Pakistan Study for PPSC Test Preparation MCQs3

Pakistan Study for PPSC Test Preparation

Pakistan Study for PPSC Test Preparation Exercise 3

Q 1.        In which year Mahatma Gandi returned to India?

Ans        1915

Q 2.        Ch. Rehmat Ali studied in Trinity College of _________?

Ans        Cambridge

Q 3.        Who was president of Muslim League in 1932?

Ans        Aziz Ahmad

Q 4.        Where Bande Matram was composed?

Ans        In Bengal

Q 5.        Who founded Faraizi Movement?

Ans        Haji Shariat Ullah

Q 6.        When Sir Syed Ahmad Khan retired from service?

Ans        1876

Q 7.        Who wrote Political System of Pakistan?

Ans        Khalid Bin Saeed

Q 8.        Who was the author of famous book Two Nation Theory?

Ans        Shafiq Ali Khan

Q 9.       Who founded Islamia College Peshawar?

Ans        Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum

Q 10.     Under which Act Indian High Courts were established?

Ans        Act 1861

Q 11.     What is the color of Marble of Taj Mahal?

Ans        White

Q 12.     Who was Todar Mal?

Ans        Revenue Minister of Akbar

Q 13.     Who was ruler of india when Changez Khan came to india?

Ans        Iltumish

Q 14.     Who presented Lahore Resolution?

Ans        Fazal-ul-Haq

Q 15.     Qutb-ud-Din died while he was playing _________?

Ans        Polo

Q 16.     In which year SAARC Conference held?

Ans        1985

Q 17.     How many Radio Stations there in Pakistan?

Ans        27

Q 18.     How many International Airports in Pakistan?

Ans        06

Q 19.     Which pass connects Pakistan with China?

Ans        Tochi Pass

Q 20.     What is forest area of Pakistan in total area?

Ans        4.8%


Q 21.     What is printed on currency note Rs.5000 ?


Ans        Faisal Mosque

Q 22.     Khyber Pass is printed on which currency note of Pakistan?

Ans        10 Rs.

Q 23.     Ziarat-Quaid’s Residency is printed on which currency note of Pakistan?

Ans        Rs.100

Q 24.     Where is Headquarter of Air Force of Pakistan?

Ans        Chaklala

Q 25.     Where is headquarter of Pakistan Navy?

Ans        Islamabad

Q 26.     Where is headquarter of Pakistan Army?

Ans        Rawalpindi

Q 27.     Which is the largest radio station of Pakistan?

Ans        Islamabad

Q 28.     Where Tarbela Dam is built?

Ans        Abbotabad

Q 29.     National Flag of Pakistan was adopted on____________?

Ans        11th August, 1947

Q 30.     Jasmine was adopted as national flower of Pakistan on?

Ans        5th July, 1961

Q 31.     What is the national drink of Pakistan?

Ans        Cane Juice

Q 32.     Rivers Jehlum and Chenab flow from where?

Ans        Kashmir

Q 33.     Which is the highest peak of Hindu Kush Range?

Ans        Tirch Mir

Q 34.     What is length of border between Pakistan and India?

Ans        1610 KM

Q 35.     What is length of border between Pakistan and Iran

Ans        805 KM

Q 36.     What is length of border between Pakistan and China?

Ans        595 KM

Q 37.     What is length of border between Pakistan and Afghanistan

Ans        2052 KM

Q 38.     On which river Warsak dam is built?

Ans        kabul River

Q 39.     Barrages on River Indus are _________?

Ans        Toonsa, Jinnah, Sukkur, Gudu, Kotri and Ghulam Muhammad barrage

Q 40.     Number of Provincial Assembly seats of Punjab are?

Ans        371

Q 41.     Number of Provincial Assembly seats of Sindh are?

Ans        168

Q 42.     Number of Provincial Assembly seats of KPK are?

Ans        124

Q 43.     Number of Provincial Assembly seats of Baluchistan are?

Ans        65

Q 44.     Number of National Assembly seats of Pakistan are?

Ans        342

Q 45.     Number of Senate seats of Pakistan are?

Ans        100- (14 seats from each province)

Q 46.     What is total mountainous area of Pakistan?

Ans        61%

Q 47.     In which year India formed its constitution?

Ans        1950

Q 48.     In which year Jamrood Fort at Peshawar was built by General Hari Singh?

Ans        1836

Q 49.     What was the old name of Peshawar?

Ans        Pushkalvati

Q 50.     What is height of K2?

Ans        8611 meters

Q 51.     Which is the coldest place in Pakistan?

