How to Fix Bad System Config Info Error In Windows 10

How to Fix Bad System Config Info Error

Fix Bad System Config Info Error in Windows 10

In this topic will try to resolve the issue Bad System Config Error. I will try to make it convenient with a step by step guide.

1. In the first step open the automatic repair of the windows. After that click on the Advanced option

2. Next step is to choose the option of Troubleshoot. Here you can also use the windows CD disk to enable these options

3. Next and 3rd Step is to select the Advanced options

4. The next further step is to select the option of the command prompt

5. In the fifth next step after opening the command prompt, we need to just figure where the windows directory exists. Mostly it is the C drive directory but in my case, it is on D drive So will proceed with D drive directory

6. In the next step, we will consider a few commands to sort out the problem. So type Cd d:\windows\system32\config and press enter

7. In the Next Step take the back of all files by typing the command copy *.* backup and press enter

8. The next step is type the command cd regback and press enter

9. What we are going to do in the next is copy again so type the command copy *.* .. and hit enter. In the next, it will ask for a copy the all files to over right. Type the a and press enter for all to copy all the files

10. In the next step type exit and reboot the computer system and I hope the problem will be no more. Basically, these few commands can fix all bad system configurations.



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