10 Free Online Money Earning Apps 2021 for Phones

free online money earning

We are going to talk about 10 free online money earning apps for phones through which you can earn money by staying at home. You can download free online money earning apps on your phone and make money by achieving the different kinds of tasks i.e liking a photo and downloading and playing a game.  

Time is the most precious property in the world that once gone, will never return. So, you have to be punctual and honest with your aims and objectives to achieve them. Further, you have to be optimistic and never lose hope.
Most people pay to earn and for this purpose, they have to pay to Instagram, Facebook, and other social media to get likes and shares of their content or videos, etc.

Free online money earning apps

Here is a list of 10 apps that will attract you to earn money without any registration charges:

1 Surveys On The Go

Surveys on the Go is  a Mobile market research tool that seeks the opinions from the users and in return pays them. So,  you can avail an opportunity to share your views and opinions on products, shopping, entertainment, sports, media and technology as well as different products of large companies like Gloria, Vodafone T-mobile  etc.

This app is only available in the US, however, you can use a VPN to download it from other countries and offer your expert opinion and survey for online money earning by staying at home.

2 Luna 

This market research app is available worldwide and focuses to have surveys. There are many other tasks that can give you more money than just taking a survey. You can get paid by cash using PayPal and they also have a free webinar that teaches you how to use the app.

Yeol Academy

This app is available only in USA.  If you are good in English and authorized to work in the U.S then this app is a good for you. If you want to invest your time to be skillful to earn money, then this is the best option for you.
Video Yeol Academy shall teach you I.T skills that are most demanded these days. People having skills in the field of I.T earn over $100,000 a year.  Yeol Academy offers courses of six months duration for the students without having I.T knowledge.  Free online webinar link through which you can take this course anywhere online without physical presence.

4   Google opinion rewards

Google created this app and legit. Here you can just find authentic and legit apps without paying a single penny to register and you can earn money online.  Google is legit and a brand and if you want to start earning money online then you have to trust Google that will not introduce fraudulent apps because that would affect their repute. With this Google app you will rate different products, things and ads. This app is only available in the US and some  European countries.  By using this app, you have to take surveys offered and run by market researchers. Your opinion is valuable and you will get paid in reward of take surveys.

5    User Feel App 

User feel app is worldwide available through which various websites require you to visit their website. You have to give feedback for online money earning. If you use this app, you will earn about $10 for each test via PayPal or Payoneer. In the beginning, you have to perform one test record for which you will not be paid.  Your phone screen will record your voice and the testers will evaluate your performance while using their tests. You can use this app on mobile, tablet and desktop.

6    Go Slide Joy 

Now we are introducing you with go slight joy app which is available only in US. The basic concept of this app is toshow ads on your lock screen and pay you for this. Once ads are active on your lock screen, no matter whether you purchase something or otherwise. You can slide these ads to see more and you have the choice to end lock screen ads. You will earn money for these ads even if you do not make purchases or interact with them. For example, any advertising company wants their ads to reach many people and this is the easiest and fastest way for brandishing of their products. If you use this app for online earning money, you have to use this app and can get paid 5 to 15 dollars on average per month without any activity just lock screen ads on your phone.

7   Field Agent App 

By using this app you have to log into that app and you will be assigned local tasks to perform.  For example,
 you go into a grocery store and take a picture of any brand or product i.e Gloria brand with your phone and show its location within the store. Basically, the companies want their products to be located at an easily accessible place in the store so that a large number of people can access them. Through this app, you can earn 4$ (average) to 12$ (good) per test within the 48 hours of achievement of the task. In short, you perform as a field agent of a company as is evident from its name.

8  Quick Thoughts 

This is another app for surveys through which they bring betterments in their products after getting reviews and opinions through surveys. They send different surveys to the different users depending upon the uses’ interest and their locations etc. By using this app, people earn money from 3$ to 10$ a day. This is considered the highest paying app. Basically, you take pictures,  upload and sell them to brands. But this aspect is not instant paying, after uploading you have to wait for their sale. Another aspect of this app is attracting and much paying. For example, Coke wants to have a lot of content for their Pinterest or Instagram or ad with people drinking coke in different locations and styles. If you have to participate in that mission, you have to take pictures as per their requirements. They will pay you through paypal account.

9  Tap Tap Money 

Tap Tap money is another best cash app. In this app, you have to download different games and get engaged with them so as to earn money. Online money earning is not easy but in this app you have to complete the tasks like watching videos, playing games, completing paid surveys, giving your reviews and opinions.

10 SwagBucks App

An app that pays you $10 bonus just for registering or signing up is Swagbucks App. This app pays for completing different tasks like video watching, surveys, online shopping, and downloading games.