How to Fix Error Windows 10 Missing PC Icons and Start Menu Missing

Where is my computer icon? how to Fix the Error Windows 10 Missing PC Icons 

How to Fix the error. In this topic, I will try to make resolve the annoying bug of missing  pc icons of Windows 10 or Windows 10 desktop missing pc icon with step by step guide

1. The first step is to follow the short keys Alt+Ctrl+Del to open the task manager. Open task manager

alt+ctrl+del task manager

2. After opening the task manager click on the file to run a new task and open msconfig and press enter

Task Manager

3. In the further step, a new dialogue box will appear before you of system configuration and open the Tab Boot

system configuration, msconfig

4. Next clicking on the Boot tab and click on the safe boot and click ok. After that, another dialogue box will appear to restart your computer. Just restart your computer after applying the settings

system configuration, msconfig

5. Now after that, we have back our menu with safe mode settings. Further, we will do the same with safe mode settings. Open the msconfig again and uncheck the Safe boot

system configration msconfig

6. Now when you restart your computer desktop missing pc icons and Start menu will be working back again hopefully resolved.