How to Flash Samsung Stock ROM Samsung Firmware Software

How to Flash Samsung Firmware Software

You can install Samsung firmware from PC. By following under given simple steps. How to Use Odin software and how to flash Samsung firmware mobile.

This tutorial can also be followed to…

  • Restore your mobile firmware.

  • If the stock ROM is faulty or Andriod mobile official software has gone wrong

  • Flashback to a previous version of  Samsung official software.

Step 1

Download and Install Samsung official USB driver from the website of Samsung mobile to your computer.

Step 2

Download Odin3 version of the Samsung Odin software. The odin3 software is easily available on the google search engine. Odin3 is a Samsung Flash Tool. This helps to reconsider Samsung mobile firmware.

Download odin3 Software

Samsung Mobile Firmware Installation

Step 3

Before connecting your mobile to any of the installations of Samsung firmware take a quick backup of your entire data because this flash setup will make your device refresh

Step 4

After completing the above-given installations download the Samsung official firmware software on your computer system. The stock software can be reached easily from Google search. But here I recommend joining the sam mobile for easy access. The registration process is based on easy steps.

Step 5

After Completing the registration process or you just need to open the firmware tab from the website and enter your mobile model number in the firmware search bar. To see your mobile model just walk off into mobile settings and open about the device and copy the model number of your mobile phone.

Step 6

After apprehension search, you will find a list with the number of firmware with different country regions. It is not necessary to find firmware respectively to your country. Try to download one with the updated version.

Step 7

After downloading the concerned software extract the zip files in your computer.

Step 8

Switch off your mobile phone that you want to install the firmware. Now open the boot mode of the mobile. You just need to do is Press these button collectively for three seconds. Volume Down Button+ Home Button+ Power Button.

Samsung Mobile Firmware

Step 9

When the Boot menu become online to connect your original cable to your system with mobile. Now open the software Odin3 Software. When you connect your mobile, the software will respond like the image given below.

Step 10

Now click on the AP tab to add downloaded Samsung firmware file.  After that click on the Start button. One important thing, do not disconnect your cable while the current operating procedure is running.

Samsung Mobile Software

Step 11

It will take almost 5 minutes and you will see a message PASS. Now the mobile firmware is up to date

Important Steps to Consider while Samsung Mobile Firmware does not show PASS message on the software.

  • Keep your device and Drivers up to date
  • Refresh or Restart your computer
  • Run the software with administrator rights
  • In case if not connected try to use different cables
  • Redownload the firmware and I am sure it will make a positive response.