How to Reset Windows 10 Password by Using USB Easliy

Windows 10 Password Reset

windows 10 password reset

This topic covers trouble of forgotten windows 10 passwords and how to rest password using USB. There are multiple techniques to resolve the matter but in this tutorial, we will try to recover the local account ministerial password using a couple of modifications and settings. Basically, this method requires your computer boot through windows installation media or DVD of Windows 10. I hope this step by step guide will cover all the necessary characteristics of the topic and will surely able to reset windows 10 password while using the USB drive.

How to Reset Windows 10 Password Using USB

1.  A first step is you need to reboot your computer through installation media file i.e. Windows 10 DVD or Bootable USB to reset windows 10 password. After that, the below-given screen will open before you just simply press the key Shift+F10 functions keys both. This will pop up a command prompt window on your 10 password reset

2. Next step is to type a simple command diskpart and press enter.

windows 10 password reset

3. In the further procedure, diskpart.  Proceed for further type next command list volume and press enter.

windows 10 password reset

4. List of volume drives will appear before you. Select your volume drive very carefully. In my case, it is d so type the next command cd d: and press enter.

windows 10 password reset
5. In the next step type the command exit  and press enter to exit from diskpart.

windows 10 password reset

6. Next further command is type cls and press 10 password reset7. Now select the desired volume drive type D: and press enter. After that type command cd windows and press enter and the next are cd system32 and press enter.

windows 10 password reset

8. Now type the command copy utilman.exe uilman1.exe and press enter to copy the concerned 10 password reset

9. Now type another command to copy the related files type command copy cmd.exe cmd1.exe and press enter

windows 10 password reset

10. In the next step type the command del utilman.exe to proceed 10 password reset

11. In the next step, type command rename cmd.exe utilman.exe and press 10 password reset

12. After completing all the above-given command steps reboot the computer system and you will see at your extreme right corner a highlighter icon like the image given below. Click on the icon and this will open again a command prompt 10 password reset

13. As like in the given image type the command control userpasswords2 and press enter to proceed 10 password reset

14. These previous commands will open the working box of user account and by clicking on the reset password you can change your administrator password. Just reset the password and reboot the computer. I hope by proceeding the whole procedure you will be out of the mess of Windows 10 Password Reset.