History of Walled City. The Entrance of Lahore “The Taxali Gate Lahore”

Taxali Gate “Heera Mandi”

The Taxali gate belongs to the history of Lahore a walled city. An amazing place that is ignored just because of the taboos related to the red light area in the vicinity of the Taxali Gate. The name of the gate embraces itself a history. The name of the Taxali gate just because of the Taxaal there at the times of Mughal supremacy.

This is one of the gates which was demolished and rebuilt in the working period of the British. The history of the Taxali gate is far more poles apart from the other gates of the walled city. The living style of the Taxali gate signifies a customary view of the local life. The business, culture, and colors of the gate are very exclusive.

This gate is also famous for the personalities which they use to live there in different time periods. This place has been famous for arts, culture and literature activities. The famous writer of poetry Ustaad Daman uses to live there too. His cultural academy still can be seen there today. During the rule time of the Akbar the great emperor, the famous Punjabi poet Shah Hussain also use to live there in the same room where Ustaad Daman settled there later. Maulana Altaf Hussain Hali and Doctor Allama Muhammad Iqbal were also the residents of this place.

Some of the prominent personalities still preserved with their Havlies. Such as Mian Yousaf Salah Ud Din known as Misan Sali the grandson of Doctor Allama Muhammad Iqbal still lives there. The entire area of the Taxali gate is still rich in traditional in terms of some historical places there. Haveli Dhyan Singh, Haveli Khush Hal Singh, Haveli Awais Meer and many more still have a view of history.

The traditional fashioned Shoe market also a feature of the Taxali gate. The famous market of Khussa shoes is known as shekihupurian Bazar.  It is one of the biggest traditional shoe markets of Lahore where marketers use to supply all over the country with their traditional products. The famous red-light area Bazar Heera Mandi also part of this bazaar. Heera Mandi is known with the name of Heera Singh, who was the son of the Ranjit Singh, a Royal Minister.  Heera Singh also remained the royal minister at the period of Sher Singh. These buildings were famous for dancing girls at that time. Now the most girls are shifted now from this place to other areas of the city. Some music instrumental shops are still standing there.

Here I want to draw attention that the legendary Singer Madam Noor Jehan is also used to live in the vicinity of this area. She spent his little portion of his life there. The famous Sir Ganga Ram was also the resident of the Taxali gate.  The oldest church in the city still exists there.

This gate is also very famous for some traditional food points of Lahore. As everybody knows that Lahore is also very famous for the traditional foods the Phajja Paye (Fazal-e-Haq Siri Paye) and Taj Mehal Halwa Puri are very famous food corners. All these local food points are near to the Taxali gate.

The artistic food street is also inside the Taxali gate. The mind-blowing view of Hazoori Bagh can be viewed from these rooftop restaurants Taxali gate is not just a red light area, in fact, it an unmatchable place of various historical and cultural traditions. The place must not be associated with self-created taboos and stories it must be considered to visit the hidden jewels of the past and we need to preserve the astonishing features of this old heritage.

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