Facebook Privacy Settings in 10 steps

Facebook Privacy Settings is a topic of the day to make aware the users of facebook to secure their activities while using their mobile phones, devices, tabs and computers.

When, you open apps on your device, facebook keep record of these opened files. These opened apps and files can be seen in facebook as and when you wish. Even if, you open your digital banking app on your device, it is recorded in the “off-facebook activity”.  Facebook privacy settings can be changed in 10 steps.

It is important to mention here that when you install facebook app, you agree with the terms & conditions of the facebook. You can change the privacy settings and many other settings on your device after installation of facebook app.

10 Steps – Facebook Privacy Settings

Step 1 Settings & Privacy

First of all log in to your facebook account and then click on the menu button at the top right corner. Now tap or click on Settings & Privacy tab  as  shown in picture below:

facebook privacy leak settings

Step 2 – Settings

Click or tap on Settings & privacy to open the following screen and tap on Settings


Step 3 – Off-Facebook Activity

After opening of settings screen, click on Off-Facebook Activity to open the screen as picture below:

Step 4 – Your Off-Facebook Activity

As you click on Off-Facebook Activity, your activities on your android phone will appear as picture below:

facebook privacy leak settings

You can see your activities and apps, opened on your android phone as shown above in the red circle. To secure your privacy follow steps.

Step 5 – Clear History

Tap or click on “Clear History” to clear your history. See picture below:

Facebook Privacy Leak Settings

Step 6 – Click on Clear History

After click or tap on the clear history button, a new screen will appear as picture shown here:

Facebook Privacy Leak Settings

Now tap or click on clear history button shown in above image to clear your history.

Step 7 – More Options

Now Tap or click on the More Options as shown in coming picture

Step 7 – Manage Future Activity

Its time to manage your future activities on your device. Just tap on the “Manage Future Activity” as in picture below:

Facebook Privacy Leak Settings

Step 8 – Click on Manage Future Activity button

After opening Manage Future Activity Screen, you have to tap or click on Manage Future Activity button as picture below:

Step 9 – Toggle Future Off-Facebook Activity

A screen showing Future Off-Facebook Activity button will appear on your device. You just toggle the button to disable or off the activities. Tap on the button to make it off.

Step 10 – Future Off-Facebook Activity turn Off

After tap or click on the above screen, your screen will appear as this picture

facebook activity leak settins

Facebook also provides the help to users and steps are explained on https://www.facebook.com/help/1224342157705160

Its over now. You have completed the steps to secure your activities on your devices, phones tablets and computers.