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Journey of Dr. Laurence Brown to Islam

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Journey of Dr. Laurence Brown to Islam is a true story of conversion to Islam following a Miracle.  Dr. Laurence Brown was born in 1959 at Fransisco, United States of America to a Christian family. His family had been settled in USA since 1677. He degree in Science and Arts from Cornell University and later got admitted in Medical College of Brown University from where he got degree of medicine doctorate. He was an atheist and never believe in God. Afterwards, he joined Washington University Hospital in USA and also served air force of the sate.

He was an atheist and had no believe in God since his childhood. In his eyes, only science and research was religion. He used to say that religion is no more than stories and fictions created by humans. Two amazing and mind blowing incidents happened in his life which took him to the righteous way and he embraced Islam.

First incident that shocked him was happened in 1990, when God blessed him with a baby girl named Kristina. When Kristina born to Dr. Laurence Brown, he raised his hand to his daughter, she stood up because of which he shocked and was astonished to see this unbelievable react of a new born baby. A question, regarding this reaction of his daughter, raised in his mind that how a new borne baby could do so. Medical Science and researchers failed to answer this question. Normally, a new borne baby could not be able to stand on his feet before 10 to 11 months of his/her birth. Doctors declared this reaction of baby as a “Kristina Syndrome”.

Second incident happened in his life was much astonishing and amazing. God blessed him another baby girl whose name was Hanna. She born on 10th of October 1990 just after 10 months of Kristina’s birth. She was suffering from severe heart disease “coarctation of the aorta” by birth. She was ” dusky gun metal blue” from the chest to toe due to lack of of oxygen in her blood. He was, by profession a doctor, and was well aware of consequences of this lethal disease.  He called in the heart specialists and surgeons for consultation and treatment. They advised open heart surgery and warned him about the consequences of surgery as there was no chance of her survival.  Ultimately, the baby was took into the operation theater.

Though he was an Atheist, however, he was a father of a little baby girl. He was unable to see the surgery of a little angle, so, he went out of the operation theater with tears in his eyes and emotions. In the premises of hospital, a room was dedicated for prayer and supplications and at the door of that room words “Prayer Room” were written. In that room follower of every religion were allowed to supplicate and pray according to their religion because that room was not for a specific religion. He entered the room and sat there to his knees. This was his first time that he supplicated to God and even he partially recognized God. He promised God, if, that is, there was a God, that if He would save my daughter then I would seek and follow the religion most pleasing to Him. He just spent 10 to 15 minutes of out operation theater and in supplications before God.

After supplication, he went back to Neonatal ICU and shocked by hearing from the doctors that the baby would be fine. He also shocked at this miracle but he had not disclosed the reality of his supplications before God. After tests and investigations, he took his baby from hospital to his home.

Now it was his turn to fulfill his promise to God that he would follow the religion more pleasing to Him. To fulfill his promise he studied Judaism, Christianity and other religions but failed to find the right path. He attended the churches and religious congregations of  Christianity and failed to find the way to God.

Eventually he was introduced to the Holy Qur’an and Martin Lings’s biography of the prophet, Muhammad, entitled, Muhammad, His Life Based on the Earliest Sources. During his research and study for fulfillment of his promise, he had encountered the Jewish scriptures referencing three prophets to follow Moses. With John the Baptist and Jesus Christ being two, that left one according to the Old Testament, and in the New Testament Jesus Christ himself spoke of a final prophet to follow. Not until I found the Holy Qur’an teaching the oneness of God, as both Moses and Jesus Christ had taught, did I begin to consider Muhammad as the predicted final prophet, and not until I read the biography of Muhammad did I become convinced. And when I did become convinced, suddenly everything made sense. The continuity in the chain of prophethood and revelation, the One-ness of Almighty God, and the completion of revelation in the Holy Qur’an suddenly made perfect sense, and it was then that I became Muslim.” Ref:

It is also said that once he was on his way and saw a Mosque where Muslims were busy in prayer. He intended to enter the Mosque and when he went near the door of the Mosque, he felt a cold breeze has entered his chest and his heart felt a light of God. He could not enter the mosque and went back to his house. Prior to this incident, he hatred Muslim and Islam too much. But this incident changed his life and he started reciting Quran and reading Life of Muhammad PBUH from heart. Eventually, he succeeded in finding the righteous way that lead him to the God. He indulged into Islamic studies and embraced Islam after four year of research in 1994. He has been serving Islam for the sake of God since his conversion to Islam

Conversion of Dr. Laurence Brown to Islam and his Sacrifices:

  • After his conversion to Islam, he faced much difficulties out of which some are described below:
  • His wife alongwith their children left him. She filed a suit for divorce in court.
  • He left the USA Air Force job as he was converted to Islam and air force polices were not acceptable for a Muslim.
  • His parents ordered him to leave the house and he shifted to a small flat.
  • His friends left him when he quit alcohol consumption for God sake.
  • He become lonely in this world but he chosen God his friend.
  • He also faced hardships in the way of God.

Conversion of Dr. Laurence Brown to Islam and Blessings showered on him by God:

  • After facing occasions of trials, God blessed him with a house in Madina, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in consideration of his house in USA.
  • God blessed him with a loyal and pure Muslim wife and children in reward as his first wife left him alone.
  • His brother who always used to quarrel with him, embraced Islam and proved himself a real brother and true muslim.
  • His parents also started meeting with him by forgetting the differences occurred due to his conversion to Islam.
  • He somehow, spend holidays with his former children and happy on the way of God.
  • God has blessed him with many true Muslim friends and followers throughout the world in consideration of his non-Muslim friends.

Books of Dr. Laurence Brown:

After conversion to Islam, Dr. Laurence Brown wrote following books:

  • MisGod’ed Dr Laurence B. Brown
  • God’ed? Dr Laurence B. Brown
  • The First and Final Commandment
  • Bearing True Witness
  • The Eight Scroll
  • The Returned
  • The Big Questions

Journey of Dr. Laurence Brown to Islam