi

c.       Pushto

d.      Punjabi

49.  Which country was invaded twice by Germany in 20th Century and itself brutally colonized Congo?

a.      Belgium

b.      Poland

c.       France

d.      UK

50.  The famous Adam’s Peak is located in?

a.      Syria

b.      Turkey

c.       Malaysia

d.      Sri Lanka

51.  18th July has officially been declared by UN as

a.      World Aids day

b.      Nelson Mandela day

c.       International Day of Peace

d.      International Anti Corruption day

52.  Which of the following medicines administered to diabetic patients?

a.      Pencillin

b.      Insulin

c.       Sulpha drugs

d.      None of these

53.  423 is divisible by

a.      21

b.      47

c.       17

d.      43

54.  Which from the following is true for sound?

a.      Sound cannot travel through a vacuum

b.      Sound cannot travel through gases

c.       Sound cannot travel through liquids

d.      Sound cannot travel through solids

55.  In which ocean Bermuda Triangle located?

a.      Pacific ocean

b.      Atlantic ocean

c.       Indian ocean

d.      Antarctic ocean

56.  Chose the correct synonyms of “Conspicuous”

a.      Discernible

b.      Concealed

c.       Unclear

d.      Obscure

57.  The territorial claim over the Island of Abu Musa is disputed between

a.      Iraq and Iran

b.      Iran and UAE

c.       Iran and Oman

d.      Kuwait and Iraq

58.  The planet nearest to the Sun is

a.      Jupiter

b.      Saturn

c.       Mercury

d.      Earth

59.  Complete the number of series, 6,3,12,6, 24

a.      12

b.      18

c.       30

d.      40

60.  Nazare is a beach of

a.      Portugal

b.      Egypt

c.       Morocco

d.      Libya

61.  What is literal Meaning of Hajar Aswad?

a.      White stone

b.      Green stone

c.       Red stone

d.      Black stone

62.  Which is deepest lake in world?

a.      Titicaka

b.      Victoria

c.       Baikal

d.      Superior

63.  You would have soon my garden at its best if you _______ here last week

a.      Be

b.      Were

c.       Had been

d.      Should be

64.  Synonym of Cataclysm is

a.      Tranquility

b.      Catastrophe

c.       Pungent

d.      Trash

65.  In MS 2016 which of the following key is used to use Paste Special?

a.      Ctrl+Alt+V

b.      Ctrl+V

c.       Ctrl+Tab+V

d.      Alt+V

66.  ______ is considered the largest glacier of Pakistan

a.      Siachin glacier

b.      Tirch Mir glacier

c.       Biafo glacier

d.      Hispar glacier

67.  Name the code name for US seals operation in Abbotabad in which Osama Bin laden was killed

a.      Geronimo

b.      Lion heart

c.       Enduring Freedom

d.      Neptue spear

68.  ALU is component of processor which consists of

a.      AU (Arithmetic Unit)

b.      LU (Logic Unit)

c.       Both a & b

d.      None of these

69.  Find the relationship similar to errors: Inexperience

a.      Skill: Mistakes

b.      Training: economy

c.       News: Publication

d.      Losses: carelessness

70.   Jawah Lal Nehru was ______ of Motilal Nehru

a.      Brother

b.      Son

c.       Father

d.      Cousin

71.  Which of the following Mughal ruler banned music in his regime?

a.      Akbar

b.      Jehangir

c.       Shah Jehan

d.      Aurangzeb

72.  Name the minister of Education of Punjab

a.      Dr. Murad Raas

b.      Khawaja Salman Rafiq

c.       Raja Ashfaq Sarwar

d.      None of these

73.  NATO stands for?

a.      North Atlantic Treaty Organization

b.      Non-aligned treaty organization

c.       Non-Aligned trading organization

d.      North American Transport organization

74.  Under Nationalization policy of Bhutto?

a.      Only management was nationalized

b.      Only finance were controlled

c.       Ownership of  the industry controlled by the government

d.      All these were controlled

75.  What is the duration of a day at the North and south poles?

a.      3 Months

b.      6 months

c.       9 months

d.      12 months

76.  Jinnah became permanent president of All India Muslim league

a.      1913

b.      1924

c.       1934

d.      None of these

77.  Ukka Dhul Majaz Doumat al Jun have historical importance of being?

a.      Trade centers

b.      Battlefields

c.       Play grounds

d.      Horse riding course

78.  For ordered pair (2,4):

a.      2 abscissa and 4 ordinate

b.      2 is ordinate and 4 is abscissa

c.       2 and 4 both are abscissa

d.      2 and 4 both are ordinate

79.  Synonym of Haggard

a.      Healthy

b.      Flabby

c.       Unknown

d.      Exhausted

80.  A is two years older than B who is twice as of C, if the sum of the ages of A, B and C is 27 how old is B?

a.      9

b.      10

c.       11

d.      12

81.  How many awards of Nishan-e-Haider awarded in war of 1971?

a.      3

b.      5 (4 soldiers 1 pilot)

c.       4

d.      1

82.  Vaccination was discovered by

a.      Galelio

b.      Edward Jenner

c.       Baird

d.      Roentgen

83.  Which is the capital city of Italy

a.      Milan

b.      Venice

c.       Turin

d.      Rome

84.  A cyclist covers a distance of 750 meters in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. What is his speed in KM/h?

a.      16km/h

b.      17km/h

c.       18km/h

d.      19km/h

85.  End of war of independence 1857 officially declared on?

a.       August 1958

b.      Sep 1958

c.       Oct 1958

d.      Nov. 1958

86.  Secretary General of Commonwealth is?

a.      Patricia Scotland

b.      Philip Hammond

c.       Chris Johnson

d.      None of these

87.  The ring of the Holy Prophet was made by?

a.      Saad bin Abi Waqas R.A

b.      Abu Ayub Ansar R.A

c.       Yaala bin Ummaya R.A

d.      Uthman bin Affan R.A

88.  ______ independent Sates are in Africa

a.      50

b.      60

c.       54

d.      None of these

89.  ______ is the biggest library in the world

a.      British Library UK

b.      Lenin Library Russia

c.       King Abdul Aziz Library Riyadh

d.      Library of Congress USA

90.  Pakistan shares shortest border with

a.      Afghanistan

b.      India

c.       Iran

d.      China

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