Pakistan Study for PPSC Test Preparation MCQs4

Pakistan Study for PPSC Test Preparation MCQs for the posts of lecturers, tehsildar and naib tehsildar and others


Q 1.        Under which constitution bicameral legislature was proposed?

Ans        1973

Q 2.        What is the source of Indus River?

Ans        Mansoorowar Lake-Gilgit

Q 3.        Which pass connects Pakistan with China?

Ans        Tochi Pass

Q 4.        What is other name of Sindh Sagar Doab?

Ans        Thal Desert

Q 5.        Which is the highest peak of Sulaiman Range?

Ans        Takht-e-Sulaiman

Q 6.        Where Hispar Glaciers locates?

Ans        Hunza

Q 7.        In which Province Gomal River flows?

Ans        KPK

Q 8.        What is meaning of word Quetta?

Ans        Fort

Q 9.        Mohabat Khan was General of Jehangir, to whom Mohabat Khan arrested?

Ans        Jehangir and Noor Jehan

Q 10.     Who was the Chief Architect of Taj Mahal, Agra?

Ans        Ustad Isa

Q 11.     When Cabinet Mission scheme was presented before Quad-i-Azam?

Ans        April 1946

Q 12.     Muslim League was founded under whose leadership?

Ans        Nawab Saleem Ullah Khan

Q 13.     Who built Rohtas Fort near Jhelum?

Ans        Sher Shah Suri

Q 14.     Objective Resolution was passed by Constituent Assembly on?

Ans        12th March, 1949

Q 15.     Was was father of Shah Wali Ullah?

Ans        Shah Abdul Rahim

Q 16.     Who founded Madrissa-e-Rahimia?

Ans        Shah Abdul Rahim

Q 17.     Who was renowned commander of Muhammad Ghouri and later founded Slave Dynasty?

Ans        Qutb-ud-Din Aibak

Q 18.     What was the real name of Ghyas-ud-Din Tughlaq?

Ans        Ghazi Malik

Q 19.     I will tear it or burn it or throw it away but never accept it, which leader stated these words in respect of Government of India Act 1935?

Ans        Gandhi

Q 20.     Who founded Syed Dynasty?

Ans        Khizar Khan

Q 21.     Who launched Reshmi Romal movement in 1905?

Ans        Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar

Q 22.     Which is the birth place of Humayun?

Ans        Kabul

Q 23.     Muhammad Ghauri conquered Sindh in which year?

Ans        1182

Q 24.     What was real name of Noor Jehan?

Ans        Mehr-un-Nisa


Q 25.     What is the length of Silk Route?

Ans        965 KM

Q 26.     Which is the largest Dam of Pakistan?

Ans        Tarbela Dam -Abbotabad

Q 27.     Which is the Highest Dam of Pakistan?

Ans        Mangla Dam- Azad Jammu Kashmir

Q 28.     Who prepared master plan of Islamabad in 1960?

Ans        MIS Constructions Doxiades-Greek

Q 29.     Hazrat Ali Hajvery (Data Ganj Bukhash) belongs to which order?

Ans        Suharwardia order

Q 30.     In which year system of Basic Democracy was introduced in Pakistan?

Ans        1959-Ayub

Q 31.     Which was the capital of Lower Sindh in the reign of Mughals?

Ans        Thatha

Q 32.     Who wrote book “Mission with Mountbatten”?

Ans        Camblell Johnson

Q 33.     When Shariat Court was established first in Pakistan?

Ans        25th June, 1980

Q 34.     Where Bande matram was composed?

Ans        In Bengal

Q 35.     Where is Akbar’s Tomb?

Ans        Sikandra

Q 36.     Who was Razia Sultana?

Ans        Daughter of Iltmush

Q 37.     What was the name of wife of Raja Dahir?

Ans        Rani Bai- She committed suicide

Q 38.     Wardha Scheme was launched in sub-continent was for?

Ans        Education

Q 39.     Who wrote “Verdict on India”?

Ans        Beverlay Nickolas

Q 40.     Who declared Fateh Pur Sikri as a Capital?

Ans        Akbar

Q 41.     Who hanged chain of justice for provision of quick justice to the masses?

Ans        Jehangir

Q 42.     Muhammad Bin Qasim returned back on the order of?

Ans        Walid Bin Abdul Malik

Q 43.     Anjuman-e-Himayat-e-Islam was established in?

Ans        1884

Q 44.     Paksitan, Iran and Turkey established RCD in?

Ans        1964

Q 45.     Who wrote “My Life” a fragment?

Ans        Muhammad Ali Jauhar

Q 46.     When Yahya Khan became Chief Martial Law Administrator?

Ans        25th March, 1969

Q 47.     Sir Syed Ahmed Khan with whom visited England for education reforms in sub-continent?

Ans        His Son- Syed Mahmud

Q 48.     When Defense Council was founded?

Ans        1st April, 1948

Q 49.     Who was the first president of Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Islam?

Ans        Shabbir Ahmad Usmani

Q 50.     Institution of Federal Ombudsman was established on?

Ans        13th January, 1983

Q 51.     First Constituent Assembly of Pakistan was dissolved on?

Ans        24th October, 1954