Pakistan Study for PPSC Test Preparation MCQs1

Pakistan Study for PPSC Test Preparation

Exercise 1

Pakistan Study for PPSC Test Preparation.


Q 1.          Muhammad Bin Qasim conquered sindh in?

Ans           712

Q 2.          Mangol Changez Khan invaded Punjab in

Ans           1221

Q 3.          What was the real name of Sher Shah Suri

Ans           Farid Khan

Q 4.          Sher Shah Suri born in?

Ans           Multan

Q 5.          Rule of Mughal Dynasty was formed in subcontinent in?

Ans           1525

Q 6.          Who built the Rohtas Fort?

Ans           Sher Shah Suri

Q 7.          Nadir Shah (Persian I nvaded subcontinent in?

Ans           1739

Q 8.          All India Muslim League was formed in?

Ans           1906

Q 9.          When Quaid-e-Azam left Indian National Congress?

Ans           1913

Q 2.            First Prime Minister of Pakistan Liaqat Ali Khan was assassinated on?

Ans           16th October, 1951

Q 3.            Who Assassinated Liaqat Ali Khan

Ans           Syed Akbar

Q 4.           Who composed National Anthem of Pakistan

Ans           Ahmad G Chagla

Q 5.           When the National Anthem of Pakistan was approved by government?

Ans           1954

Q 6.           Who wrote National Anthem of Pakistan

Ans           Hafeez Jalandhari

Q 7.           Resolution in favour of Bengali and Urdu as National language was passed in

Ans           1954

Q 8.           Ayub Khan declared Martial Law on?

Ans           27th October, 1958

Q 9.           Ayub Khan Quits on?

Ans           25th March, 1969

Q 10.         Who was the 2nd President of Pakistan

Ans           Ayub Khan

Q 11.        Who was the first elected president of Pakistan?

Ans           Ayub Khan – 1960

Q 12.        Islamabad was declared as the Principal seat of Government of Pakistan on?

Ans           1st August, 1960

Q 13.        Fatima Jinnah lost the Presidential elections to Ayub Khan on?

Ans           2nd January, 1964

Q 14.        Yahya Khan resigned as President of Pakistan in?

Ans           1971

Q 15.        Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto became president of Pakistan on

Ans           20th December 1971 to 13th August 1973

Q 16.        Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto become Prime Minister of Pkistan on?

Ans           1973

Q 17.        General Zia ul Haq imposed Martial law on?

Ans           5th July 1977

Q 18.        When Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was hanged?

Ans           4th April, 1979

Q 19.        Hudood Ordinace was encated by Zia ul Haq in?

Ans           1979

Q 20.        After general election Muhammad Khan Junejo become Prime Minister in?

Ans           1985

Q 21.        Ojri camp incident took place in

Ans           1988- 100 died

Q 22.        Zia ul Haq’s plane crash on?

Ans           17th August, 1988

Q 23.        Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Pashtun leader died at Peshawar in?

Ans           1988

Q 24.        Benazir government was dismissed by President Ghulam Ishaq Khan in?

Ans           1990

Q 25.        Nazwaz Sharif’s first tenure was ended as resign in?

Ans           1993

Q 26.        President Farooq Leghari dismissed Benazir government’s 2nd tenure in?

Ans           1996

Q 27.        Nawaz Sharif becomes Prime Minister of Pakistan 2nd time in with heavy mandate?

Ans           1997

Q 28.        Pakistan become nuclear power by testing nuclear devices on?

Ans           28th May, 1998

Q 29.        Nawaz Government was ended by General Pervaiz Musharraf on?

Ans           12th October, 1999

Q 30.        What is the old name of Jacobabad?

Ans           Khangarh

Q 31.        What is meant by word Peshawar?

Ans           City of Flowers

Q 32.        When was Simla Pact was signed?

Ans           3rd July, 1972

Q 33.        Geneva Pact was signed on?

Ans           14th April, 1988

Q 34.        What is the length of Silk Route?

Ans           965 KM

Q 35.        What is the other name of Silk Route?

Ans           Korakoram Route

Q 36.        Which pass connects Pakistan with China?

Ans           Tochi pass

Q 37.        Which pass connects Quetta with Afghanistan?

Ans           Bolan Pass

Q 38.        Taxila is in the province of Punjab and_______ ?

Ans           KPK

Q 39.        On which river Mangla Dam is built?

Ans           River Jhelum

Q 40.        What is the time length of National Anthem of Pakistan?

Ans           1 minute and 20 second (80 seconds)

Q 41.        How many instruments are used to sing National Anthem of Pakistan?

Ans           38

Q 42.        Where is Broad Peak situated?

Ans           Korakoram Range

Q 43.        Where is oldest mosque in Pakistan?

Ans           Bhambor

Q 44.        Cotton, Rice, Sugacane, Maize, Bajra and Juar are crops of which season?

