Popular Quraan Terms used commonly?

Terms Traditional Parwez
Deen Traditions of the Muhammad various schools f thoughts The way of life suggested in Quran o Hadith
Mazhab Religion Life’s Philosophy
Sala Prayer Five Times a Day The whole system of Allah including ritual prayers
Zaka The 2.5% tax paid from the personal holdings to poor The whole financial system according to Islamic rules
Izza Social status and respect Power and Control
Zilla Degradation Weaknesses and vulnerability
Taqdeer Already decided fate Universal Laws of Nature
Akhera A Life after the death Future as well as Hereafter
Faith Belief in one God (Allah) Satisfied
Momin A pious Muslim Deeply convicted Muslim
Janna Paradise Heaven Paradise as well as similar society on the earth
Jahannum Hell Hell in the Hereafter as well as hellish life on earth
Adam The human kind on the earth Mankind
Shaitaan/ Iblees Devil Rebellion of the human sentiments and emotions
Malaeeka Angels Nature’s Powers
Qibla Kaaba, The Second Blessed house of Allah in Mecca The Physical and spiritual place for the Muslims. A Holy place where Muslims pray to Allah