Business Ethics in Islam? Prophet Muhammad’s (ﷺ) Life As Principal?

Life of Muhammad (ﷺ) is a classic example for all and sundry. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad’s (ﷺ) life is the brightest way forward for Muslims to guide their own lives. Life of Muhammad (ﷺ) is absolute of practical illustrations. The educational depiction of the life of Muhammad (ﷺ) is based on the absolute justified to the Quran-o-Sunnah.

In view of the biography of the Muhammad (ﷺ) as last prophet of the Muslim Ummah, he was not only a philosopher, warrior or leader but also a great dominant person in the history of the world. Muhammad (ﷺ) led his life as a great entrepreneur and also quoted himself as the great example to the whole world. That is why he may not only be appreciated as a religious leader but also as a merchant. Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) life’s business part (25 years) is more than relating to the Prophetic period (i.e. 23 years). Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) life was directly concerned in the trading. He also emphasized ethics in business as well.

Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) exceptional communication skills as principal or as role model led the Islamic world not only in Arabia but also the rest of the world. As the matter-of-fact deeds from the life Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) were integrity, honesty, politeness, and justice as well.

In the duration period of his trade of last Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) discovered to his last potential that even attracted the most business investors to manage their business by Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). His honesty became the attraction to the local investors to raise their business capital. One who was the Hazrat Khadijah (RA) later became the first wife of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ).

At this early age of 25, he married to Hazrat Khadijah (RA) who was very successful business women in the Arabian region at that time. With this, Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) became the part of his wealth and business. Honesty, integrity, and his great enthusiasm to the work made him a great entrepreneur in the life. Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) also visited the other regional marketplaces and promoted the business in an international market like Yemen, Syria, Basra, Iraq, Jordan, Bahrain and other Arab trade cities that exponentially made him a visible businessman in the trade market.

In Islam, Muslims are not only motivated religiously but also inspired the lives of the Muslims to gain the immediate lawful needs in the trade. According to the Quran-e-Majeed

“And when the prayer is over, disperse in the world for the bounty of Allah”

In the world different intellectual minds have accepted the progressive nature of Islam. The world has always portrayed the visual of Islamic traditions not even spiritually but economically as well.

The greatness of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) lies in being vastly thriving in both the worldly and holy leadership. A successful leader may not have time for house and moral man may not be a winner in the worldly affairs.

To put in the nutshell, Islam is not only, a religion of peace and harmony but, also a religion of trade as it has various examples of the Prophets Muhammad (ﷺ) and saints who emphasized the importance of entrepreneurship and rights of ownership. Besides this, Islamic codes of business ethics, which have been fixed out 15 centuries ago by the Last Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), are not only valid to date but they would remain as hallmark until the Doomsday.


Fear of God (Allah)

Avoiding the Sins and realizing the power of Allah Almighty


Achieving the pleasure of Allah Almighty instead the happiness of masses


Making himself a thankful to Allah and masses of Allah


Remembering the God (Allah) in difficulties and keep himself away from wrongdoings.


To accomplish the task with a top of pledge according to the teachings of Islam.


Consider himself as humble and modest and avoid taking the vengeance from anyone


Talking and debate in an intellectual and rational way

Trust in God (Allah)

To Seek God (Allah Almighty) blessings


Ethics are the basic business necessities for a prosperous and purposeful life. Nothing can be obtained without ethical behavior.


Courage makes a man a stronger and sharper to the edge of life for fighting against the difficulties


An opinion should be devised with a consultation of others instead of imposing the decisions strictly.