Ans           Kharif

Q 45.        Wheat, Gram, Barley and Tobacco are crops of which season?

Ans           Rabi (March – October)

Q 46.        Baluchistan comprises _______ area of Pakistan?

Ans           43%

Q 47.        How many rivers flow in Baluchistan?

Ans           07

Q 48.        Who was the first poet of Pushto?

Ans           Amir Karor

Q 49.        Where is lake Saif-ul-Malook situated?

Ans           Near Naran

Q 50.        Dara Adam is famous for what?

Ans           Gun Factory

Q 51.        Most precious gemstone Emerald is found in?

Ans           Swat

Q 52.        When Swat was annexed to Pakistan?

Ans           1969

Q 53.        Desert of Thar is situated in?

Ans           Sindh

Q 54.        Deserts of Thal and Cholistan are in the province of?

Ans           Punjab

Q 55.        Ghauri Missile was test fired by Pakistan on?

Ans           6th April, 1998

Q 56.        Where is Tomb of Jehangir?

Ans           Lahore

Q 57.        Where is Tomb of Humayun?

Ans           Delhi

Q 58.        Firdousi who wrote Shah Nama was member of which emperor’s court?

Ans           Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi

Q 59.        Where is the Tomb of Hazrat Baba Farid?

Ans           Pakpattan Sharif

Q 60.        Where is Hispar Glacier located?

Ans           Hunza

Q 61.        Umar Kot Fort was built in?

Ans           1746

Q 62.        Quaid’s year was celebrated in Pakistan in?

Ans           2001

Q 63.        First of all Holy Quran was translated in which language?

Ans           Sindhi

Q 64.        Where is Qutab Minar located?

Ans           Delhi

Q 65.        Who wrote Sassi Punnu?

Ans           Hashim Shah

Q 66.        Length of Pak-Iran Border is____?

Ans           805 KM

Q 67.        What is the length of Duran Line (Pak-Afthan Border)

Ans           2240 KM

Q 68.        Which Chinese Province is adjoining Pakistan?

Ans           Sinkiang

Q 69.        Jinnah Barrage is built on which River?

Ans           Indus

Q 70.        Where is Noor Mahal located?

Ans           Bahawalpur

Q 71.        What is the old name of GT Road?

Ans           Imperial Highway

Q 72.        Korakoram Highway passes through how many ranges?

Ans           3

Q 73.        How Many Divisions are in Punjab?

Ans           09

Q 74.        Which is the latest division of Punjab?

Ans           Sahiwal

Q 75.        Which District separated from Lahore and annexed to Sahiwal Division?

Ans           Okara

Q 76.        Which District separated from Multan Division and annexed to Sahiwal Division?

Ans           Pakpattan

Q 77.        How many districts are in Sahiwal Division?

Ans           03

Q 78.        What was the status of Sahiwal before declaring it as Division?

Ans           District of Multan Division

Q 79.        Which Pass connects Gilgit with Chitral?

Ans           Khyber Pass

Q 80.        Which is the biggest coalfield of Pakistan?

Ans           Thar coalfield

Q 81.        Where is Siachin Glacier located?

Ans           Near Astor

Q 82.        Where heaven and earth meet?

Ans           Punial

Q 83.        Which company sets up Pakistan’s first TV Channel?

Ans           NEC

Q 84.        At the time of Partition, who many Radio stations were working?

Ans           03

Q 85.        What is the new name of Debal?

Ans           Bhambore

Q 86.        When Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhash came to Lahore?

Ans           1039 AD

Q 87.        From Where Data Ganj Bakhash came to Lahore?

Ans           Ghazni

Q 88.        Who built shalimar Garden in Lahore?

Ans           Shahjahan

Q 89.        Famous Badshahi Mosque was built in?

Ans           1674

Q 90.        How many seats are reserved for minorities (Non-Muslims) in national assembly of Pakistan?

Ans           10

Q 91.        Who was the first C-in-C of Armed Forces of Pakistan?

Ans           Frank Meseri

Q 92.        Where is tomb of Noor Jehan located?

Ans           Lahore

Q 93.        Who built Attock Fort?

Ans           Akbar

Q 94.        Who wrote Heer Ranjha?

Ans           Waris Shah

Q 95.        Who wrote Sohni Mahiwal?

Ans           Hashim Shah

Q 96.        On which river Rawal dam is built in 1965?

Ans           River Kurang

Q 97.        On which river Warsak Dam was built in 1960?

Ans           River Kabul

Q 98.        Which region of Pakistan is free from Water-lodging?

Ans           Rawalpindi

Q 99.        Hub dam supplies electricity to which Province?

Ans           Sindh

Q 100.      Tomb of Jehnagir is in Lahore near _________?

Ans           Shahdara