Pakistan Study for PPSC Test Preparation MCQs2

Pakistan Study for PPSC Test Preparation

Pakistan Study for PPSC Test Preparation exercise 2

Pakistan study for PPSC Test preparation for the posts of lecturers and tehsildars, naib tehsildars etc

Q 1.        Which is the oldest cantonment of Pakistan?

Ans        Kohat

Q 2.        What is the height of Tarbela Dam?

Ans        500 Feet

Q 3.        When Sukkur Barrage was completed?

Ans        1932

Q 4.        Where is Khanpur dam?

Ans        near Islamabad

Q 5.        Which is the largest Hospital in Pakistan?

Ans        Nishter Hospital Multan

Q 6.        Hazrat Baba Farid Ganj Shakar was died in?

Ans        1265 at Pakpattan

Q 7.        Where is tomb of Anarkali?

Ans        Lahore – inside Civil Secretariat

Q 8.        Which mountain is called Killer Mountain?

Ans        Nanga Parbat

Q 9.        Where is kalakot fort situated?

Ans        Thatha

Q 10.     Ranjit Singh Sold Kashmir for what price?

Ans        75 Lakh

Q 11.     Kotri Barrage was built in?

Ans       1955

Q 12      Where is French Beach located?

Ans        Karachi

Q 13.     What is Keti Bundar?

Ans        Coastal area

Q 14.     Who was the father of Raja Dahir?

Ans        Chak

Q 15.     When Chashma Barrage was built on River Indus?

Ans        1971

Q 16.     When Warsak dam was built on River Kabul?

Ans        1960

Q 17.     Which place is main source of Gypsum in Pakistan?

Ans        Khewara

Q 18.     Sandak is famous for what?

Ans        Silver, Copper and Gold

Q 19.     Where is Attock oil refinery situated?

Ans        Rawalpindi

Q 20.     Akbar defeated Durgavati, ruler of Gondwana in?

Ans        1564

Q 21.     Who was the foster mother of Akbar?

Ans        Maham Anga

Q 22.     Who wrote Humayun Nama?

Ans        Gulbadan Begum – sister of Humayun

Q 23.     Bang-e-Dara was published in?

Ans        1924

Q 24.     Allama Iqbal was elected as Member of Punjab Legislative Assembly  in______?

Ans        1926

Q 25.     Who built Buland Darwaza at Feth Pur Sikiri?

Ans        Akbar

Q 26.     Who founded Lodhi Dyanasty?

Ans        Bahlol Lodhi

Q 27.     Who wrote famous manuscript Shikasta and Nastaliq?

Ans        Aurangzeb

Q 28.     Who wrote Divide and Quit?

Ans        Penderel Moon

Q 29.     Under whose caliphate Muhammad Bin Qasim conquered Sindh and Multan ?

Ans        Walid Bin Abdul Malik

Q 30.     Bagdad pact was signed in which year?

Ans        1955

Q 31.     When Home Rule League was founded?

Ans        1916

Q 32.     Who founded Central Muhammadan Association?

Ans        Syed Amir Ali

Q 33.     Who compiled Asrar-us-Sandeeed?

Ans        Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

Q 34.     Who founded Muhammadan Literary Society of Calcutta?

Ans        Syed Amir Ali

Q 35.     When Indus Water Basin Treaty was signed?

Ans        19th September, 1960

Q 36.     Where Alai Darwaza is situated?

Ans        Delhi

Q 37.     When Pir pur Committee was formed and who was head of this committee?

Ans        1937- Raja Muhammad Mehdi  of Pir pur

Q 38.     In which year 8th amendment was made in the constitution of 1973?

Ans        1985

Q 39.     Who built Hiran Minar at Sheikhupura?

Ans        Jehangir

Q 40.     Where is the tomb of Qutb-ud-Din Aibak?

Ans        Lahore

Q 41.     Who many times Quaid-e-Azam visited KPK the then NWFP?

Ans        twice

Q 42.     Where is Quaid-e-Azam Medical College established?

Ans        Bahawalpur

Q 43.     Which is the national tree of Pakistan?

Ans        Deodar

Q 44.     Which the national bird of Pakistan?

Ans        Chakor

Q 45.     National flower of Pakistan is ______?

Ans        Jasmine

Q 46.     Which is the largest port of Pakistan?

Ans        Port Qasim

Q 47.     Which is the smallest Port of Pakistan?

Ans        Gawadar

Q 48.     Which is the national animal of Pakistan?

