Beautiful Life Story of Hazarat Mussa and a Butcher

It is narrated that once the Prophet Musa (Moses) PBUH asked Allah Almighty, “O Allah! Who will be my companion in Heaven?”

Allah Almighty told him that a butcher will be your companion in heaven. Musa A.S (Moses) was astonished upon hearing this.  He was of the view and expecting that a scholar or worshipper etc. will be his companion.

Musa (Moses) A.S wished to know that what was the reason behind this which made butcher so special. So, Allah asked him to go to the butcher’s shop in the town. He obeyed and went to the butcher’s shop and he saw a young butcher there.

Musa (Moses) A.S spent a whole day with the butcher at his shop. In the evening, after selling meat, closed his shop and moved towards his home with some meat in a bag.

Musa Moses PBUH expressed to the butcher that he wished to accompany him. The butcher agreed. They arrived at butcher’s home and Musa (Moses) A.S saw an old disabled woman there.

Musa (Moses) A.S witnessed that the butcher put that meat on fire to cook. Meanwhile, he washed her face, helped her to change her clothes and combed her hair.

Then he had fed the cooked food to that woman with his hands and helped her to drink water within hands. After having full in the stomach he helped her to lay back on her bed. Then the woman whispered in his ear and the man passed a smile.

Musa (Moses) A.S inquired the man about the woman and asked him that what did she whisper in his ear that made him smile?

The butcher told Him that this woman is his mother. Whenever I serve her, she whispers into my ear “My son, May Allah Almighty makes you the companion of Prophet Musa (Moses) in heaven”. Her such supplications for me, are the cause of my smile because when she utters these words, I always pass a smile considering the difference of spiritual status between me and Prophet Musa (Moses) A.S.

Then the prophet Musa (Moses) A.S told him that it was the Prophet Musa (Moses) A.S himself. Your mother’s supplication bore fruit and Allah Almighty has revealed to me that you will be my companion in heaven. Allah has sent me to you so that I can see my companion in heaven. Your service for your mother has made you a person whom God likes.