Story of Jack Ma Biography

Success Story of Jack Ma and Biography


Real name and Family of Jack Ma

Real name of Jack Ma is Ma Yun and he was born in Hangzhou (city), Zhejian, province, China on 10th September, 1964.

His Father Name is Ma Laifa

Mother name is Cui Wencai

He married in 1988 with Cathy Zhang.

Jack Ma and Cathy Zang have three children

Net Worth of Jack Ma

It is estimated that Ma’s net worth is about US$ 48 billion and he is the 2nd richest person of China .

Ma Yun as Jack Ma

His real name was difficult for the English tourists to pronounce his real, therefore he become famous as Jack Ma. He is co-founder of Ali Baba group, online shopping websites and Alibaba is known as Amazon of China. ( launched by Jeff Bezos)

What Jack Ma made Successful.

He never let failure to get on his nerves.  His consistency and focus on his ambitions as well as his hard work made him a successful billionaire in the world. He changed the trend of internet by introducing online marketing and eCommerce websites in China. 

Jack Ma was interested in learning of English Language at his early age. To achieve this goal, he served as a tourist guide for the foreign tourists to Hangzhou. He attempted for the Hangzhou Teachers College twice but failed due to his weakness in mathematics. In 1984, in his third attempt he succeeded to get bachelor’s degree in English in the year 1988.  He taught English from 1988-1993 at the Hangzhou Institute of Electronics & Engineering which later attain the status of Hangzhou Dianzi University. In 1994, for English Translation and interpretation, he founded his first company “the Haibo Translation Agency“.

Jack Ma’s Visit to USA and Idea of Ecommerce

In 1995, he visited United States of America representing Hangzhou City Government. During his visit to United States of America, he saw internet first time in his life and observed that no Chinese websites are available for business opportunities. When he returned from USA, he founded China Pages for creation of websites to provide business opportunities in China. After two years, he left the company. He served (1998-99) as a head of an internet company in Beijing which was backed by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation.

Jack Ma founded Alibaba Group

He felt that being in government, he would not be unable to cash the economic opportunities that internet bringing in coming days. Jack Ma alongwith his team left the ministry and went back to Hangzhou and found the Alibaba Group. This group launched a website to provide services to deal in small businesses. In  2005, Alibaba attracted the US Internet portal “Yahoo”  which bought 40% stake.  In 2007, his China based website raised 1.7 billion US Dollars in its initial public offering (IPO) in Hong Kong.

Ma brought revolution in China and founded other Ecommerce sites

Jack Ma established a new company “Taobao” online marketplace.  At that time, US Based company eBay and China based company EachNet were operating in collaboration with 80% market share. Ma changed the policies and started earning money from online advertising as well as providing services to the users. Taobao attained 67% market share by 2007. In 2011 Taobao divided into following three companies:
  1. Taobao Marketplace: This platform was used to buy and sell goods.
  2. Taobao Mall: It provided services for online shopping.
  3. eTao: A search engine for shopping and trading.

In September 2018, Ma stepped down as chairman of Alibaba group while he still remained member of board.

story of Jack Ma Biography