Jallianwala Bagh Incident 1919

  Jallanwala Bagh Incident 1919 Jallianwala Bagh incident or Massacre of Amritsar In India took place on 13th April, 1919. On the day of Baisakhi (Vaisakhi), a crowd of about 10000 unarmed people was gathered in the plain of Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar, India. British army opened fire on the crowd that left hundreds of people … Read more

Update for Windows 10 version 2004, Features and Overview

update for windows 10 versio 2004

Microsoft has released an optional update for Windows 10 version 2004. This release fixes a large number of issues and bugs badly affecting the functionality and performance of PCs. These bugs and issues are driver problems & issues causing Microsoft to block the functionality on some PCs. Bugs Resolved in Update for Windows 10 Version … Read more

Apple IPhone 12 VS Samsung S20, Pixel, OnePlus specifications

Apple IPhone 12 VS Samsung S20, Pixel, OnePlus specifications Comparison of  iPhone 12 and Galaxy S20, S20 FE, Pixel 5, OnePlus 8T   Apple IPhone 12 VS Samsung S20, Pixel, OnePlus specifications and comparison is the hot issue these days. Now Apple’s iPhone 12 has arrived. Here’s how it stacks up against Samsung’s Galaxy S20 … Read more

How to Install Kali Linux

kali linux

How to Install Kali Linux Kali Linux Overview and Tools How to install kali linux is a topic of today. Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution developed for advanced Penetration Testing & Security Auditing. Kali Linux contains several hundred tools for various information security tasks, such as Penetration Testing, Security research, Computer Forensics and … Read more

Lion of Desert-Umar al Mukhtar

Lion of desert umar al mukhtar

Lion of Desert-Umar al Mukhtar Story of Lion of Desert Umar Al Mukhtar تمہاری آخری خواہش؟ جج نے ان طرف دیکھتے ہوئے پوچھا انہوں نے ایک نظر اٹلی کے طرز انصاف پہ ڈالی اور جج کی آنکھوں میں آنکھیں ڈال کر کہا۔ “انا للہ و انا الیہ راجعون.” یہ الفاظ لیبیا کے تہتر سالہ معمر … Read more

Ar-Raheeq-al-Makthum English Book

The sealed nectar

Ar-Raheeq-al-Makthum English Book – The Sealed Nectar – Biography of Holy Prophet PBUH Ar-Raheeq-al-Makthum English Book authored by Maulana Safi-ur-Rehman Mubarakpuri. This book won the first price in global competition. Ar-Raheeq-ul-Makhtum encircles the life of Holy Prophet Muhamamd S.A.W. Ar-Raheeq-al-Makthum English Books read online or download from the link below: Ar-Raheeq-Al-Makhtum English   Ar-Raheeq-al-Makthum English … Read more

Al Raheeq-ul-Makhtum Urdu PDF

al raheeq ul makhtum

Al Raheeq-ul-Makhtum Urdu PDF book authored by Maulana Safi-ur-Rehman Mubarakpuri.   الرحیق المختوم  Al  Raheeq-ul-Makhtum Urduمولانا صفی الرحمان مبارکپوری کی سیرت النبی صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم پر لکھی گئی کتاب ہے۔سیرت نگاری کے عالمی مقابلہ میں  پہلی پوزیشن لینے والی تصنیف ہے   Download PDF Urdu from link below Al Raheeq ul Makhtum Urdu You … Read more