Hazrat Khizar A.S and a Poor Beggar A Beautiful Story

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Hafiz Abu Naeem Asbhani said in a similar manner that Abu Umama narrates that the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ) said to his companion: Should I not tell you about Khizar (Khidr) A.S? Companions said why not, the Messenger of God.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Said that once Hazrat Khizar A.S was going in the Bazar of Israel. A strange man saw him and he begged. He said do some charity on me, May God bless you. Hazrat Khizar A.S replied, I believe in God and whatever God wills, will be. I don’t have anything to give you.

The poor beggar again asked him to do some charity on him for God’s sake as when you refused, I looked upon the sky and I realized that you are blessed one. Hazrat Khizar A.S again replied, “I believe in Allah, I have nothing to give you, but take me and sell me.”

The poor said, is this true? Hazrat Khizar replied, “Verily, I say to you rightly, because you have questioned in the name of the Greatest one, thus I do respect of my Lord’s name, just sell me.

The Holy Prophet PBUH Muhammad (ﷺ) said: the poor beggar took him to the market and sold him just for 400 Dirham. Hazrat Khizar stayed with the buyer for a while without work and then said to his master, “You have purchased me for good deeds.” So, order me to do something.

The master said I feel not good to put a burden on you as you are respectable to me being a senior and noble person. Hazra Khizar A.S said, “I will not have a bar.  Upon this, the master said,” then move this stone.”  The stone seemed a rock and minimum of six persons at a time could move it.

Then the master went out of his house for some personal reasons and when he returned back he was astonished to see that the stone was moved to the place where he wanted. He said that you did well and showed the power beyond my expectations.

Afterward, the master was to go on a journey for some reasons. Hazrat Khizar A.S asked again his master to entrust him some work. The master said again, “I feel bad to ask you to do work,”. Hazrat Khizar A.S said to him that he will not feel any difficulty upon him. Upon this, the master asked him to make bricks for the construction of his house.

So, the man went on a journey. When he returned home he was surprised to see that house was constructed. Then the owner asked him in the name of Allah, what is your way? And what’s your reality?


Hazrat Khizar A.S replied him that you have asked me in the name of Allah. The question in the name of Allah has already put me in slavery. I tell you that who I am? I am Khizar A.S. That beggar asked me to give him something in the name of Allah. But I did not have anything that I would give him.  Then he again asked me to give him in name of Allah. So I gave him power over me to sell me in the market. So he sold me to you.

Now I tell you about a person who is questioned in the name of Allah. However, while he is able to give something but denies. On the Day of Judgment, he would stand in front of God that there would be no meat on his body nor can someone move his bones.

So the master said, “I believe in Allah, O Prophet of God, I put you in trouble, and I did not know anything.” Khizar A.S said, “no matter, you did good and earn a reward.”

So the master said, “My parents are sacrificed to you”. O Messenger of Allah, I will obey whatsoever you command me by Allah’s will.  I give you authority over my house and property and you are now free from my slavery.