The Old Post Master Built a Taj Mahal for his Wife

Neither a place nor a Taj Mahal. It is pure authentication of my care and affectionate love with you. A beautiful love story an old postmaster. The old postmaster said that her wife was very beautiful. She was already a relative of mine. She decided to become a life partner when first she saw me. Our marriage date fixed on 14th June 1953. She does not know how to cook food when she came to my house he expressed.

She only knows to read Quran Majeed and never had taken any formal education from school. So I decided to give her some formal educational tips. She also uses to accompany me in watching movies. I had no good earnings at that time so instead of taking the first-class ticket we prefer to purchase 3rd Class ticket in just 5 cents.

Taj Mahal

We spent a joyous life. It was hard to say that we had quarreled ever. We have no kids. Sometimes she feels disappointed that we have no kids. She used to say words no ever going to talk about us when we will be no more in existence.

I told her with my words. If she dies before me I will bury her in the front of my house and will make wonderful tomb like a Taj Mahal around her grave. So the memory of our love will remain alive for years.  And I have not taken a single penny from anyone to build this tomb.

Moreover, Postmaster expressed his feelings that after the death of my wife I have done everything with my own efforts.

Furthermore, he told about tomb structure that the foundation of the tomb is 10 feet deep and 27 inches wide with made of concrete. The Walls of the tomb is the size of 15 inches. The covered space in the tomb is the grave of my wife while other empty space that I left for myself. So that I died I buried next to her.

Furthermore, with tears in his eyes, he expressed his feelings that it is our bad luck that we have no children. We went to many doctors to cure her problem. A lady doctor told me at that time that she has a uterus tumor. The doctor advised me to remove the tumor completely. My family members forced me for second marriage but refused.

taj mahal

Furthermore, he added, I have only one regret. Because she prescribed with second cancer in her throat. At that time could not able to talk in that condition. At that time she wanted to express her feelings but I couldn’t understand her gesture. This is the only regret I have in my heart and will remain till my death. What does she want to talk in her final dying moments?