Hazrat Khizar A.S and Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi-English

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Hazrat Khizar A.S and Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi a story narrated in both English and Urdu Languages. It is narrated that once thousands of people including spiritual persons and Sufis were attending the court of Emperor Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi. Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi asked that is there anyone who could arrange his meeting with Hazrat Khizar A.S? All the people gathered in his court kept silent, upon hearing these words from the emperor.

Then a poor villager stood up and said that he could do this. He said that he would be enabled to do this if his one condition is fulfilled by the Emperor. The emperor allowed him to present his condition and he said that he is a poor man and the only breadwinner to his family. For this purpose, he would had to spend six months (to perform Chilla/ spiritual practice) at riverside, therefore the emperor had to provide basic necessities to his family. The Emperor accepted his condition and he went to riverside for Chilla for six months.

After six months, the emperor called him in his court and asked him about Hazrat Khizar A.S, He replied that he could not complete his Chilla properly and he needed more six months to accomplish the task. So, the emperor allowed him to go back for further six months.

Again after six months was called in the court. Upon question from the emperor regarding Hazrat Khizar A.S, he replied that he told a lie before you he is a sinful person and Hazrat Khizar A.S is a great spiritual personal. He has no link or relation with  Hazrat Khizar A.S. He just do such act just to meet the basic necessities of his family from your court because his children were suffering from starvation.

Upon his reply, the emperor asked one of his ministers regarding his punishment. The minister said that he should beheaded on account of his lie to emperor. Then a spiritual personality stood up and said that the opinion of this minister is right. Then emperor asked the same question of punishment from another minister who opined that he should be thrown before the dogs on account of his mischievous act. Then, again the spiritual personality stood up and said that this minister is also right.

Afterwards, the Emperor asked his minister Ayaz about his punishment who opined that the poor man may be set free and allowed to go home. He further added that poor man’s such act was just to earn basic necessities for his family. His lie and act has not affected your dignity and treasure. He has not grabbed too much of property from you and he just earn some food from your treasures. If he is punished, his family will also die with starvation. Therefore, he may not be punished. Upon hearing this opinion, the spiritual personality again stood up and said this minister is also right. 

Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi asked the spiritual personality to explain the reason that why he accepted all the opinions of his court men regarding punishment of poor man. The spiritual personality explained that the first person who proposed behead belonged to butchers family and he opined according to his family backgrounds. The second person proposed throwing him before the dogs, is  a son of a servant of a King. He used to bath and care of  the hunting dogs of the king. Therefore his proposal shows his family background. As far as third person is concerned, he belonged to a Syed Family and a Syed never take revenge from his enemies he always prefer forgiveness. Therefore Ayyaz proposed to free the poor man.

Upon hearing these words in respect of Ayaz, emperor stood up and asked Ayaz that he has never told to him that he is a Sayyed. Ayaz replied that no body was aware of his family background before this. This spiritual person has disclosed my secret and now I would like to reveal a secret also. He said that this spiritual personality is not a common person, he is Hazrat Khizar A.S whom he wished to meet.

hazrat khizar and sultan mahmood ghaznavi