Golden Domes Mosque aka Sunehri Masjid a National Heritage of Lahore

The historic mosque of golden domes / sunehri masjid of Lahore is situated in the Kashmiri Bazar of Lahore. The mosque or Sunehri Masjid is also famous with the name of Tilaye Masjid. The masterpiece was constructed by Nawab Syed Bhikari Khan in the time period of 1753 AD.

The main focusing features are the golden domes of this mosque that represent the exclusive beauty of mosque. Just because of golden domes the mosque is famous with the name of Sunehri Masjid locally. A very big and busy market settled in the vicinity of the mosque.

The Deputy of Lahore Nawab Bhikari Khan construed the Mughal architecture in the period Mir Munoo who was the governor at that time. It stands on the single plot where one single road deviates into two roads. When Nawab Bhikari Khan acquired the land for the mosque it was just a vacant area in the center of Kashmiri Bazar. Nawab Bhikari Khan took special permission for the construction of Sunehri Masjid. It remained controversial just because of local concern was that the construction of the building in the middle of the square will interrupt the local traffic.

The main feature of the mosque is the golden domes of the mosque reflect the Sikh architecture. The gateway of the mosque is measuring 21 meters in length and the courtyard of the mosque is almost 160 meters. Four lofty minarets at each corner of the mosque. One special thing about the mosque is a middle water tank in the courtyard of the mosque.

Sunehri Masjid is almost in the middle of the walled city Lahore. Sunehri Masjid is formerly known as Tilayee Masjid. The constructor Nawab Bhikari was a simple-minded religious person and very much found of architectural beauty and literature.

In the period of the Sikh regiment, the mosque was controlled by the Sikhs for their religious activities. The Sikhs place their holy book and turned the mosque into their worship place. At that time Muslims become hurt against the abuse of their holy place. At that time local Muslim communities approached the well-known Muslim families to reconsider it as a mosque. Sunehri Masjid remained controversial for many years in the Sikh regime. The mosque was handed over to the Muslims but shops linked to the mosque were again an issue.

In the period of the British regime when they took over the charge in Punjab they restore the mosque completely and shops were handed over to the Muslims again.