StarScope Monocular Telescope for Smartphones-Features

Now you need not to get close to an object to take high quality photo or high quality video with your smartphone. StarsScope Monocular Telescope for smartphones has been made available in the market for this purpose. You can take a photo or video of an object, animal, ship in sea or everything from miles of distance with a new technology known as StarScope Monocular  Telescope.

StarScope Monocular Telescope with stunning features can be attached with smartphones to take photos and videos from a distance of about six miles away with incredible results. Its 10X magnification enables you to zoom in the object from long distance with clarity and without blurring.

Technical Facts and Features of StarScope Monocular Telescope for Smartphones:

Lets have a look at stunning and amazing features of StarScope Monocular Telescope

  • Anti shake system and miniature tripod: This function stabilize the image and its rendering.
  • Night vision: This built in function used to take photos and videos at night and in low light for better results.
  • Design, anti-skid frosted sure-grip – Its designed in a way that you can easily hold and carry.
  • 50MM Objective Diameter: Field of view 114/1100m
  • 3MM Exit pupil diameter:  Eyepiece perfectly fits according to the size and shape of eyes.
  • 10X Zoom / Magnification: This features brings far away object close to you.
  • HD Glass-FMC lenses: For transmitting more light than single coated lenses, fully multi-coated lenses make object distinct.
  •  Crystal prism lens BAK4: Highest quality material used as of high cost binoculars.
  • Durability – Polymer material is used for its body durability.
  • Waterproof lens, Shockproof and Dustproof: Its waterproof lenses allows you to use this binocular in any weather or wild conditions. It is also shockproof and dustproof.
  • Weight – It weighs only  11.25 oz
  • Compass – To find your way or direction a built in compass features is also available.
  • Auto Focus: To clear the object or person you can activate auto-focus.

Smartphones compatible with StarScope Monocular Telescope:

Almost all smartphones having built-in camera are compatible with StarScope because the phone holder of StarScope is 100% adjustable. Therefore every smartphone can be adjusted in starscope.

Source: webmedia – StarScope