How to Fix Computer Error 3F0 Boot Device Not Found

Error 3F0 Boot Device Not Found

The HP Computer Hardware error 3f0 boot device not found is the error of Hard Disk failure. Here I want to tell about myself that happened to me and how I did resolve the issue. Last night I shut down my HP laptop after installing windows 10 updates. When switched on to my computer. Suddenly an error came in the black window error F030 Boot Device Not Found hard drive failure. This error indicates the hard disk failure error or missing operating system. Lots of versions available on the Internet but I will try to explain the simplest and easiest solution to configure this problem. There could be various reasons for this problem. This problem occurs usually with HP Laptop brands.  Some of them are given below.

  1. Your Operating System has collapsed
  2. Your Hard Disc Drive has collapsed
  3. Your SATA Cable has become out of order

Simple Solution step-by-Step to reconsider Error 3F0 Boot Device Not Found

Step 1

First, if you need to check your Hard Drive that is it connected properly or not.

Step 2

Check your Hard Drive plug out the cable and reconnect the cables of the hard drive. Then again restart your computer.

Step 3

If the problem stays alive just Change the SATA cable and reconnect with the new one.

Step 4

Computer Hardware

In the Pop-up window, message computer will be signifying the diagnostic by pressing the F2 key.

Step 5

Computer Hardware

Computer Hardware

Push to F2 key to check your hard drive diagnostics. Check with both credentials Smart Check and Extensive Check. If the hard drive passes all the diagnostics. It will show with the positive sign. If it shows the message negatively then you must consider your hardware engineer or change with the hard drive.

Step 6

Computer Hardware


After passing the hard disk test extensively. Unplug the battery and power cable of your Laptop computer.

Step 7

After removing the all power types of equipment press your power on button and hold it for 15 to 20 seconds. This will remove all the internal hardware errors and reset the computer internally.

Step 8

Plug in all the power equipment such as power battery and power cable which were unplugged in the previous step.

Step 9

After loading the gadgetry power on your computer then press F9 key to enter in the computer BIOS Set –up.

Step 10

Enter in the Boot Options then further in system configuration.

Step 11

Find Boot Legacy and enable Boot Legacy from the system configuration. After saving the settings exit from the BIOS setup. Restart the computer and I am sure the problem will be gone after this exercise.