Ans        Skardu

Q 52.     When ceasefire line came into existence?

Ans        1949

Q 53.     which province is called Bab ul Islam?

Ans        Sindh

Q 54.     Number of Divisions in the province of Sindh are ______?

Ans        5

Q 55.     Number of districts in the province of Sindh are ______?

Ans        22

Q 56.     Which city of Pakistan is known as little Manchester?

Ans        Faisalabad

Q 57.    What is the total length of Pakistan Coastline?

Ans        1046 km

Q 58.     Battle of Plassey was fought between Bengali rulers and East India Company in?

Ans        1757

Q 59.     Pani pat is near which city?

Ans        Delhi

Q 60.     How many battles were fought at Pani Pat?

Ans        3

Q 61.     Who wrote Akbar Nama (history of Akbar’s period)?

Ans        Abul Fazal

Q 62.     Who defeated and killed Prithvi Raj in 1192 AD at Thanesar?

Ans        Muhammad Ghauri

Q 63.     Who defeated Jaipal near Peshawar in 1001?

Ans        Mahmud Ghaznvi

Q 64.     After which battle British Rule established in Bengal?

Ans        Battle of Plassey

Q 65.     Presidential form of Constitution was imposed in Pakistan on?

Ans        1st March, 1962

Q 66.     Which Pass connects Chitral with Wakhan – Afghanistan?

Ans        Khankum Pass

Q 67.     Which Pass connects Chitral with Gilgit?

Ans        Shandur Pass

Q 68.     Which Pass connects Gilgit with Yarkhand – China?

Ans        Muztag Pass

Q 69.     Which Pass connects Gilgit with China?

Ans        Kulk Pass

Q 70.     NADRA was established in Pakistan on?

Ans        16th February, 2000

Q 71.     Where is Tomb of Babar?

Ans        Kabul

Q 72.     National Assembly of Pakistan has ________ number of Woman seats?

Ans        60

Q 73.     When Social Action Plan was launched in Pakistan?

Ans        1992-93

Q 74.     Where is Tomb of Humayun?

Ans        Delhi

Q 75.     Name of Pakistan was proposed by Ch. Rehmat Ali in NOW OR NEVER Pamphlet published from London on?

Ans        28th January, 1933

Q 76.     Ch. Rehmat Ali was born in a village Mohar of District Hoshyarpur in?

Ans        1893

Q 77.     Ch. Rehmat Ali was died in _________ and buried in Cambridge University?

Ans        1951 (Age 58)

Q 78.     Where is Pakistan’s oldest archeology site?

Ans        near Larkana

Q 79.     Who wrote Fatawa-e-Jehangir at book on state craft?

Ans        Zia-ud-Din Barani

Q 80.     Fuwaid ul Faud was written by?

Ans        Zia-ud-Din Barani

Q 81.     Who erected Peacock throne?

Ans        Shahjehan

Q 82.     Who was supreme commander of rebellion armies in war of Independence 1857?

Ans        Bahadur Shah II

Q 83.     Syed Ahmed Shaheed captured Peshwawar in?

Ans        1830

Q 84.     Where is Moti Masjid situated?

Ans        Agra

Q 85.     When Punjab was given the status of Province?

Ans        1st April, 1970

Q 86.     Who was prime minister of India at the time of Tashkent Declaration?

Ans        Lal Bahadur Shahstari

Q 87.     Maulana Zafar Ali Khan was editor of which newspaper?

Ans        Zamindar

Q 88.     Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar was editor of which newspapers?

Ans        Comrade

Q 89.     What was old name of Pakpattan?

Ans        Ajudhan

Q 90.     Akbar was born at?

Ans        Umar Kot

Q 91.     Who wrote Safina-tul-Auliya?

Ans        Dara Shikoh

Q 92.     What was the real name of Nawab Muhson-ul-Malik?

Ans        Mehdi Ali Khan

Q 93.     What was the real name of Nawab Viqar-ul-Malik?

Ans        Mushtaq Hussain

Q 94.     Mumtaz Mahal gave birth to how many children?

Ans        14

Q 95.     What was real name of Maulana Azad?

Ans        Abul Kalam Azad

Q 96.     Who published Hamdard?

Ans        Muhammad Al Jauhar

Q 97.     Who was Indian Viceroy during  World War-II?

Ans        Lord Linlithgow

Q 98.     When Liaqat Ali Visited America?

Ans        May, 1950

Q 99.     Who wrote Myth of Independence?

Ans        Z.A Bhutto

Q 100.   Who was the author of My Brother?

Ans        Fatima Jinnah

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