Windows 10 Amazing Feature You Must Know

Since the Windows 10 has launched. Numerous changes and development have taken place till yet. Such as Creators Update, Anniversary Update etc. Microsoft Windows 10 has presented numerous updates with a number of cool functions.  These updates have several unique features of Windows 10. Today we will let you know about some of the features that most of them do not know.

1. Automatically Lock Your PC

If there is a situation when you need to go away from your PC urgently. You don’t want to let anyone inspect your laptop computer. So here is the deal there is an active lock feature for you in the windows 10.

Just open the Windows 10 settings>> open the devices tab>> Click on the Bluetooth Devices and enable the Bluetooth devices feature >> After enabling the device add to pair your device with Computer PC>> Then again open the windows 10 settings and open the Accounts Tab>> Click on the Sign In Options>> Scroll downward and enable check the windows 10 dynamic lock.


1windows 10

2Windows 10




Now the function of automatically lock is complete. When your Bluetooth device will be out of range your PC will lock automatically. Isn’t cool feature? Here it important thing to let you know for enabling this feature you have to update your system with creators update.

2.Free Up Storage Space

Using this only need to just open up settings of windows 10

> Click on the System Icon>> Click on the Storage Icon>> you can Click on the drive and can get the specific details of the storage from your PC>> here you can remove data which are unnecessary. You will find the different tabs which can remove unnecessary file storages. In case if you do not want to take this bundle>> click on the Storage Sense and enable this feature>>

windows 10

There you will find two more settings which you can delete temporary files and can set up the files deleting schedule automatically with a specific period of time.

3. Setting Up Light with Computer Settings

In this admirable function just like mobile functions if you need to work at late night hours you can set up the light flux settings as per your late night schedule for the ease of eyes. Now a window 10 is also providing these settings for working comfort. All you need to do is Click on the settings

>> Click on the Display settings>> Click on the night light and enable the warm temperature color>> in order to make it more warm color temperature>> click on the second tab night Light settings>> in this tab you can make it warmer as per your convenience and can make your time working schedule for this settings.

Windows 10

4. Sync your Mobile Phone with your Computer

It is difficult to check your phone, again and again, while you are working on the computer. In the latest updates of your computer windows 10, you can configure the mobile phone with your laptop computer

> Here all you need to do download Cortana App from your Android Play Store to the mobile phone.>> Configure your mobile with the same Microsoft account which already working on your laptop>> Once its setup on mobile open the settings on mobile and open sync settings and enable all the notifications>> After that open the notifications settings from the Laptop and enable notifications>> after completing the process this will start showing mobile notifications.

1Windows 10


2Windows 10


5. Steps Recorder

This is a very unique function of Windows 10. By using Cortana App you can add this feature to your windows 10. Steps Recorder can record your simple working steps by pressing a record button. >> Click open the start menu button>>Windows Accessibility options >> Open the Steps recording enable function

1windows 10 steps recoder

2windows 10 steps recoder

6. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes is also an important function of the Windows 10>> Open windows Sticky note by using Cortana App>> Open the menu button>> Open settings in the sticky note and enable the insights options>> here by typing you can set windows typed message as a reminder>> You can also make phone calls on the numbers which are typed on sticky notes and similarly open website saved urls directly

Note: Before using the sticky note function you should have enabled your Microsoft account.

7. Type Emoji from Windows Keyboard

Emoji has become a necessary part of internet conversation nowadays. But it is difficult to type Emoji in the keyboard manually. Windows 10 gives the ease to send Emojis touch keyboard. Only you have to do is >> Just right click on the Windows Taskbar and enable check the option of Windows touch keyboard. Now the keyboard will be available in the side notification bar. You can send lots of Emoji without any difficulty

1Windows 10 Emoji

2Windows 10 Emoji Keyboard