How to fix the Error Disk is Write Protected USB in Windows 7/8/10

How to Fix Error Disk is Write Protected

This topic is about to give you a simple solution about how to remove the error of disk write protected. only in case, you don’t have damaged USB following are the methods that can help you.

  • First, you have to open the command prompt from the window. Press the Window+R and press enter. Type in the dialogue box CMD
  • After opening the system CMD type the command diskpart and press enter.

  • Next Step is the type the command list disk and press enter

  • Now you have to select the device type select disk 2. In my case, its number is 2. Select yours at your convenience.

  • Now after the selection the desired disk from the given list type the command attributes disk clear randomly

  • Now further unplug your drive from your computer and check the device. I hope the problem will be no more. Furthermore, in case the device does not work again. Do the following steps for activating the device
  • Press the Windows+R and type Regedit to open the registry files of the computer

  1. Select the HKEY Local Machine

  • Then Select the system file

  • Further, in process select the file current control set

  1. Now under the selected directory find the file Storage Devices

  1. After open the desired file select the file write protected and right-click to modify the file and then change the value into 0

After following the upper given directions. I hope you will be able to modify your USB and format as well.