What is Cyber Crime and its Types

What is Cyber Crime and its Types? You must know that Cyber crime is a different style of crime. Cyber crime has become a complex problem in the world nowadays.  The expression of cyber crime is intruding someone’s digital platform by using technical aid.  An overall description of the system is illegally targeting computers and other tools.  It is very difficult to detect this type of crimes. The rate of cyber crime is rising day-by-day. Online extortion, laundering the money using the digital platform, stilling the passcodes, credit and debit cards are a very common form of this crime.

Types of Cyber Crime

Following are the types of cyber crime.

Illegal Machinations

This system is the online podium for human and drug tariffking, gambling and money laundering.


Stealing information from different Source such as hard disk, and another mode of storages.

Stilling the internet Time

In this type of criminal activity, the stiller uses to apprehend the purchase time of the system by capturing the username and passwords.

Public shared Crime

A web platform is very common and easily in access of millions of people from all over the world. In this type of crime, the offender used to share hate material by using a digital platform like web pages and social media pages as well

Web Alteration

The offender used to make similar look pages and remove the original pages with factious pages and still the information by doing this act.

Unofficial Admittance

This system is called cracking an opposite form of hacking. In this case, capture the information without the approval of the legal authority.

Email Bombing

In this case, the offender used to send a large number of emails and victimize the email account of the user.


Salami Attack

These types of attack are those in which financials are involved. This type of crimes is very sophisticated. For example, a person charging an amount such as 2 or 4 rupees extra

Logic Bomb

This type of attacks occurs only in certain events.

Virus Attack

A virus can be called a disease of the digital language. These are self-creations of suspicious files which use to infect the computers. The virus does not start working until they are open. If the explore the virus files it will start creating multiple suspected files.

Trojan Attack

Trojan horse is that attack which seems like virtuous but the core function of the Trojan horse is to infect file for filching the data.

Denial of Services

These attacks create overflowing of data more than the handling capacity of a system.

Email Spoofing

Email spoofing is one in which shared source is not valid then actually exist.


Phishing is very common nowadays. It is a self-created scam. In this scam, an offender creates a page which seems to be legit but actually does not. Offender creates the same looking page to capture the email and password.  When a user clicks on the scam URL that redirects the user to some fake page.