Price and features of Rollable OLED TV

Price and features of Rollable OLED TV should makes you stun. Thinking of  a rollable OLED TV is not dream and imagination. This imagination has now come to real life and LG has launched TV that appears and disappears like a magic act. However, rollable OLED TV is real and not a magic.

LG’s rollable OLED TV is now available in the market for sale in its first region, South Korea. It is expected that in near future it will shake in the entire world. Now the dreams and imaginations to come true with the LG Innovations.

Price and Availability of Rllable OLED TV

The Signature Series OLED R or R9, is now available in South Korea and ready to reach the Western markets soon.

In South Korea its retail price is ₩100,000,000 (US$87,000,  Britain Pond £67,000, Australian $123,000). It is a huge and mind blowing price.

Rollable OLED TV Design


Its design enhances the beauty of your interior. There are three rollable types:

  • Full View

It you want to enjoy movies you can use full view. roll out and enjoy

Luxurious living room with a woman standing, a sofa, and the LG SIGNATURE rollable OLED TV with an aerial view of nature.

  • Line View

To enjoy music you can turn your tv to Line View Mode

Roll back your TV  to line view. It turns your TV into stylish mode i.e Music, Clock, Frame, Mood, Lighting, Home dashboard

Luxurious living room with a woman standing, a sofa, and the LG SIGNATURE rollable OLED TV in line view.

  • Zero View

Luxurious living room with a woman standing, a sofa, and the LG SIGNATURE rollable OLED TV in zero view.



Rollable OLED TV Features


No Remote needed

Transform your TV into a central hub with the intelligent ThinQ AI. Remote control is no more needed. Instead of Remote, built in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa makes live more convenient.

Dolby Visio IQ & Atmos

Watch breathtaking movies on this TV. With Dolby Vision IQ, screen brightness, color, and contrast are adjusted according to lighting conditions. Dolby Atmos delivers devised to deliver maximized audio content.

Film maker Mode

The processor automatically adjusts the picture.  Turn off motion smoothing for the full motion picture effect and  enjoye watching movies at the cinematic standard.


For better gaming experience and feel in real it supports

A higher frame rate

48Gbps bandwidth



eARC with HDMI 2.1 support.

Above features allow

Fast-moving content in higher resolution

Synchronized graphics

Sports-OLED Motion Fatures

When watching sports on this TV, it is recommended to avoid residual image “motion blur” for better experience. Using this feature, watch every quick and subtle movement of every player. With LG OLED, forget about blur of flicker.

Storage & Sound System

Its base is designed in that way which acts as a storage, a sound system and roll out all in one. The base is longer >60 inches across and 30 inches vertically. It consists of  4.2 Atmos sound system.

Roll Out (furling-Unfurling) Mechanism

The TV furls and unfurls amazingly and it can furl-unfurl around 50,000 times. Appearance of screen is called Furling and Disappearance of Screen is called unfurling.

Screen Size of Rollable OLED Tv

65-inch screen size that delivers cinematic view