How To Fix Fatal Error c0000034 While Applying Windows 10 Updates

How to Fix Fatal Error c0000034

This fatal error mostly comes while updating the computer system. Updates are an essential part of the windows internal system. Which makes the system up to date for errors and secure the overall computer system? Today we are going solve this problem with a step by step guide

Reasons for Fatal error C0000034

There could be several reasons for this Fatal error

  1. When you install the computer updates and you do not prefer to restart the computer where it is required
  2. The second most reason is updating the computer using WSUS package.

After things: there could be a loss of data due to the conflict of files and the system may also crash due to excess use of memory.

Fix Fatal Error C0000034 Step by Step

  • First, if you have to gather your required essential types of equipment. You need a Bootable CD of windows or Bootable USB device.
  • Insert Bootable device USB or CD of the same OS which is already installed on the computer
  • Now Start your system and select the device from the Boot menu by using arrow keys. Boot menu key may f12 or f10. For entering into the boot menu setup you have to select or check your system specification.

fix the fatal error

  • Boot your computer with the selection of inserted boot device.
  • Windows menu will open click on the next tab and in the next window click on the Repair Your Computer

Fatal Error C0000034

  • Another menu will come on your screen click on the Troubleshoot your computer

fatal error C0000034

  • Then in the next option select the advanced options

fatal error C0000034

  • The next step is to select the Command Prompt

fatal error C0000034

  • There will be a window popped up of Command Prompt write command such as C: and hit enter. Most of the computers install windows on C drive of the computer. Consider yours before entering into the computer. Furthermore, in the selection of directory files type this command notepade.exe and press enter

fatal error C0000034

  • After that computer will launch the notepad window.
  • Now the important step goes the file option now click to the open file. Now change the files from the extreme right corner from Text Documents to All Files.

fatal error C0000034

  • Now open the C Drive and open the WindowsSXS Folder and find the pending.xml notepad file. WindowsSXS is the folder which contains all the downloaded updated of the computer

fatal error C0000034

  • Now right click on the file pending.xml and paste in the same folder by pressing Ctrl+V. In this, we are creating a backup file of already downloaded updates. Now open the original file of pending.xml
  • Now after opening the file of pending .xml then press Ctrl+F to find the specific given code i.e.

fatal error C0000034

  • Check for specific text in the file that is given below. This process needs a very careful attention because the wrongdoings can cause of loss of data and operating System failure as Well.

fatal error C0000034

  • After carefully Selection of Check Point, Path File to Move File source. Select and delete text carefully.

fatal error C0000034

  • Now you need to do is you have to organize the same practice until all the files may be deleted. Ctrl+F and Check Point, Path File to Move File source, and delete the text.
  • Select and save the file as it is and restarts your computer. I am sure you will be no more.