Ans        Markhor

Q 49.     Where is Pakistan’s Railway Factory established?

Ans        Risalpur

Q 50.     What is the national emblem of Pakistan?

Ans        Crescent

Q 51.     Bait ul Maal was established in which year?

Ans        1992

Q 52.     On what river Khanpur dam is established?

Ans        River Haro

Q 53.     In which province of Paksitan Tanda dam is established?

Ans        Baluchistan

Q 54.     In which year Tarbela dam was completed?

Ans        1969

Q 55.      What is the length of Indus River?

Ans        2900 KM

Q 56.      How many barrages are built on River Indus?

Ans        08

Q 57.     Rashid Minhas was martyred in which year?

Ans        August, 1971

Q 58.     On which River Mangla dam is constructed?

Ans        Jhelum River

Q 59.     what is the old name of Supreme Court?

Ans        Federal Court

Q 60.     Who many rivers flow in the Province of Baluchistan?

Ans        7

Q 61.     Mast Tawakkal was poet of which region?

Ans        Baluchi

Q 62.     Who built Bala Hassan Fort at Peshawar?

Ans        Babar

Q 63.     Population wise largest province of Pakistan is?

Ans        Punjab

Q 64.     Population wise 2nd largest province of Pakistan is?

Ans        Sindh

Q 65.     Population wise 3rd largest province of Pakistan is?

Ans        KPK

Q 66.     Population wise 4th largest province of Pakistan is?

Ans        Baluchistan

Q 67.     Guddu Barrage was completed in which year?

Ans        1932

Q 68.     What was the real name of Hazrat Laal Shahbaz Qalandar?

Ans        Usman Marvandi

Q 69.     Number of Articles in 1973 constitution are?

Ans        290

Q 70.     Pakistan’s first Agriculture University was established at?

Ans        Faisalabad

Q 71.     Nishtar Hospital Multan was established in?

Ans        1953- Largest hospital

Q 72.     Nanga parbat is situated in which range?

Ans        Himalya

Q 73.     What is total arable land of Pakistan?

Ans        27%

Q 74.     Where is Cholistan Desert situated?

Ans        Bahawalpur District

Q 75.     Where is SOS Vilalge built?

Ans        Faisalabad

Q 76.     Which year was celebrated as Quaid’s year in Pakistan?

Ans        2001

Q 77.     Which is the major Kharif Crop of Pakistan?

Ans        Wheat

Q 78.     When first census was took place in sub-continent?

Ans        1901

Q 79.     Who founded Suharwardi Silsila in Pakistan?

Ans        Shah Rukn-e-Alam

Q 80.     Where Sassi was born?

Ans        Bhatta wahan

Q 81.     What is meant by Word Korakoram?

Ans        Crumbling Rock

Q 82.     Who built Jamia Masjid Thatha?

Ans        Shah Jehan

Q 83.     Which Pass connects Gilgit with Chitra?

Ans        Khyber Pass

Q 84.     What is called land between two rivers?

Ans        Doaba

Q 85.     In which year British Communal Award was announced?

Ans        1932

Q 86.     Climate wise Pakistan can be divided into who many regions?

Ans        4

Q 87.     Where is National Arid and Land Development Research Institute?

Ans        Islamabad

Q 88.     Where is Arid Zone Research center of PARC is located?

Ans        Quetta

Q 89.     Which is the biggest coalfield of Pakistan?


Ans        Thar coal field

Q 90.     When was Shalimar garden was built by Shah Jehan?

Ans        1642

Q 91.     Ayub park is largest park of Pakistan covers an area of _________?

Ans        2300 Acres

Q 92.     What is the share of Sui in producing of natural gas in Pakistan?

Ans        43%

Q 93.     Kishanganga dam is being built by India in ?

Ans         Baramula

Q 94.     India built Baghliar dam in district Doda of?

Ans        Held Kashmir

Q 95.     Wakhan is a narrow strip of land separates Pakistan from _________?

Ans        Afghanistan

Q 96.     When Dyarchi was introduced in sub-continent?

Ans        Government of India Act 1919

Q 97.     Who was the last Governor General of Pakistan?

Ans        Iskandar Mirza

Q 98.     What is meant by Zill-e-Elahi?

Ans        Shadow of Allah

Q 99.     Subkatgin Ruled Ghazni from 977 to _______?

Ans        997

Q 100.   Who was Behzad?

Ans        Famous Persian Painter

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