Some of the important settings Wifi Router You Must Know?

WPS Button on the Wifi Router

Let’s discuss some important settings of Wifi Router. In the wifi router WPS stands for Wifi Protected Setup. If you need to connect your wifi device without sharing your password to anyone. Simply go to the physical Wifi settings of your device. Press the button of WPS. Then In Mobile Click the on the more section and click on the WPS share button. Your internet will be shared without sharing the password. You can also set WPS pin and configure it with your computer as well.
Such as pictorial view is given below

Picture No. 1

Wifi Protected Setup

Picture No. 2

Wireless Protected Setup

WAN stands for Wide Area Network it helps to generate a WIFI network in your vicinity and LAN stands for Local Area Network If there is a need to connect computers through cable environment LAN ports are essential in the wireless router.

Wifi router
Default Button

If reconfiguration is required in the wifi router a simple step by pressing the default button at the backside of the wireless router will reorganize the whole router settings.

Default Button of Wifi Router

Changing the Password of Wifi Router
Step 1.

wifi router page access
Access the page of wifi router settings.
Step No. 2

wifi router
Simply click on the wireless Tab a new window will be displayed
Step 3.

wireless router security
Click on the sub button of security.
Step 4.

wifi router security
Click in WPA/WAPI Purchase and reset the password with typing a new password.


Wireless Router Filtering the Internet Users

Step 1.Access the main router settings

Step 2.

wifi router
Click on the device info again and click on the DHCP
Step 3.

wifi router DHCP settings
Click on the DHCP a list will be displayed in the new window with the router users
Step 4.

wifi router mac filter settings
Copy the concern MAC address from the displayed box
Step 5.

wifi router settings
Now open again the Wireless and click on MAC filter

Step 6

wifi router settings

Click on the Add Button and then paste the copied MAC address into the displayed bar whom you want to restrict from the internet access.

Step 6.

Click on the Add/Save button and the concerned user will be restricted.

Note: Do not miss any space before adding MAC address into the displayed bar