Life Story of Hazrat Esa A.S (The Jesus)

Once there was a washerman in the era of Hazrat Esa A.S (Jesus) who was not a person of good character and tease out the people of the town.

Being aggrieved from his immoral activities, the people of the town gathered and complained before Hazrat Esa A.S. (The Jesus) They said, “O Prophet of Allah, we all are anxious about this washerman”.

We are here to request you to curse him so that we can get rid of him. Upon this, the Prophet raised his hands to curse the washerman and then the people went back hoping that they will get rid of washerman and will not see him again.

On the other hand, when the washerman was packing his clothes to take them to the Laundromat/ Dhobi Ghat, a huge snake entered into his bundle but he couldn’t be aware of this snake.

On the way, washerman met a beggar who asked him, “I am hungry from the night, give me something to eat as a charity so that I can break the belly”.

The Washerman thought that Allah gave him two loaves of bread daily, so I give one to the beggar and keep one for myself.

So he gave a loaf of bread to the beggar and move forward. After making charity, he just moved forward when another beggar came and he also said he was hungry, so give him something to eat for God sake.

The washerman had only one bread left, so he decided to make charity by thinking that today I will spend on the water and gave the bread to the hungry beggar.

As he reached his destination and just started washing out his clothes, a huge snake out of his heap of clothes appeared and ran away to the jungle. He was astonished and much worried by seeing that such a big snake came out of his clothes.

On the other hand, all the inhabitants of the town were hoping that God’s prophet has cursed the washerman, so today, he will not return to life and they will get rid of him.

But when the Washerman returned to the town alive, they went back to Hazrat Esa A.S (The Jesus) and said that the Washerman was back. You are the prophet of Allah and you have cursed him then how can he back alive.

Hazrat Esa A.S (The Jesus) did not respond quickly and called in the Washerman. When washer man appeared before Him, He asked him what happened to you today.

Then the washerman narrated the incident of giving bread as charity to the beggars, appearance of snake from the clothes and running towards the forest.

Upon hearing this, Hazrat Esa A.S (The Jesus) said, “The snake was your death but when you made charity in the way of Allah, your death was broken by the command of Allah Almighty”.