4 Best USB Drive Hacks and Tricks for Learning

USB Drive Hacks and Tricks

We use the small pen data drive for saving and transferring the data. It is pertinent to mention here before exploring the cool tricks of USB that the use of USB in any public places could be harmful.

1. Using Your USB Drive as Computer Key

A first cool trick of USB is that we can use our drive as a key to our computer. Yes, I may tell you how to do that. PREDATOR is the software that can make your USB a key to your computer. Nobody can access your computer without using your self-created USB Key. You can freely download the software.

2.USE USB Drive as RAM

The Second Cool Trick of the USB is that we can use our USB as RAM. Simple you need to do the simple following steps.

  • Plugin the USB into drive.
  • Right Click on the USB drive and open the properties of the computer USB

USB Tips and Tricks

  • Now Click on the Ready Boost Tab test your device and in the internal settings enable the option of the device “use this device”. It is pertinent to mention here that before applying the whole settings reduce the size of MBs up to 200 to 300 MBs.

USB Tips and Tricks

  • Now your USB device is ready to activate as RAM

3. Lock USB device (Encryption)

If you have sensitive data saved on your USB drive then you can make a lock on your USB device or can make the password of the drive.

  • The first step is to start to click to start the windows program and search the bit locker.

Usb tips and tricks

  • Now click to open the BitLocker and find the tab of the Removable device.

USB tips and tricks

  • Further, click on the Turn on BitLocker to enable the option and start next to save the encryption.

usb tips and tricks

  • Next, another window will appear before choosing an encryption password. After setting the password carefully proceed to the next step and save the password. Your device will be encrypted.

USB tips and tricks




4. AVG Software on USB to Clean Viruses Directly

AVG software is a very known software in the market nowadays. But most of us do not know a hidden feature of the AVG guidance with the drive. AVG software provides the facility to install directly on your device and you can make viruses inspection of your device even mobile phones by plugging in directly. For installing this simply you have to install the AVG antivirus from their official website to your USB drive and your portable anti-virus is ready to work.